4 Reasons why you should own a Blog of your own?





For countless individuals out there, blogging is much more than a hobby or a pass time. It is a passion. Passionate bloggers like to take out time to jot down their take on everyday events and happenings in their lives. For others however, it is only a pass time which they use to generate some extra income.

You can have any number of reasons to have a blog of your own and use it to serve multiple purposes. Different people do it for different reasons. Here are the four reasons which topped my chart.

It Doesn’t Cost Anything

Setting up a blog is really a piece of cake. More often than not, it does not even cost you anything to have a blog of your own. For a lot of people, that in itself is a reason good enough to own a blog, myself included. You can simply log on to any of the free blogging services such as Blogger or WordPress and set a blog for yourself within minutes.

There are some exceptionally good web hosting services for bloggers as well, but if you are only just starting out with no experience in this field, then it is best to start with a free service. You may want to hold onto the investment for later (ideally when your blog becomes successful in grabbing a lot of attention as well as traffic). For the newbie, free services offer a good learning experience.

Utilize Your Writing Skills

Having a blog of your own can be the best way of polishing your writing skills. However, in case you have no writing skills at all then blogging can probably help you develop some. Writing articles for your blog or, as it commonly goes, blogging is simple enough. For newbie, starting off maybe harder but do not fret too much as to what you are going to write about.

A quick way of getting started with your writing is to pick a topic you know well and begin writing. Try and write naturally by using simple, easy to understand, everyday language. It may not be the easiest thing to do in the beginning but writing will get easier for you with the passage of time.

Increase Your Area of Influence

By getting a blog, you can help reach out to people in more than one way. If you are effectively using your blog and are pouring in hard work in terms of writing and SEO, you can build up and/or increase your area of influence and spread around your views.


Last but not the least, efficiently running a blog can be really profitable for you. For some people, it can be the biggest or the only advantage of running a blog. During the past few years, blogging has become almost as popular as dropshipping, which teenagers and sometimes, even professionals use to make some extra money. The process is simple enough. Start by generating a considerable amount of traffic, get sponsors and voila, your blog is a money spinning machine for you!

These are the reasons which made my ranking. What do you think are the best reasons for setting up a blog?


Sasha Gibbs is a UK Wholesale business and B2B marketing expert. She writes frequently on the topics related to wholesalers and trade suppliers.

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