4 Reasons why you should own a Blog of your own?

        For countless individuals out there, blogging is much more than a hobby or a pass time. It is a passion. Passionate bloggers like to take out time to jot down their take on everyday events and happenings in their lives. For others however, it is only a pass time which they [...]

Drop-Shipping Drop-Ship Coaching / Coach

If you’ve been dreaming about getting involved with drop-shipping and wondering which path to take, please allow me to coach you for 30 minutes about this topic. Drop-shipping can be misleading as there are many different types of opportunities out there and many promises of get-rich quick type of systems. I’ve spoken to hundreds of [...]

Wholesale Consulting

Allow me to coach you about finding wholesale items.  I’ve learned how to seek out the products and I would love to help you find what you’re looking for and get on the track to selling success!  I do NOT outsource my coaching. I TALK TO YOU MYSELF. Direct, one-on-one. A customized phone call! You [...]