eBay Stores

Stone Wholesale

I ran into a cool eBay store today called ” Stone Wholesale” and WOW have they got the stones! CHECK IT OUT: Stone Wholesale If you are looking for some beads in box lots, I have several listed 150 CHEVRON Beads Handcrafted VENETIAN 6x5mm BEAD – CLICK to view 129 Chevron Beads Handcrafted VENETIAN 10x10mm [...]

Martha’s Wholesale

Martha has got the wholesale goods! I met Martha at Izea Fest in Orlando this last October and she was very kind to share some of her samples with me. I can first hand recommend her soaps! Visit her eBay store above and check out her different items. Martha is also a successful blogger! She [...]

Wholesale Backpacks

If you’re an online seller, here are some GREAT deals on backpacks. Perfect for back-to-school shoppers. Backpacks are needed year round as well. They do wear out after a few months. My children wore them out from flinging them across the floor or tossing them too many times. These are perfect buys for parents with [...]

My Treasures eBay Store Has Wholesale Items

Here we have another eBay seller that has added a wholesale category to her eBay store. This is a smart business decision for eBay store owners. Check it out” My Treasures Wholesale Category Her eBay store includes: Fine Gifts & Family Goods! Books, Clothes, Collectibles, Wholesale Lots, $.99 Auctions, Jewelry & Access, Bath & Body [...]