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Wholesale Fashion

Wholesale fashion items are in huge demands. Finding the right item at the right price can be challenging. I spent some time today compiling a list of fashion items I found on the eBay site at wholesale prices. Check it out: Wholesale Fashion Master List Wholesale Fashion Earrings Wholesale Handbags Wholesale Eyewear Wholesale Fashion Rings [...]

Wholesale Lotions

I ran into this awesome eBay seller that has an eBay store called: “Wholesale Lotions” Items include: Unscented body lotions,shower gel,body wash,shampoo base, EVEN PET SHAMPOO base! Powder scented (my favorite) Massage lotions, Foaming milk bath, unscented condition, and THEY EVEN HAVE TUBES of Lip balm! What fun it would be to put a logo [...]

Wholesale Soap

Scented, decorator soaps are the “in” thing to have in a basket or fancy bowl kept in the bathroom. I found some great deals on different types of soaps. Including soap making types of products! CHECK IT OUT : WHOLESALE SOAP WHOLESALE SOAP Buy It Now —- >WHOLESALE SOAP Box Lots of SOAP Organic Soap [...]

Wholesale Cosmetics Make-up Box Lots Makeup

Health and Beauty! What a great topic to explore! Today I found some great deals on Cosmetics being sold at eBay for some fantastic Wholesale prices. Many are in Box Lot with large quantities. The results are: Wholesale Lot of Cosmetics Wholesale Lot of Make-up Wholesale Lot of Skin Care Wholesale Lot of Beauty and [...]