Florsheim Shoes Cyber Monday Sale

Florsheim provides top of the line, high quality shoes that can last a lifetime! My dad and his dad wore these types of shoes and I swear they never wore out! My mother donated them to our local thrift store after they passed away. Their Florsheim shoes outlived them! Check out these cyber sales going [...]

Give Shoes

Shoe Buys offering Free Shipping

Free shipping and free returns! Love their style! This site has several specials taking place. View each one to find the best deal for you: $5 off $30 or more at when you pay with Google Checkout! Ends 12/17/09 4pm PST. See Details>

Toms Shoes

For every pair of shoes you buy, Tom will donate a pair to a needy child! Forget Zappos,, lol Tom ROCKS!!! I wonder if he is related t Tom at MySpace? lol