Wholesale Thanksgiving Gift Baskets

Not cooking at home this year? Thanksgiving Gift Baskets are a perfect gift to give to your hostess in appreciation for the Thanksgiving dinner and enjoyment. With such a wonderful assortment to choose from, Fall theme, Wine and Cheese, Cakes and Cookies, Special Olive Oils, and more these make great gifts. They are not only [...]

Wholesale Turkey Charms

Your home is decorated with your perfect Thanksgiving theme, but what about you? What jewelry are you considering for Thanksgiving day. How about a charm bracelet or necklace with the turkey, pilgrim, Indian, or fall theme? Beautiful Thanksgiving charms make a special holiday gift too.

Wholesale QVC

I have several friends that love selling QVC products on and off eBay. I found some HOT QVC products I wanted to share today. ENJOY! Click to view: WHOLESALE QVC Products on eBay SIGN UP for a QVC STUDIO TOUR: QVC Studio Tour QVC 357317 Qvc Quality Womens Cz Rings Gift Boxed-Gold- Case of 6 [...]