WholeSale Twilight 2009 DVD

Twilight is a take from Romeo and Juliet type love story.If you like action and horror and vampires this is for you. Don’t worry about too much blood though there is a small amount of gory stuff and should not be too much for the squeamish at heart. Get this record-breaking box office on DVD [...]

Wholesale Scrapbook Supplies

I’ve been scrap booking since 1973. Too bad I never cashed in on the idea of it all back then! lol It is a great way to bookmark your life in a unique way. By adding page accents and special lettering enhances the already amazing photos. I found a few fantastic deals at eBay too! [...]

Wholesale Gadgets

I was just browsing around eBay and found a few interesting “Gadgets” I wanted to share: GADGETS Including items like: Laser pointer sets,mini scales, keychains, frog, nap alarms for those sleep drivers, fake security cameras, flashing fiber optic wands, keychain flashlights,hearing aid devices, micro speaker boxes, computer parts in lots and much much more!