Wholesale Sellers Wanted

We are looking for wholesale sellers that have wholesale items they are willing to share with an exclusive membership website group. The site is: VirtualOnlineLearning.com  where we have many members looking for items to sell in their eBay and online stores. We are opening up our membership to be available to Wholesale Sellers. As a [...]


Wholesale items found on eBay! View this list for all your needs to find items to re-sell or finding great deals on items for YOU:

My Treasures eBay Store Has Wholesale Items

Here we have another eBay seller that has added a wholesale category to her eBay store. This is a smart business decision for eBay store owners. Check it out” My Treasures Wholesale Category Her eBay store includes: Fine Gifts & Family Goods! Books, Clothes, Collectibles, Wholesale Lots, $.99 Auctions, Jewelry & Access, Bath & Body [...]