About ten years ago I used to do very well selling 8-track tapes as singles on eBay and some of them do still sell well such as a Michael Jackson BAD 8-track tape sold for $152.50 in February Item number: 270705196549 And a Billy Idol Rebel Yell 8 Track Tape SEALED from 1984 sold for $100.00 Item number: 310184210477

If you have access to a lot of 8-track tapes then I suggest getting comfortable at your computer and research them one by one on eBay using the completed listing style of search.

Get 2 boxes ready by the computer, label them:

  • 1) BOX LOT
  • 2) SINGLES

And if you would like to take it one step further, have notepaper or sticky notes ready to write a few quick notes to add with each of the singles.  Look up each tape and decide which box to place them in.

I’ve personally done better selling box lots of tapes when I have a nice case to put them in. Today I just listed a lot of 15 tapes I picked up at a local sale. They had an empty case so I grabbed the case and picked out the quality tapes I felt were best:

8-track tapes with Case

I paid $2.00 for the entire case with tapes so I started the listing on eBay for 7 days at .99 cents, auction format. Listing ends March 14, 2011. Item number:390295501798

If you have a bunch of tapes and no case, see how many you can list and box in one listing. I found a lot of 234 8-tracks sold for $157.00 on eBay . They used auction format, starting the bid at $99.99 Item number:300528758827

Another friendly 8-track tape selling tip is to include the name of the tape. Such as artist and tile.  Example:

  • EARTH WIND & FIRE: All ‘N All
  • CAPTAIN FANTASTIC and the Brown Dirt Cowboy ELTON JOHN
  • BARRY MANILOW: LIVE Double Album
  • CAPTAIN & TENNILLE : Come in from the rain
  • CHER
  • EDDIE MONEY : Playing for Keeps
  • GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS : Second Anniversary
  • AC/DC : Highway to Hell
  • TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA : Original Broadway Cast

WHY? Because they are indeed included which makes the description accurate AND they make fantastic keywords for your listing. Never know, someone may want only one or two of the tapes while others want more. This will help to bring up the price and sell for more money. As eBay goes, you only need two people to WANT that item and you have it made with an auction bidding frenzy!

I personally owned a case of tapes once and someone stole them from my car. I think it was 1978!

Wonder if they ended up on eBay? Anyhow, check back and follow along to see what the $2.00 box of tapes sell for :-)

  • http://twitter.com/virtualonline/status/44918913074593792 Virtual Online

    How to sell 8-Track Tapes on eBay: About ten years ago I used to do very well selling 8-track tapes as singles o… http://bit.ly/icRdVR

  • http://twitter.com/powersellingmom/status/44921604957929472 Danna Crawford
  • http://twitter.com/caramia112/status/44935756363476992 Caramia’s Collection

    How to sell 8-Track Tapes on eBay http://t.co/DiAZ1pl via @PowerSellingMom

  • Susan

    Thanks for the tips Danna. Will keep a eye out for 8 tracks now. Good luck on your auction!

  • http://powersellingmom.com Danna Crawford

    Thanks Susan for stopping by :-)

  • http://twitter.com/seasonedwtime/status/45273195443519488 Leah Whitley

    How to sell 8-Track Tapes on eBay http://t.co/qFy2JSd via @PowerSellingMom

  • Shanale1

    i have 210 8-tracks from country, pop, oldies, rock, ect want to sell all one  price of $500.00 if interested call 480-649-6264 ask for shana 

    • http://powersellingmom.com Danna Crawford

      Sorry but your price is too high for a re-seller to take advantage of. That price is more for a collector. I would only pay 25 cents a tape but thanks for checking.

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