My father bought me a serger for my birthday many years ago as I used to love making clothes for the kids, curtains and many other things. Soon over the years I became bored with the process and my serger sat very lonely in a closet.  While cleaning one day I ran across it and for fun decided to check it out on eBay. Temptation to sell overcame me after seeing the possibility of turning this old serger into cash!

I listed it as a buy it now with make an offer for $139.99. Someone came in and made an offer of $125.00. I was just about to accept the offer when someone else came along and bought it! Cha,Ching my old dusty serger had now turned into cash!

Last weekend I found a Brother Serger MINT still in the original box at a yard sale. I plugged it in, checked it all out and she reassured me it was in excellent working order and only used a few times.  She was going through a divorce and was selling out her stuff.  The box still had a price tag on it of $259.96. I asked her “How Much?” She looked at me in desperation and said “$15.00.” My replay was, “I’ll take it!”

Brother Serger 925D

Current statistics on eBay shows that the average selling price on this type of Brother machine ranges from $99.99 to $125.00.Another thing you may notice when you are viewing those current listings is that the parts for these machines seem to sell for more than the machines. So my guess is a handy person could purchase these machines and make more money by taking them apart and selling them part by part!

The Baby Lock sergers seem to sell for the most amount of money on eBay. Prices ranging from $205.00 to as much as $2,000.00 depending on the model.

Bottom line is to keep a watch for these types of machine while “Garage Sailing” and thrift store shopping. And when you do find one, plug it in and see how it sounds and is working. Check for parts, accessories and the manual is a bonus.  Check the cord for flaws as well as the foot pedal. Open up the door and look for any signs of rust or damage.

When listing on eBay be sure to be FAIR with a shipping price or to offer FREE shipping if possible.  Be sure to include international shipping because you never know what country may be ready to purchase an item like this.

I do suggest you double box it or if in original box to include the foam inserts as added protection.  The original box can be dropped into another box or covered with bubble wrap and then protected with a black or white garbage bag.  If you don’t want the original box to be exposed then wrap newspaper around it like a birthday present and then cover that with a white garbage bag. I’m a firm believer in everything that ships should be covered in plastic. Protecting our items from the elements it may run into while in transit.

NOTE: if you are local and have a serger you want to sell and don’t want to list it on eBay yourself, contact me and I will either purchase it from you for a low price or sell it on eBay with a 50/50 split.

Have fun selling serger sewing machines on eBay!



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