Thanks to eBay our household has been able to stay ahead of the bad economy.  My husband has been in the Sealcoating business for over 20 years and the last few years it has slowed down tremendously. EBay has been a fantastic resource for my husband to not only purchase supplies at great prices but to keep up with his personal bills in addition to the household funds.

We are a bit of a unique couple: Married July 22, 2003. He with 3 kids and myself with 3 kids we never combined our bank accounts and have always split the bills 50/50. This includes the mortgage and all household expenses. This way we could spend our own money on our own children and immediate family. Our system has worked without problems.

Jimmy has his business and mine has been eBay. He has watched me buy and sell on eBay since we first met. In fact he was the one that actually gave me the confidence to quit my three jobs “back in the day” when I was working.. OH but you will have to wait for the book on that topic! ((smiles))

In 2011 his work came to a halt so he spent the time to actually dig in and learn eBay. At first he would buy items and then I would list them for him but my business became too busy and his pile of items waiting for me to list seemed to grow.  Finally he pushed up his sleeves and learned how to type and started to list his own items on eBay one-by-one!  He took over an account I had originally built to list record albums. When we first moved to Florida we were selling Vinyl records like crazy and traveled the coast buying up DJ records. Then with focus on family, it became difficult for me to manage two eBay stores so the account sat for a few years. Jimmy brought it back to life and we changed the name to : TheIrishShamrockCompany (there actually is another great story behind that name which is included in the book)

LONG story short, Jimmy has become an amazing, Top-rated seller on eBay!  His business has kicked into high gear! One day I had a peek into his PayPal account, I admit it and I was BLOWN away!

My husband is living proof that when times are tough, you can roll up your sleeves and kick butt selling on eBay! Well of course he’s had a great instructor too! ((smiles)) The bills can get paid! You can make a profit and now, he is thinking to become an Education Specialist to start teaching eBay with me! WOW!

Stay tuned for more news and days ahead with myself teaching eBay and my newest eBay teaching assistant “Irish Jimmy” my darling husband from Belfast Northern Ireland!

Visit him on eBay: TheIrishShamrockCompany

ebay on location

eBay Sellers: TheIrishShamrockCompany and Danna
  • Charles Pharr

    That’s an inspiring story! Kudos to Jimmy!

    • Danna Crawford

      Thank you Charles! I am proud of him!

  • Maria Henderson

    Hi Donna

    I have a store front and times are hard. I’m trying to sell some of the clothes on ebay.  Can you give me some subjection’s. It’s a Mens store. 


  • Shirley Childers

    Love the story….so enjoyed meeting both of you at EOL in Orlando

    • Danna Crawford

      Thank you Shirley! It was nice to meet you too!!!!

  • ModelSupplies

    That’s AWESOME~!! Congrats to Jimmy~!! You both look fantastic, too, well rested and happy and Danna, dare I say you look like you’ve lost weight =) Love it all~! x0x

  • ladystarre

    So inspiring…..maybe he can get my husband to do the same! 

  • Ruth Gresham

    Congratulations… what an awesome twosome you guys make! I have always been inspired by you both! Can’t wait for the “tell-all” book!!!

  • Cherie

    I just love your success stories!! I anxiously awaiting the book.

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