eBay Consignment Contract

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eBay Consignment Contract
Consignment selling is a great way for eBay sellers to simplify the product sourcing system.
With people bringing products to you. One thing I especially love about being a consignment seller is the fact that it allows me to say yes or no to items when they are coming in. I would say yes to the high end item and no to the low end item.
Consignment selling can help build any and all types of eBay businesses. Read part one of three that I wrote for at the eBay For Business blog https://for-business.ebay.com/consignment-selling-part-one-contracts-clients-and-records I do go into detail about the importance of using a contract. Here, you can download a copy of my contract without emailing me for free – [purchase_link id=”588″ style=”button” color=”green” text=”View eBay Consignment Contract” direct=”true”]
Part two about Consignment Selling on eBay – “What Can Possibly Go Wrong? https://for-business.ebay.com/consignment-selling-part-two-what-could-possibly-go-wrong
And the final blog post in this series, Part Three – “Keeping the Love Alive” https://for-business.ebay.com/consignment-selling-part-three-keeping-love-alive
Meanwhile, thank you for wanting to learn more about consignment selling. I point this out at all of my workshops how consignment selling can open more doors of opportunity for you and do keep in mind, when your family and friends hear about you selling on eBay, they will come out of the woodwork and ask you to sell their stuff for them on eBay too and some will swear that their items are worth millions!
The best tip to you is to teach them how to research their own items using the completed item tools in advanced search so then they can become educated with a realistic expectation of what their item may truly be worth before they bring it to you.
The current market value is an important part of deciding whats worth eBay consignment selling and I point this out how I am a huge fan of Terapeak and use it to make most of my listing decisions. Learn more “Terapeak Review