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Researching Items to Sell on eBay


researching items to sell on ebay

Research before you buy or list

The research process actually begins before buying an item to sell on eBay. Research is very important for being successful on eBay.

Research is King

One way to research but is very limited, is to use eBay’s completed listing source. To find this simply visit any eBay page. The search bar can be seen at the top of the page. Notice the word “advanced” located to the right of the eBay search bar. Click advanced and now you can search for completed and sold listings.


eBay Research Tools

The type of tools I use for my eBay research depends on the item. For Antique, art and/or collectible type items I will mostly use Worthpoint. For all other types of items from the new to the old I will use Terapeak.
However, whenever I look something up on Worthpoint I will double check it on Terapeak since I subscribe to both. Both of these sites I feel are a valuable source for my business.

This is especially true for the consignment seller or the owner of a local thrift/antique shop. Combining the power of Terapeak and Worthpoint, you will have all the tools you need to succeed!

Terapeak has a few pricing options.

price of terapeak

  • Professional
    $19.98/mo. billed annually
  • SEO Pro
    $5.97/mo. billed annually
  • MySales Pro eBay
    $16.64/mo. billed annually
  • MySales Pro Amazon
    $16.64/mo. billed annually


Worthpoint has three price plans. Each with unique options.

worthpoint prices

  • Value It – Worthopedia Price Guide – The ultimate price guide with over 300 million prices including details and images. –
    $19.99 a month after free trial
    $199.99 a year after free trial
    $16.67 a month – SAVE $39.89
  • Research It – Marks and Library – Your identification and origin research guide: 100,000+ identifiers and online books.$22.99 a month after free trial
    $256.99 a year after free trial
    $21.42 a month – SAVE $18.89
  • All AccessWorthopedia + Marks & Library – Both WorthPoint products combined! Complete access for the best price.
    $39.99 a month after free trial
    $439.99 a year after free trial
    $36.67 a month – SAVE $39.89

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