eBay USPS Email Workshop Follow-Up

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Thank you for attending a recent workshop sponsored by the USPS and Constant Contact!
Enjoy this follow-up presentation. Feel free to bookmark this page and visit as often as needed. Use it as a resource. All the links or words in blue are clickable.

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions.
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every door direct mail usps
Target Areas using EDDM

  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP Code
  • Up to a 5-mile radius around your business.

You can even use street names or an intersection as your target area.
Learn more at EDDM  USPS
ebay workshop schedule
How many here do NOT have an eBay account? How many here do not have a PayPal account?

This workshop does not go into the details on HOW to set up these accounts because it is very easy. The first thing is to go to eBay.com and CLICK REGISTER then follow the steps to set up your account. Then once complete, go to Paypal.com and also click to JOIN and follow the simple steps to create an account. EASY AS PIE!
If you want to change your eBay ID it can be changed if needed.  You can actually change it every 30 days if needed but I wouldn’t recommend it. If you have an ID all about NIKE SHOES and you start selling Jewelry then you may want to consider changing it.
Your feedback will always follow you if you change your ID.
One eBay account can actually have up to seven user ID’s. Although it is not necessary. One eBay ID is plenty.
PAYPAL – your PayPal ID is simply your eMail address and can also be changed if needed.
Research is actually the most important part of being successful on eBay! The more items that you research the wiser you will be as to what is worth selling on eBay and what is not worth selling on eBay because not every item does sell on eBay.
searching ebay
The eBay search bar can be found at the top of every eBay page.
This is were you go shopping when you are wanting to buy something on eBay

Type words into the search bar to look at current listings. I do suggest you do a bit of shopping on eBay to get the feel of things.
You want to click on the word ADVANCE so that we can take a look at items that have ended on eBay.
Lets review the process.
In the advanced search area,  FIRST type in a few keywords of an item you are wanting to research on eBay. Only a few words are needed like: FISHER PRICE PARKING GARAGE or LENOX CANDLESTICKS or whatever the item is that you are wanting to research.   Just a few words, not a sentence.
ebay completed search
The KEY is to check-mark the box that reads COMPLETED LISTINGS and then simply CLICK on the word SEARCH and the eBay system will start the process to search for the items that have ended in the last few weeks on eBay.
EXAMPLE: Type into search STARBUCKS COFFEE MUG and  mark completed listings and click on SEARCH.
value on ebay starbucks coffee mugs
UP will come ALL of the Starbucks coffee mugs that have ended in the last few weeks or so.   First we notice there were 42,684 listings.
searching ebay listings
Next notice the order of the view. It’s usually showing the Lowest priced mug. We want to adjust the sort box to the HIGHEST Price First.  Now we can take a realistic view of the mugs with the highest success rates of selling and not selling on eBay.
learn from sold items on ebay
If the price is in green, it means that the item SOLD. You can learn a lot from the items that have sold and the items that have not sold.
ebay research
The more you research, the more you learn about what to list on eBay!
Shaving brush research on worthpoint
ebay research
Research Recap:

  • 1.Advance Search
  • 2.Type in a few keywords
  • 3.Check Completed Listings
  • 4.Click on search
  • 5.Sort bar – Highest Price First

ebay photo cropping
Having a nice looking photo background is important.  Tri-fold boards from the dollar store or wall mart work great. And they come in different colors
easy to crop photos for ebay
ebay photo backgrounds
photos show flaws
Photo Tips

  • 12 Free Photos
  • Clear / Crisp with good lighting
  • Use solid background
  • Digital Camera or Smartphone
  • Crop for close-ups

how to list on ebay

3 Basic eBay Listing Styles

  • Auction – Starting bid as low as a penny.
  • Auction with a Buy It Now – Buyers have the option to either bid or buy it now.
  • Fixed Price – Seller sets the price and buyer can either purchase the item or make an offer.
  • FYI – RESERVE AUCTION – The sellers sets a price hidden from the public . No sale if reserve is not met.

The research you do will help you determine if you should list the item as an auction or at a fixed price.
It will also help you determine if you should start your price high or low.
sell one like this on ebay
Sell One Like this –  when you are doing the completed listing search simply click on it and it will bring in the “sell your item form” and include some  pre-filled information.
prefilled ebay listings
First it puts the item into the same category that the other listing was placed in and it uses the SAME TITLE that the other person used. Notice the words are in place ready for you to adjust the keywords if needed.
Another listing style while searching eBay is the Current Live listings.  When you find an item like your item such as this mug set, notice below the photo the words: Sell Now.
ebay research to sell like items
After clicking “Sell Now” it will also bring in the category and the title pre-filled ready for editing as needed.
easy ebay listing style
The 3rd way to get started to list an item on eBay is CLICK the TOP Bar found on most every page . CLICK on the word sell.
Type in a few keywords about the item you are selling or enter the UPC Number if you have it or ISBN number from a book or product/part number. Example, typing in Starbucks coffee mug Florida, eBay will show suggestions for categories.
ebay suggests the category
Next, simply pick one from the list or browse more category options if you do not agree with the suggestions.
No matter which of the 3 listing styles I’ve shown, they ALL include the same basic information.

  • Category
  • Title
  • New or Used
  • Photos
  • Description
  • Price
  • Shipping
  • Return Policy

OKAY we have our category and title. New or used in place next is to ADD PHOTOS – If using your LAPTOP OR DESKTOP you will pull in photos from your computer or if using a mobile device you will add photos from the eBay app. Either way, it is very easy!
ebay listing
Add any flaws or need to mention details about the item in the “Condition Box”
uploading ebay photos
Next click on ADD PHOTOS. Pictures can be added from a computer or if you have them stored on the internet  you can add the url location (I don’t recommend that). For those using smartphones you can skip this part and add the photos later as mentioned.
inserting ebay photos from computer
Next step of listing is the DESCRIPTION BOX:

  • Describe the item
  • Short Easy To read
  • Left Margin
  • #18 Font
  • Black Text / White Background
  • Include flaws
  • Final “Positive” Statement
  • See Examples at: www.AskDanna.com

listing an item on ebay
You will know which direct to go based on your research. eBay will make suggestions for you when you look at each option – auction will allow you to add a buy it now option if desired so the viewer can either BID or BUY  – you can take or leave their suggestions NEXT pick how long you want the auction to run . Auctions can run – 1 DAY, 3 DAYS – 5 DAYS or 7 DAYS. 10 day auction you will BE CHARGED 40 cents.  – You can also SCHEDULE a listing to start at a date and time. There is a 10 cent fee for this option  – CHOICE IS UP TO YOU.
Fixed price will allow you to add Make an offer if desired
ebay shipping choices
Next section is to let eBay know how you will ship the item. eBay will make suggestions for you.  Again BASED ON THE RESEARCH this will help you decide what works best,   FREE shipping is always a bonus for buyers – Notice eBay is letting you know that shipping for your item based on 2 POUNDS that the estimated cost for you will be between 5.95 to 11.55 – Also they have the international box marked which is called Global shipping program  –  ADD WEIGHT – MEASUREMENTS – PACKAGE TYPE
SHIPPING TYPE and price will be given to the buyer based on their zip code – No guessing  CLICK next choice is to pick the shipping style you will use.  LAST Local pick-up is the final option. I do not recommend. However, the choice is up to you.
ebay shipping options
For those that are new, as mentioned to make your life easier and get that first item listed, I suggest going with the choice shown above.
review before you list
Add your PayPal email – zip code location – Handling Time and Returns (Yes or No)  I do recommend YES for returns –   Choice is up to you.


The good news is – IT WON’T BLOW UP!  You can save it OR Delete it – and Try it again!  PRACTICE – HAVE FUN – Nothing is in STONE until you click LIST IT!

Basic Selling Fees

  1. Insertion Fee

Insertion fees for your first 50 or 100 listings per calendar month, depending on listing format and category, are FREE.

  • Buy It Now is free for all auction-style listings
  • 30 cents average listing fee for Fixed Price
  • 10 cent listing fee for books and media
  • When you list an item on eBay, you may be charged a listing (or insertion) fee. If applicable, you’re charged one insertion fee per listing, per category, regardless of the quantity of items.
  1. Final Value Fee
    • If the item sells, you’re charged a final value fee. Final value fees are calculated based on the total amount of the sale and are charged per item.  (about 10%)
    • The total amount of the saleis the final price of the item, shipping charges, and any other amounts you may charge the buyer.
  2. PayPal Fee
    • 2.9% per item
    • Plus 30 cents per transaction

15 percent ebay fees
ebay sends sale alerts
paid and ready to ship
never fear ebay shipping
Visit USPS.com to order free Priority mail boxes and envelopes.
Shipping Preparation
Your packing supplies checklist:

  • Postal scale (analog or digital)
  • Boxes
  • Packing peanuts
  • Bubble wrap (big and little bubbles)
  • Clear packing tape
  • Printer with Paper or labels

Shipping Tips

  • Use a properly sized box.
  • Fill packing material all around.
  • Item should NOT touch box sides.
  • Wrap single items in bubble wrap.
  • Double-box delicate or fragile items (small box “floats in larger box).
  • Weigh packed box and make note of the weight.

my ebay dashboard
When an item has sold, you will hear a cha-ching on your cell phone and you will receive an email plus a PayPal email saying the item has been paid for.   Go to your eBay dashboard  and click on PRINT SHIPPING LABEL as shown above.
Next you will see the order summary and it will show you the shipping information.
easy print ebay label
Once this page appears  CLICK on Compare Delivery services
printing ebay shipping labels
Now you can take a look at the shipping options . A screen will POP up and now you can view all the shipping choices you have.
ebay shipping rates
Enter the correct package measurements and weight . You can now see all the choices you have. If the item will fit in a Flat rate envelope vs a Priority box vs Parcel Select and so on. THEN once you check mark the one you want, click SAVE!
insure ebay shipping label
Now you can review before your purchase the label.

  • Do you need to add insurance?
  • Do you need to add signature confirmation?

Once you have everything you need, CLICK to PURCHASE POSTAGE. NOTE: The money for the shipping will be deducted from your PayPal account.
Now you are ready to “print” the label.
ebay shipping label printing

  • Ship immediately upon notification of payment.
  • Never ship an item until you have received payment.
  • Delivery to the buyer is your responsibility; you should buy insurance for high value items (you may include the price in your shipping costs).
  • Obtain tracking numbers and delivery confirmation for ALL items.
  • Use signature confirmation for expensive items.
  • Print shipping labels on eBay.


  • Shipping Scale and USPS boxes / Supplies
  • Research Before You list
  • 80 Character Title full of Keywords
  • 12 Clear Crisp Photos
  • Short Sweet Description, left margin
  • Free Shipping or Calculated
  • Global Shipping aka GSP
  • Print Labels – Compare shipping prices
  • Secure packaging
  • Feedback

final words from danna crawford

  • PayPal information on IRS 6050W (tax law for online sellers) – www.PayPal.com/IRS
  • Deena Stanley CPA : 210.689.4262

“There’s plenty of eBay for us ALL to be blessed and prosper” Danna Crawford aka PowerSellingMom.com


  • You are now ready to source, list, manage, and sell more merchandise
  • PayPal –
    • Transfer Funds
    • Debit Card
  • Goal: Reach eBay Top-rated seller status!
  • 90 million active members worldwide

help with ebay, ebay coach


LINKS to RESOURCES Mentioned at the Workshop

Order FREE USPS priority mail supplies at: USPS.COM click to view

eBay’s Seller Central help at :  eBay.com/sellerinformation

Video – How to Print eBay Shipping Labels:


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