Cyber Monday Give-a-Ways

Cyber Monday Give-a-Ways

cyber monday event

Cha-Ching, let the online sales ring! That sweet sound of “SOLD” is the sound of success for all eBay sellers and hearing the cash register sound all day long on

Cyber Monday

and beyond is the goal for all of us selling online including myself!

This year is the launch of my 1st “Cyber Monday Give-a-Way” I will be giving away AMAZING items all day long on social media and from a survey I’ll be running. The grand prize items will be drawn after midnight PST using the tool  Each winner may keep and redeem the prize or they can pass it along to a friend.

What are the Cyber Monday prizes?

The Grand Prizes Drawing will close on 11/27/2016 (Cyber Monday Midnight PST)  and winners will be notified /and/or announced on “Giving Tuesday” by 6:00 PM EST.

  1. /1 Year free subscription to Terapeak ($240.00 value)
  2. 6 month free email marketing subscription to Constant Contact. ($100.00 value)
  3. 1 Year of “Easy Auction Tracker” ($49.99 value)
  4. (3) 1 hour phone Consulting with ME. ($100. value)
  5.  1 eBay Store Assessment ($300.00 value)

How to enter?

Click to Enter

Simply fill out the survey before Midnight PST on Cyber Monday and your name will be placed into the drawing with




Besides the survey entry I will be giving away items directly from my social channels.



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Facebook (PowerSellingMom)
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Do you have the goods that people want?

It’s a tough call sometimes knowing what to sell on eBay and thank goodness for Terapeak. I cannot run my eBay business without it.

Terapeak Research What to Sell on eBay 700x500

This deep research tool allows me to investigate:

  • Hot Products
  • Competitors
  • Sold Items
  • View trends and so much more.

One lucky winner will receive a FULL YEAR PAID SUBSCRIPTION to Terapeak! Be sure to complete the survey for a chance to win.

The next part of my successful business is using the power of email marketing and my favorite email marketing tool is “Constant Contact.” And believe me, I’ve tried them all so I know first hand how well it works. It is the BEST in my book.

Constant Contact Local Email Marketing Expert Danna Crawford 700x500


You could win a FREE paid 6 month subscription which will include my assistance with helping you send out that first email. I will also help create an easy to use email marketing template that you can use over and over again.  HEY if you’d like to see an example, JOIN ME for a LIVE DEMO on Cyber Monday.  Meanwhile, you cannot win if you do not enter the give-a-way. Just complete the SURVEY to enter.

This next tool I use is one that I also cannot survive without as a consignment seller on eBay called “The Easy Auction Tracker” software program.  This was designed by eBay sellers that also sell items on consignment so they know first hand the important information we need as consignment sellers for keeping SIMPLE and accurate records. Our record keeping is not only the clients with monthly pay-outs but for the “tax man” at the end of the year.

spreadsheet for ebay sellers

This lovely couple has been gracious enough to give-a-way one free year of their software as part of this Cyber Monday promotion BUT you must fill out the survey to enter.

The final Cyber Monday give-a-way “Grand Prize” items that will only be drawn from those that fill out the survey, are provided by myself as a consultant are:

  • 3 One hour phone consulting sessions
  • 1 eBay Store Assessment

eBay Training Consultant Selling Coach Danna Crawford 350x350

However, the one hour phone consulting can be used for any of the topics which may include:

  • eBay
  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Email
  • Product sourcing

I’m giving away three, one hour sessions. There will be 3 lucking winners to spend an hour with me by phone or skype for those international entries. And finally I’m including a FREE eBay Store Assessment. I especially love doing these because I get to dig deep into an eBay sellers listing styles and selling trends. I also get to compare their store with the stores of their competitors and offer my best suggestions for self-improvement. I take great pride in this type of work and I’ve actually done a few of them already this month alone. I look forward to “digging” in to the winners eBay store. Be sure to enter for a chance to win!  Meanwhile, learn more about my services at: PowerSellingMom/Products and Services.

“More Cyber Monday Give-a-Ways”

cyber monday online event contest


I’m giving away some AWESOME fun items all day long on social media. You must follow me on any or all of the social media sites and WATCH for the rules at the time. There will be only a few moments to qualify to win prizes on social media. A few of the prizes include:

  • T-Shirts
  • Tote Bags
  • Key-Chains
  • Water Bottles
  • and much more!
Follow me on:
Facebook (PowerSellingMom)
Facebook (Danna Crawford 1)
Wishing you all the best!
NOW of those of you that are selling online, GET BUSY and promote and share your items all over social media today. eBay store owners should be using Mark-down manager. Pick a few items or an entire category in your store and run a sale calling it “Cyber Monday Sale.” Slash those price. If you;re not offering free shipping, add it to as many items as you can.
Good luck!
Happy eBay selling, online shipping and give-a-way winning!
…………………………………………………..……. UPDATE 

WOW! What an awesome Cyber Monday we had online this year.

I actually had 32 people enter to win!

Congratulations to the 7 Winners:

  1. VICKI – One year Subscription to Terapeak ($240.00 value)
  2. PAMELA – 6 Month Subscription to Constant Contact ($120.00 value)
  3. ROBIN – 1 year subscription & download to Easy Auction Tracker ($49.99 value)
  4. FLORA – 1 Hour consulting from ($100.00 value)
  5. KEITH – 1 Hour consulting from ($100.00 value)
  6. SHERRY – 1 Hour consulting from ($100.00 value)
  7. SUSAN – 1 eBay Store Assessment Report : ($300.00 value)

I used the website This is a great site that helps with keeping contests, drawings and give-a-ways fair. It was a simple process of uploading the email list to the site and for a small fee the system will pull out the winners based on how many winners you request. Which I did request 7. “The Lucky Seven” are posted above in front of each prize. I am only making public the first names, however emails were entered into the system at If you did enter, you can check the status of your email by visiting the page at The results are not shown to the public but you can insert your email to confirm you were in the drawing. It’s a fantastic system for people wanting to run an online drawing without showing “favorites” or being unfair. Here is a copy of the confirmation email from

Third-Party Draw Service:

Cyber Monday Give-Away 2016
    7th drawing held by PowerSellingMom, Inc.
    Completed on Wednesday, 30 November 2016 at 01:53:17 UTC
32 entrants, 7 winners

You will find the full record of this drawing here: