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How to Use Terapeak – The Ultimate Guide


Terapeak is one of the primary tools I depend on to increase my profits on eBay. Terapeak is one of the most comprehensive and affordable eBay marketplace research tools available.

I remember when they first rolled out, I never wanted to spend money on monthly fees. Back then I was tight with money, stubborn and determined to use only free marketplace research tools. I stuck to using only eBay’s completed listing search.

Then, one day I gave in and gave Terapeak a try. I was floored!

Immediately I recognized how Terapeak could have been helping me make more money on eBay all along. Not only is there an incredible amount of helpful data, but it’s so easy to use!

No, really.

Math and numbers are not my strong suits – at all. But the Terapeak dashboard is configured in logical, super easy to understand sections that break all the information down in so that it makes sense – even to someone like me!

I signed up immediately and never looked back!

In fact, I believe in it so much, that I spent hours putting together this in-depth tutorial on how to use Terapeak.

I invested a ton of my time so you can see just how valuable this selling and listing tool is and how much money you’re missing out on if you don’t use Terapeak.

Terapeak offers a FREE trial and I suggest signing up for it so you gain hands-on experience while working through this tutorial.

Click the banner below to get your FREE trial with Terapeak!

Ready? Let’s get going!

Table of Contents

Step 1 Product Research How To Use Terapeak 700x150

How To Use Terapeak For Product Research

For this tutorial, let’s say you gained access to a huge vinyl record collection – because I did.

And, let’s also say you have no idea where to start – because I didn’t. 😉

I bought out an estate there were boxes and boxes and boxes of vintage LPs and I was like, “Holy cow! WHAT am I going to DO with all these records?!”

So, I made a BIG pot of coffee and fired up Terapeak!

Once logged into Terapeak, I navigated to “Research > Product Research”.

Product Research Tab How to Use Terapeak 700x431

First, I want to get a feel for what the overall category of records might yield so I perform a broad search using the words “LP Record”

Keep in mind those two words must be used in the title of an eBay listing for it to appear in the search research of Terapeak.

Broad Search How To Use Terapeak 700x238

With this search, we can start to get an idea of the marketplace in this vertical. We see the following statistics:

  1. The average selling price is $21.22
  2. Average shipping price $5.77
  3. Starting price $9.33
  4. Out of 352,435 listings
  5. With a sell through rate of 20.26%

Also notice, in the top right corner, I’ve selected my date range to be a 90 day period.

With seasonal products being the exception to the rule, 3 months provides an adequate snapshot of current market trends.

Next, notice the View area above the blue Average Price box. You can see there are a few view options.

Take a few minutes and explore those.

I keep mine on the 2nd choice but you may decide you are most comfortable with a different view.

The view choices are as follows:

1. High Level Information With Key Metrics

Product Search View Choices High Level Terapeak 700x385

The awesome bonus about the “High Metrics Table” (above) is that you can re-arrange these blocks in any order you like.

Also, notice the gray gear in each corner of the block. Those are drop-downs that allow you to change the view. This is perfect for those of you that preview to read charts vs lists. This type of breakdown will give you ideas about keywords, best time of day to list, which day of the week and more.

2. Listings For The Item

Listing View Terapeak Marketplace Research 700x371

This is my favorite view and is the one I use the most.

The results show:

  • Photo of the item
  • Top Selling Items
  • Auction vs Store listing vs Fixed Price Listing
  • What was the starting price or asking price
  • What did it sell for
  • How many bids
  • Ending date

3. Graphical View of Historic Trends

Graphical Historic Trends Terapeak eBay Marketplace Research 700x414

4. Top eBay Sellers Which Have Item Listed

Top eBay Sellers Listings Terapeak Market Research 700x367

5. High Level Information across eBay International Sites – Including eBay Motors

eBay Internationl Data Terapeak Marketplace Research 700x407

As you can see, Terapeak provides fantastic in-depth information which gives us realistic selling expectations – including ROI and projected sales.

Step 2 Competition Research How To Use Terapeak 700x150

How To Use Terapeak to Research the Competition

Now, let’s navigate to “Research > Competitor Research”

How To Use Terapeak Competitor Research 700x386

If you’re just starting to sell on eBay, using Terapeak to research the competition is an absolute “must”.

However, if you’re an established eBay seller, keeping an eye on the competition can be a healthy type of motivation. Especially, for those in a niche selling vertical, watching the competition can help you discover new selling strategies.

To research the competition using Terapeak, find a seller in your market sector and copy their seller id (name). Enter the id/name into the search bar of the “Competitor Research”.

On the right, you’ll see an option which allows you to choose the date range for search. I generally keep mine at the 90 days. However, seasonal sellers may need to watch trends over a year.

For this competitor research tutorial I’m using my eBay store – AskDanna. I’m a “Treasure Hunter Seller” so my data will be broad and varied.

AskDanna eBay Store Terapeak Market Research 700x464

What you see is 277 listed items with an average selling price of $35.36. Bids start at $7.28. and have a sell-through rate of 72.57%. Not too bad I must say! 🙂

My sell-through rate is always extremely high because I use Terapeak to perform marketplace research on every item that I have the opportunity to sell on eBay. Whether a consignment item or an estate/garage sale item, I do not invest time or money in it before I see the data!

The top 4 items that sold are:

  • Ladies Hamilton Watch – $700.00
  • Danbury Mint Ornaments – $305.00
  • Louis Vuitton Bag – $255.00
  • Lenox Nativity Set – $227.00

Take a look at what ‘kind’ of listings I did. 3 of the 4 items were auctions with low starting bids.

The highest price was a watch which was listed in my eBay store (notice the red door icon – this represents an eBay store) and a best offer price was accepted.

Learn from your competition. Learn from their success and misses.

Pay attention to:

  • Listing Style – Auction vs Fixed Price
  • Duration – Length of the listing
  • SEO Keywords used in the titles and product descriptions
  • Categories – Did they use more than one

Change the view to gain more information.

How To Use Terapeak High Level Competitor Data 700x383

Notice a few of the areas have a gear in the upper right corner of each box. Click on these and a drop-down appears which will allow you to adjust the “Show” view within the frame.

Choices include:

  • Total Listings
  • Average Price
  • Sell Through
  • Table

I won’t go into each and every frame, but let’s review the “Day of the Week” frame (see image below).

The current view above shows the graph with blue and green bars “Total Listings”. This statistic shows that I do most of my listings on Sunday. Weekends are generally my listing days.

By my clicking the gear and changing it to “Average Price” you see the green bar at the highest on Thursday.

Day of Week View Terapeak Marketplace Research 700x397

Note that Thursdays, the average listing price is $54.40. This is the case because with many of my collectibles, I choose a 10 day auction and start it on a Thursday.

If you hold your cursor over each bar, it will show you the highest average price in each area. To get a bigger picture, I’ve adjusted each frame that had a gear with the “Sell Through” option so that we could take a look at all of the stats in one screen (as seen below).

All Section View Terapeak Research 700x387

Now we can narrow it down. What we’ve learned from this seller, (aka: AskDanna) is:

  • Biggest sell-through day is Friday.
  • One day and ten day listings are the most popular.
  • In the categories of Dolls and Bears, the sell through rate was 100%.
  • The most popular selling-time-of-day is in the wee hours of the morning – 1:00 AM to 2:00 AM. Then there is another peak in late evening starting about 9:00 pm.

The views above are perfect for those that prefer to read charts. For those that prefer words, you can adjust the gears to “Show Table Views” (see below).

Competitor Table Views Terapeak Tutorial 700x392

No matter which view you display, the information is basically the same. Terapeak just presents the data in a different formats so that it can try to meet the learning needs for all types of subscribers.

As an exercise in analyzing the competition, take a few minute and compare my current stats with the data shown in this example. You can follow along by going to Tereapeak > Competitor Research and type in my eBay user ID: Danna.

This is the same system you will use to view all your current and future competitors.

***Special Note About Time Zone Settings***

Results shown in the Time of Day chart in In-depth eBay search results will be displayed in Pacific Standard Time or Pacific Daylight Time (depending the time of year) by default.

The time zone preference can be updated using these instructions:

  • Click on your username at the top of the page.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on the Edit button next to Your Information.
  • Adjust your time zone preferences.
  • Click on the Save button.

Step 3 Hot Research How To Use Terapeak 700x150

How to Use Terapeak for “Hot” Research

Next, let’s take a look at “Hot Research”. This is one of my favorite research tools within Terapeak. The Hot Research data gives you the top trends in each category and ranks them accordingly. Within the categories, the data gets very granular.

Navigate to Research > Hot Research.

Hot Research How To Use Terapeak 700x392

When you first visit the page, you will notice the random order of everything shown.

Let’s break this down.

Start with the eBay.com. You will also have the option to include other international eBay sites in the “Hot Search”.

International eBay Sites Terapeak Research 612x444

I usually just stick with eBay.com but the other choices are always there for you to review later.

You can easily have it show “All eBay Sites” across the board – including eBay motors. Keep in mind if you are researching car parts or accessories, this category can be found on eBay.com as well so in this situation you may want to include eBay motors and eBay.com in the search for a true USA hot product search.

Next, you can see the “Views” option.

Hot Research Views Options Terapeak 554x404

“Hot Research Views” allows us to get really granular. This functionality is extremely helpful as it is so comprehensive.

Below, is an explanation of each view:

Hot Products How To Use Terapeak 700x500

In the next section of “How to Use Terapeak”, you’ll learn how to dig into each “view” and more about what data the different views have to offer.

Additionally, you’ll learn about the “3 Hotness Levels” (Hot, Very Hot, and Super Hot).


Hot Categories Breakdown How To Use Terapeak 700x500

Starting with Hot Categories, you can see there are four columns (shown below).

These are:

  • Sales Rank
  • Category Name
  • Hot
  • Success

Hot Categories Terapeak Research 700x392

Notice, to the right of each of these words are up and down arrows. This functionality allows you to adjust the view from newest to oldest in each area. Below, see with the Sales rank adjusted to #1:

Sales Rank Terapeak eBay Research 700x373

The interesting part about this is that the #1 spot is Sporting Goods > Cycling > Bicycles. Yet, it is only rated “Very Hot” not “Super Hot” yet it is number one with only a 27.29% success sell-through rate.

The “Category” will adjust the order from the top searched category to the least searched category on eBay. Notice this example has baby items listed as the most popular (see below).

Most Popular Category Terapeak Tutorial 700x301

While we’re here, let’s take a look at the “3 Hotness Levels” (Hot, Very Hot, and Super Hot).

Clicking the arrows will adjust the order to either Hot being the lowest or Super Hot being the highest (see image below).

Hot Views Sort Terapeak Tutorial 700x396

I find it so interesting to review this area now and again because the “hotness” changes with the seasons.

As an example, I am writing this tutorial in the spring. The Super Hot products are items like: wind generators, Rhizomes bulbs, video glasses, and pool supplies.

What? Video glasses?

It’s funny when a new or popular product rolls out it will also become “super hot” on this list just like the example above.

Now let’s adjust to view the success in each sector (see image below). What is success? It is the category with the highest sell-through rate. Notice Vine seeds have the highest sell through right now and golf club components are next on the list.

Categories Success View Terapeak Tutorial 700x345

What I love most about this “Hot” search is the ability to brainstorm selling ideas for my current and future inventory.

Learning from success is the best educational gift you can give yourself! Terapeak data is inspiring and motivating!


Hot Media Breakdown How To Use Terapeak 700x500

Now, in “Hot Media”, just a heads up – this view is limited to only a few categories in the media area of eBay. DVDs, music, games, and books are the big data sets.

The results can easily be adjusted using the drop-down:

Music Hot List Terapeak Data 661x461

Simply choose which area you want to view, click the magnifying glass, and the view will instantly adjust.

For example, I’ll change it to Music Hot List:

Music Hot List Adjust Terapeak Market Research 700x397

This breakdown will show the last two months of the top selling hot products in the music category. Green arrows will appear showing green for increased sales or red, denoting decreased sales.

Here you can can track the title, artist, UPC, percentage of selling success, and the average price each item sold for.

This is a brilliant tool for the niche seller in these areas. Rumor has it that Tereapeak will be adding more functionalities in this area soon.


Most Popular Keyword Searches eBay SEO How To Use Terapeak 700x500

I LOVE the “Popular Keywords” data set! It’s a wonderful SEO tool!

In the image below, you’ll see this view also has the up and down arrows that can be adjusted by rank from highest to lowest as well as most searched by highest and lowest. C

Popular eBay Keyword Phrases Terapeak Research 700x386

Checking for eBay SEO keywords on a regular basis can help a seller determine which kind of items should they currently get listed on the site.

Notice the top 10 items ranking are:

  • Playstation 4
  • Tablet
  • Xbox 360
  • iPad
  • Necklace
  • iPhone
  • Earrings
  • Laptop
  • Lego
  • Bracelet

When I adjust it to view the top searched keywords to show me the most popular first, you’ll see the new keyword order:

Top Keywords Sorted Terapeak eBay SEO Research 700x385

And, that’s not all!

Each of these words on either of the view “Rank or Search” are clickable!

Granular data, specific data is where it’s at – especially for niche sellers!

For example (from the view above), let’s click on the word “bracelet” from the top of the list.

Once clicked, it will open up in a new window from Terapeak. This is such a great, time saving perk! Thank you, Terapeak!

So, in the new window we can now view the “Statistics” breakdown on the most popular searched keyword “Bracelet”

Bracelet Granular Data Terapeak Reserach 700x442

And guess what?

The views, along with Key Stats and Actions, can be sorted! Additionally, click the gears in the boxes to see even more data sorting options.

Keep in mind, once you enter this area the default is to show you the grand total across all categories.

That’s why when you view the screen above you are seeing the stats for the keyword bracelet across all categories in eBay.com – which is 5,051,837.

Now, that’s huge right?

Well, you can break this down to view the actual categories these are listed in (shown below)!

All Categories Sort Terapeak Tutorial 700x494

This will show you the actual breakdown with true numbers in each category. You can click through on each to discover even more usable information.

As an example, let’s see what’s under the category of books:

Category Books How To Use Terapeak 700x359

There are 669 listings in the book category which use the word bracelet. To drill down deeper, click through on the drop down menu.

For this example, I’ll click on Children & Young Adults. It shows 246 listings in the sub-category.

Children Books Terapeak Tutorial 700x405

As with all other sections, categories, and views, you can sort and adjust to whichever data reporting styles best fit your needs.

WOW! Is this great stuff or what?

Another Terapeak benefit is that you can export the statistics to save as an Excel file or a pdf!


This is a great way to monitor statistics for future reports and/or case studies as well as present in company meetings.

Terapeak even has a little “pin tack” you can click on and this will add your search to what’s called a “Value Track”. More on this later.


Best Selling Products How To Use Terapeak 700x500

Under Hot Research, the next place for us to explore is “Best Selling Products”.

Best Selling Products Hot Search Terapeak 700x405

Once you click through to this area you will notice the gray bar with main titles:

  • Keywords
  • Category Name
  • Sell-Through
  • Average-Price
  • Items Sold

Silos Best Selling Products Hot Search Terapeak 700x259

This is valuable information for eBay sellers to not only pay attention to the keywords used but to see what the number of items sold.

Above, I adjusted the few on “Items Sold” to show the most sold first.

And in this example, it was “Case Covers” – 448,466 with an average price of $5.89 and a 73.56% sell through rate! Nice odds!

One thing I should point out in this area is that you can insert your own words for this search. I gave it a try using “LP Record” and only two results came up:

LP Records Search Terapeak eBay Market Research 700x231

It seems the keyword phrase “LP Record Store” is popular! Who knew?

Personally, I would have never thought to add the word “Store” to my title before doing this research. This is one of the many reasons it’s SO critical to research before buying items to sell on eBay and before listing them on eBay.

Always keep in mind that Cassini, the eBay search engine will most likely return results that are exactly what the shopper is searching for. Meaning, by using the exact keywords and phrases that shoppers use to search on eBay, your listings are more likely to appear in the top search results – this is a solid eBay SEO practice.

Out of curiosity, I did a current search on eBay and there were 2,691 listings with those three words in the title “LP Record Store.” I promise you, in the future when I list records I will indeed be adding this word to my title!


Best Selling Titles How To Use Terapeak 700x500

The final section under Hot Products is “Best Selling Titles”

Best Selling Titles Dropdown Terapeak Tutorial 700x435

Unlike the other Hot Products categories, the “Best Selling Titles” section allows you to adjust the search from 1 day to 14 days. This gives you a very recent update.

You can also type in SEO keywords and phrases in the search box as well as define the time period.

I added LP Record to the search in a 7 day search and these were the results:

Search Results How To Use Terapeak 700x367

You can also adjust the:

  • Total Sales
  • Total Listings
  • Sell Through
  • Average Price
  • Bid Order (lowest to highest)

In this case, the shipping supplies where in the highest spot across the board.

Hot Research Wrap Up

One last thing I’d like to point out in the “Hot Research” portion of this Terapeak tutorial is that many times these items will be posted on eBay’s Daily Deal.

When items are in the Daily Deal, thousands of products are sold in one day. Clearly, this depends on the item but eBay rarely misses with this type of sale. They know what eBay shoppers want.

As you are researching, it’s critical that you keep in mind a Daily Deal will play a part in the data which is served to you.

If you notice an item with a very high sell through rate, you may want to follow-through to view the seller because they could be a participant in eBay’s Daily Deal program.

If you’re not familiar with the Daily Deal, it means a seller has a huge amount of inventory and can fill the orders quickly. Sellers have to meet certain criteria to participate in it.

If you’ll look back on this tutorial, you’ll notice that “Coins” show up in some of these Hot Product Searches we performed. This makes sense because “Coins” are a regular item sold during Daily Deals.

Step 4 Category Research How To Use Terapeak 700x150

Category Research How To Use Terapeak 700x298

This is fun area to explore! I promise you will not be bored with this delicious color coded page:

Category Research Breakdown Terapeak Tutorial 700x424

Notice the “High/Low” symbols below “Total Sales.”

Each circle of color represents the highest to lowest sales on eBay in each of the categories.

Pink or light red represents the highest sales, then the chart moves through the color spectrum to gray which represents the lowest sales.

Each of these categories are clickable. Each box holds the top category name and all the sub-categories are below it.

The beginning of this tutorial started with researching LPs and records. Let’s explore this category. Notice “Music” has a gray (aka low) dot while “Records” has a pink dot (aka high):

Music Records Category How To Use Terapeak 700x402

The awesome part about all this is that each category title and sub category title is clickable! Which means we can dig deeper into the research process.

For now, I will click on “Records”.


The system will not allow us to go this route. When I clicked on “Records”, this is the notice I received (see image below):

“This is a top level category. We’re sorry, but eBay does not permit detailed research on this category. Please select another category or use the Search report to research listings in this category. If you would like to search for other categories to trend, please specify some keywords.”

Top Level Category Notice Terapeak Tutoria

Keep this in mind that you may encounter this type of alert while you are using the category research tool .

The only work-around that I could find was to return to the research category screen and click on the main category – which in this case is “Music” (not the sub category of records).

This page will now show the breakdown of the sub categories. Below, we can see two locations for the word “Records” in the frame to the right and the bars within the main search.

Main Category Work Around Terapeak Tutorial 700x340

And guess, what? They are both clickable!

However, the one on the bottom left produced the same alert previously shown. The one within the frame on the right, now with a purple dot under the category of “Wholesale Lots”, allows me to click on the new “purple” ranking.

Huh? What does this all mean?

eBay has a huge category area and each of these break down into sub-categories and sub-sub-categories.

Depending on the main category, a few sales verticals (categories) are broken down into even more levels.

In this demonstration we can see the system will only allow us to view the Wholesale Lots of records. Every category, sub-category, etc has a number.

If you know the number from eBay you can also search it on Tereapak.

Notice the number on the top right of the wholesale records category:

Wholesale Records Terapeak Marketplace Research 700x404

You can also adjust the search days up to 30.

Remember how we searched record LP at the start of this tutorial? That is the option when running into a situation like this. If the system will not allow the search in a category to appear, then return to the item “Product” research page and use some keywords.

Keep in mind that not everyone will be using the same words in their title. Experiment with a few different keywords like such as Record LP, Vinyl Record, Vinyl LP, Record Album and so on.

The next option on the Research dropdown is “Saved Searches”.

Saved Searches Terapeak eBay Marketplace Research 700x354

This is where all the searches that you saved will appear. If you are monitoring items, categories, or even your competition you can save all these types of searches.

This is a huge time saver! Whenever you need to reference it, the data is always right at your fingertips!

While doing any of your searches, you will see a few different ways to “save” the search.

Notice the “file” symbol to the right of the search bar:

File Icon Terapeak eBay Research 700x408

Simply CLICK on it and a pop-up will appear asking you to give the file aka “saved search” a name:

File Save Terapeak eBay Research 700x303

Once you type in a saved search name “LP Record Search” (above), the system builds a set of search keywords based on the words you input.

Next, you will see two options – Manage Saved Searches and Save.

Be sure to click SAVE before viewing manage or your search will not be saved. If you click Manage it will take you directly to the searches you already have saved previously.

Once you save your search now you can take a look at the searches saved in the system when you click on the dropdown from Research > Saved Searches.

Once done, you can now view the list of searches:

Saved Searches Terapeak Tutorial 700x198

Above, you see I have saved two searches: 1) LP Record and 2) LP Records. I liked being able to compare my search with and without the “s” on the end. This might seem like overkill but it’s important to look at a search from all angles. Meaning, when shoppers search eBay some will use the singular version of a word and others will use the plural version. eBay and all search engines calculate that data separately so if you want accurate data, you’ll need to use both the singular and plural of whatever terms you’re researching.

Now, let’s explore the options in this “Saved Search” area.

When you click the magnifying glass, it will open up a new window and takes you directly to the saved page which shows the current statistics. This is a great way to open a few windows actually when you want to compare differing statistics sets.

Example: saved searches could be created for each of your “competitors” for a quick review tool during a busy day!

This page also keeps a record of the date you created the search and will allow you to “show or hide” filters either directly to the top of the saved search or you can show or hide directly on each.

As of April 2016, the only filter options to show or hide are the saved date range or alerts.

The saved date range filter would be a great way to save searches such as: 1 day, 7 day, 30 and /or 90 days:

Saved Date Range Terapeak Research 700x240

When I saved each search, I named them based on how many days I did the search for. This makes it easier to identify them for quick reference in the future. This is a great way to monitor up-to date statistics along with realistic current market values on items.

The next part of the screen is the “Alert” – which can be turned on or off. This can be set-up as a reminder to receive weekly email alerts directly to your inbox. It’s very easy to set-up.

Alert Reminder Function Terapeak eBay Research 700x244

Just click on the “Bell” and it will turn blue. Next you will see the days of the week to pick from.

Note: The current system will only allow you to pick one day of the week – not multiple days.
The rest of the items on this page are self explanatory like “Rename” and Delete.

Now, remember earlier I made a mention about “Value Track” the Push-pin or tack symbol can be found along the view bar when doing research:

Value Track Function Terapeak eBay Research 700x349

It is clickable. And no, you are not pinning it to Pinterest. But, you are “Pinning” the search to an automatic alert system that will set-up an email to be sent to you once a week as desired. The system allows you to save up to 25 “Value Tracks” as needed.

Now, this brings me to the last part of the research dropdown and that is “Bulk Research”:

Bulk Research Terapeak eBay Marketplace Research 700x312

Here is where you can find your “Value Track” list. This area allows you to upload a CSV file list. This is perfect for the large inventory sellers needing to monitor many SEO keywords. It will save the time from creating individual searches.

This page is very self explanatory and I’ll be honest, I’m not an active user in this area but I see the benefit for the mid to high range seller who needs to monitor larger statistical data sets on a regular basis.

Now that I’ve covered all of the areas of the research power on Tereapeak, I hope you can see and appreciate the value it holds for all types of eBay sellers.

The next stop on the Terapeak bar is “Source”

Product Sourcing Terapeak eBay Research 700x185

This is the tool you would use to “product source” for an item you may desire to sell on eBay.

For example, say you’ve already done the product research as we saw earlier. A popular item was bracelets. For this demonstration I’ll type in “baby bracelet” and click search:

Bracelet Example Search Terapeak 700x417

Within seconds, the Terapeak system will pull up baby bracelets at wholesale prices.

Amazing and impressive I must say!

Here is another cool enhancement. When you move your cursor over each photo you will have two choices:

  1. Do Product Research
  2. Source on Alibaba

Search Options Terapeak eBay Research 700x420

If you click the “Do Product Research” button it will automatically set-up in Tereapeak pulling in a few keywords from the title as shown below:

Product Research How To Use Terapeak 700x369

You know the drill from the points made at the beginning of this tutorial. Same rules apply. Learn from the sell-through rate and average price. Keep in mind the number of listings is based on and how far back the search went. Was it recent or 90 days?

Also, the big thing to keep in mind is what kind of keywords did it actually pull into the search? This may need to be adjusted. I also noticed this issue when clicking the orange bar to “Source on Alibaba”

Source Alibaba Terapeak Tutorial 700x333

Notice, Terapeak returned a “baby blue” bracelet and not a “baby bracelet.” Keep this in mind when using the sourcing tool.

***IMPORTANT Note***
I always get asked if Alibaba is a legitimate service. I have personally bought items on Alibaba over the years and have never had a problem. The key part of having a successful transaction on Alibaba is not to be in a rush and spend quality time communicating with the seller. Ask questions and repeat and review answers. Remember many are not English speaking so there can be a misunderstanding. This can be avoided with good communication via email and/or using Skype if needed.

SEO Search Engine Optimization Terapeak 700x150

How To Use Terapeak For SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It’s SEO time! Search Engine Optimization is one of my favorite topics – as you may know if you’ve read my complete guides for eBay SEO and Cassini – The eBay Search Engine.

Tereapeak’s SEO tool is quite unique.

Found at the top of the page at the end of the row:

SEO Tab Terapeak 700x137

The first step on this is to type in what you would like to sell. For this example I will type in “Magnetic Baby Bracelet”. Terapeak’s system uses each individual word as a keyword.

Bracelet SEO Keywords Terapeak Research 700x421

Notice my words are each in a small boxed frame and I can easily click to remove them or type in more words shown in the gray. Below that, Terapeak shows all the words associated with my keywords. These keywords are culled from “Item Specifics” on eBay.

When you click on each of those words, it adjusts the display and shows CURRENT items – not sold or completed but current listings on the site.

If you want to research the list you can click the orange “Research” button shown above and it will then start the process within Tereapeak pulling in completed listings using the product research page in the standard view as shown below:

Completed SEO Listings 700x414

Another thing I want to point on from the SEO page is the ability to adjust the view. Notice the boxes to the right, just below the search bar you’ll see 4 symbols:

Adjust View SEO Terapeak eBay Research 700x340

The last one adjusted the view to a “Table View” as shown above. The previous screen from this page was the “Grid View” – those are the only two viewing options.

The first two items on this are:

International Views Terapeak Tutorial 666x458

The ability to change the search to the other eBay sites and the second graphic is simply a “click to copy title to clipboard” which will save the words in your clipboard and then you can easily paste it elsewhere as needed.

Jumping back up to the top area, the two I haven’t yet mention are “Dashboard” and “Find”.

The dashboard allows you to pull in your items from eBay when you connect it to your eBay account. There is a lot to learn from this area and I am not going to go into this because so much of it is optional and based on personal preference. It’s very easy to use and self-explanatory.

The “Find” tab is a another one of those “fun” type tools within Tereapeak and is, also, straightforward:

Find Tab Terapeak eBay Research 700x315

Type in a product you would like to look for and take advantage of the “Advanced Filter” options. When you click on that it will show additional items you can customize to the search.

This ADVANCED FILTER tool can also be found in other areas when you do your search. Keep a watch for it and take advantage of the customization benefits which increase the amazing value of using Terapeak.

The final items you’ll notice at the top right of the page are videos with FAQ pages that you can give a thumbs up or down.

Another fun factor of Terapeak that is super easy to use is – notice the icon to the left the the research bar:

Filter Option Terapeak eBay Research 700x230

This is a “Filter” and it will allow you to adjust the search to the many, many choices shown above. You can clear the filter, apply the filter and when done, simply click the “filter symbol” again and it will be hidden from the view.

How To Use Terapeak Wrap Up

Whew! Is your mind spinning now? LOL

When I first started using Terapeak I was like a kid in a candy store but it was a little bit overwhelming.

So, what I did was take a couple weeks to explore a little bit at a time and soon I was whizzing through all the research like lightening! But, more importantly, by using the information I discovered and applying it to my product buying and listing practices, I watched my eBay sales start to grow almost immediately!

So, go explore and grow your business!

Click below and get started with Terapeak now!

Need expert help? I’m here for you!

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