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Sep 07
The Letters of John M. Jackson–May 24, 1864

Source: WorthPoint   The Letters of John M. Jackson–May 24, 1864  

Aug 31
What’s It Worth via with Harry Rinker

What’s It Worth via with Harry Rinker A glass Blanke’s aerial…

Aug 29

If you have one of these hats in your closet, you are in luck! This one sold for $999…

Aug 29
All About Steiff’s Susi Cats

Here we have one of the most popular, and beloved, Steiff feline designs– the…

Aug 29
Whats It Worth Q & A via

  This example of an Antonio Romano painting sold for $102.50 in 2017. QUESTION: …

Mar 30
Establishing Your WorthPoint: Founder CEO Will Seippel

Will Seippel: This is a presentation that I gave at our last treasure hunt down in…

May 22
Researching Antiques and Collectibles to sell on eBay using Worthpoint

Researching items to sell on eBay is one of the most important “beginning”…

Apr 22
WorthPoint: An eBay Sellers Resource for Collectibles, Antiques and Art Identification

eBay Sellers Research Tool Worthpoint No matter what items you might be selling, as…

Jan 22
Researching Items to Sell on eBay

Research before you buy or list The research process actually begins before buying an…

Dec 29
eBay market research for consignment sellers – Part 3

This is Part 3 of 3 in the “eBay market research for consignment sellers”…