Terapeak Review – LOVE IT! A “must have” for making money on eBay!

Terapeak Review – LOVE IT! A “must have” for making money on eBay!

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If you’re serious about selling on eBay, if you want a profitable eBay store, then the one selling tool you must have is Terapeak.

In fact, if you want to make real money on eBay then read my in-depth Terapeak review.

You’ll learn why the most successful eBay sellers use this valuable listing tool every day and you’ll want to use it, too!

What is Terapeak

Simply put, Terapeak is an incredibly powerful yet simple and easy to use “market research tool” that helps you, the eBay seller, determine what items to sell and how to make the most profit.

With Terapeak you can;

  • Find Products
  • Evaluate Sales Opportunities
  • Optimze Your Sales
  • Conduct In-Depth Research
  • Improve Productivity

Terapeak gives you access to historical sales data and trends which include;

  • Closed Listings – Helps you determine what kinds of items and products are selling and not selling.
  • Category Sales Trends – Helps you discover categories that have the best selling items.
  • New Sales Trends – Helps you find out what the most current best selling items and products are.

Now, I have to share a little secret with you. I never was and still am not good at math. And statistics? LOL! Charts and spreadsheets make me glassy eyed. All those numbers make me want to quit and just go shopping (on eBay of course!).

But Terapeak makes the information SO easy to understand and the tool so simple to use that anybody can achieve great results with it!

Of course, no Terapeak review would be complete without a sneak peek behind the scenes so take a look at how straightforward and uncomplicated Terapeak is…

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By researching the sales trends and closed listings data that is right at your fingertips when you use Terapeak, you can greatly increase the sell-through of any items in your store.

Remember, knowledge is power – eBay power selling!

Why You Need a Reseach Tool to Make More Money on eBay

As an eBay Certified Business Consultant and Power Seller, folks often call me when they are frustrated and don’t understand why their items are not selling.

Now, for anyone who’s attended my free eBay Training Workshop or hired me as an eBay selling coach and consultant, they know 3 of my favorite words are quick, easy, and research.

The very first question I ask those who are stuck and struggling to make a profit is, “What research tools are you using”?

95% of the time the answer is, “None”. The sad truth is most of these folks are spinning their wheels but going nowhere.

That’s when I share with them the importance of researching the items they list for sale on eBay.

I explain that, without doing a little “market research”, they are likely investing time and money listing items and products that don’t sell and aren’t profitable.

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It’s not like back in the “Beanie Babie Days” when I could buy a Beanie Babie for $20.00, list it on eBay, and sell it for a thousand dollars – yes, $1,000.00.

If I listed one now it would not be realistic of me to expect the same type of profit. Over the years, the market value of Beanie Babies (and many collectibles) has changed.

Nobody likes wasting time and losing out on profits, right?

Using Terapeak can help you research items before listing them on eBay. This is one of the most important keys to being a successful, profitable seller on eBay.

With Terapeak, you can make informed choices and fill your eBay store with items that will fly off the virtual shelves!

You can use the Terapeak app with an iPhone or Android so you can do research while on-the-go!

No more standing at yard sales, in thrift stores, or at estate sales wondering whether you should take a chance on a purchase! With the Terapeak app you’ll be armed with the best “intel” available!

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Is Terapeak Really Worth the Investment

I do not list any item on eBay before looking it up on Tereapeak. Period.

Because of my eBay coaching, consulting, and workshop schedule I can’t afford to waste one minute buying and listing items which are not going to make me money.

By using the market data in Terapeak, I can easily and quickly check to see if an item is worth listing, what its sell-through possibilities are, and what its ROI (Return on Investment) might be.

Terapeak data also helps me to determine if I should list the item as an auction or at a fixed price (aka Buy-It-Now) (including the “make an offer” option.

For me, the most valuable function of Terapeak is that it shows the history of items which have had offers and includes the actual sold price of the item!

Many times eBay site does not provide this golden nugget of info. I love eBay but this is a super annoying quirk of the listing platform.

However, with Tereapek there are no “hidden prices”. This keeps transactions on eBay very transparent, which levels the playing field and keeps the doors to success wide open!

So, is Terapeak really worth the investment? Absolutely. Terapeak has helped me become the ebay Power Seller I am today. In reality, you can’t afford not to use Terapeak.

How Much Does Terapeak Cost

Not only is Terapeak easy to learn and use but it’s extremely easy on the pocketbook.

First, you get a 7 DAY FREE TRIAL!. Then there are 2 Terapeak paid plans to choose from – Personal and Professional. Both are billed annually.

I prefer the Professional plan as it has much more data available which, of course, helps me increase my eBay profits!

If you’re ready to have success and make more money on eBay sign up for Terapeak now!

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Terapeak Personal Plan 375x180

If you have any questions about Terapeak or want to schedule an eBay training Contact me now.