5 Tips to Write Great eBay Product Descriptions

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Writing good ebay descriptions is one of the best ways to close a sale on. It’s important you write in a way that emphasizes benefits over features, is easy to skim, is conversational, and is grammatically and technically flawless. Here are five tips to write great eBay product descriptions

Tip #1

People buy things because they have a problem in need of solving. Write your descriptions in a way that introduces a problem you know your audience experiences, and then explain how your product solves that problem. If you list off the product’s specs and features, most people will not know exactly what that means for them.

You need to put your product in terms of how it can improve the life of the customer. Remember, the customer is always asking “What’s in it for me?” When you’re describing the problem, visuals can be very helpful.

Does your product provide relief for back pain? Show someone experiencing that problem. Learn the difference between a feature and a benefit. For example, your yogurt is packed full of vitamins and protein, but that’s not the benefit. The benefit is that the yogurt leaves a person healthier and feeling satisfied.

Tip #2

describing items on ebay

People don’t do a lot of reading online, instead, they skim over things. Don’t write a block of text for your description and expect to get the results you want. Make your content easy for people to skim.

You can achieve this by using lists (lists where each point is no more than a sentence), keep paragraphs to three sentences or less, and splitting up your description into sections with headings. “Writing this way is effective for getting the attention of shoppers who are in a hurry.

It allows you to get out your most important selling points effectively, while holding the reader’s attention,” recommends Lois Hayden, writer at OXEssays.

Tip #3

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SEO is important, but so is appealing to the actual humans who read your descriptions and buy your product. Write as if you are speaking to a friend. You can write in a way that works for both SEO and people if you include important details and anticipate customer questions.

Check out some major retailers’ websites and see how they write their descriptions, you can learn a lot.

Tip #4

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Writing is a skill that needs to be practiced in order to stay sharp. Be sure to check out some writing resources to polish your writing and editing skills. Here are some good resources to check out:

  • ViaWriting and MyWritingWay – Check out these grammar resources and see how much they improve your descriptions. A lot of people struggle with grammar, so why not get some help?
  • Assignment Writers and EssayRoo – Use these online proofreading tools, recommended by BigAssignments, to go over your copy for errors. Don’t risk it and try to proofread your own writing.
  • WritingPopulist and StateofWriting – Read through these blogs. They are chock full of helpful suggestions and tips about how to improve your writing.
  • PaperFellows and Academized – These are editing tools that are perfect for helping you create perfect eBay descriptions. They have been reviewed in UK Writing Services Reviews and will make your life a bit easier.
  • SimpleGrad and LetsGoandLearn – Try out these writing guides and see how much easier they make your writing process. You’ll turn out better copy if you learn to follow the steps in the writing process.

Tip #5

ebay selling tips

Keywords are important. Use them to clearly communicate to your reader what you’re offering. A title has 80 words if you need it, but don’t feel like you need to always write that much.

Sometimes less is better; a short title can sometimes help your click-through rates.. Remember to include the brand name, artist, or designer of the product.

Don’t forget important details such as color, size, and the item’s condition. Be careful with acronyms, don’t overuse them and make sure they are common enough your audience will understand them.

Don’t use all caps, it will actually hurt your sales, not help them. You can however, capitalize power words, which are words that best describe the product or its benefits. Just don’t overdo it, or your copy will look cluttered.


A good eBay product description is crucial to your sales numbers. It should answer questions and build excitement, while focusing on benefits, rather than features.

Write your descriptions in a way that is good for skimming, since that is how people read on the internet. Follow these five tips to write a great eBay product description.

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