BIG announcements & BIG changes at eBay 20th Anniversary Bash #eBay20

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Hi, eBayer’s!
If you haven’t heard, a few weeks ago I got an invitation to the eBay 20th Anniversary Bash here in San Jose, California. I’m here now (September 10 & 11, 2015) and, in just the first few hours of the Bash, BIG announcements were made!
Before I reveal all the upgrades and changes eBay has made, I want to take a second and thank the executives at eBay for extending me the invitation.
Now, I’ve been invited to eBay HQ a number of times but this time is super special because the 20th Anniversary Celebration¬†is about eBay SELLERS!
Here are links to the information, so you can get it all “straight from the horse’s mouth”.
Over the coming week, I’ll be posting my thoughts on each of these changes so check back often or sign up for my newsletter so you can get a more in-depth look at how these changes affect your eBay business.

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