Buying & Selling Magazines on eBay – A Power Selling Mom eBook

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Hi, I’m Danna Crawford – Power Selling Mom;

As an eBay Top Rated Power Seller, I’ve bought and sold thousands of magazines on eBay.
Let me teach you the same techniques I use to turn a tidy profit in this fun and interesting niche!

Topics Include:

  • Were To Find The Best Magazines
  • eBay Marketplace Research
  • Terapeak – The Best eBay Listing Tool
  • eBay SEO
  • Profiting from Adult Magazines
  • Selling Ads
  • Selling Catalogs
  • Product Photo Tips
  • How To Save Money On Shipping
  • Selling Techniques



  • Monthly magazine best seller lists! This saves you hours!
  • Magazine selling market trends!
  • Access to a “Members Only” Facebook group

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About Danna Crawford – Power Selling Mom

Danna Crawford Power Seller eBay 20 Anniversary 960x720
eBay is the foundation for my business and financial success!
Every day I’m grateful to be so blessed and prosperous.
Through my 18 years as an eBay Power Seller and Selling Coach, I’ve taught thousands of folks just like you.
Let me help you achieve the same happiness I experience every day!
Order your copy of “BUYING & SELLING MAGAZINES ON eBAY” and get started NOW!
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