eBay For Fun or Profit Workshop

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This is the follow-up information from the workshop presented titled:

“Ebay for Fun or Profit.”

Thank you for joining us. Below you will find screenshots, links, and transcript information from the presentation.

how to sell on ebay

eBay Is ….

– A people’s market that contains anything you can imagine.
– A revolutionary way to buy and sell.
– A place where trust, honesty, and efficiency are rewarded.
– Where over a million sellers make a living full or part time.

eBay By The Numbers

DSRs, dsr, ebay ratings


As a seller, eBay expects you to:

– Promptly resolve customer issues.
– Ship items on time, within your specified handling time
– Manage inventory and keep items well stocked
– Charge reasonable shipping and handling costs.
– Specify shipping costs and handling time in the listing.
– Follow through on your return policy.
– Respond to buyers’ questions promptly.
– Be helpful, friendly, and professional throughout a transaction.
– Make sure the item is delivered to the buyer as described in the listing.
(source : https://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/seller-non-performance.html )

Getting Started – Registering as an eBay member

– Go to www.ebay.com.
– Click register.
– Create user ID/password.
– Enter information.
– Check email for confirmation

Create an eBay Selling Account

To sell on eBay, you need to register and create a seller account. During the one-time process of creating a seller account, you need to provide information to verify your identity, and select how you’ll pay your seller fees. (further reading : https://pages.ebay.ie/help/sell/seller_account.html )

ebay selling account

Paying your eBay selling fees

Selling fees are charges for listing and selling your items on eBay, such as insertion fees, final value fees and fees for optional listing features.

When setting up your eBay selling account, you must let eBay know how you plan to pay for your selling fees.  (further reading: https://pages.ebay.ie/help/sell/pay-fees.html )

What is PayPal?

– Secure, trusted online payment service
– Only requirement is a valid email address.
– One of the most trusted online payment services.
– More than 110 million active accounts worldwide.
– Integrates seamlessly into eBay listings.
– Buyer simply clicks the “Pay Now” button.

ebay sellers on paypal

Note: If you plan to sell on eBay and offer PayPal, your PayPal account must accept all forms of payment, including credit card.

Therefore, you must have a business PayPal account or be willing to upgrade from a personal PayPal account to a business account if you receive a credit card payment.

Linking your PayPal and eBay accounts

Linking your PayPal and eBay accounts takes about a minute, and provides you with an added layer of security clearance for some of your trading activities. For example, you’ll be able to take advantage of options like:
Opening a store
Listing higher profile, name brand products.
All in all, linking your PayPal and eBay accounts is a quick measure you can take for greater ease and access on eBay.

To link your PayPal and eBay accounts:
– Click My eBay at the top of most eBay pages.
– Click the Account tab.
– Click the “PayPal Account” link on the left side of the page.
– Click the Link My PayPal Account button.
– You’ll be asked to log into PayPal to finish linking your accounts.

What to sell on ebay

how to sell on ebay

As I mentioned at the workshop, I suggest you start with three boxes. Use the first box to roam around the house and fill it up with “stuff” aka items you no longer want or need. The second box write “eBay” on it and the third box can either be your “Garage Sale” box or “Donation” box.

Once you have your boxes ready you can start filling up the first box with items. Check the closet for name-brand clothing. Kitchen for dishes, cups and the silverware drawer for branded items. Outside you may have a valuable flowerpot or a rare hand tool you forgot about. And don’t forget to check the kids’s toy box.

easy ebay selling

Before we start researching, I wanted to mention there is an area on eBay that lists items that are restricted.  eBay follows all the rules when it comes to recalled items. We cannot list items that have been recalled.

eBay Restrictions

eBay strongly supports the governmental agencies, including the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in their efforts to protect consumers against potentially hazardous products. Sellers aren’t allowed to list items that are prohibited from being sold because of a recall. If an item can be legally sold but is subject to a recall, sellers must include appropriate information about the recall within the listing. All items sold to US buyers must follow all applicable state and federal laws, including the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

Make sure your listing follows these guidelines. If it doesn’t, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including limits of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.

ebay recalls

(Source: located on eBay at: https://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/recalled.html)

Prohibited items on eBay

– No Live Animals – puppies, kittens, etc.
– No Recalled items – lawn darts, etc.
– No Fake items – trademark infringements, designer purses, fragrances, etc.

Now, back to our boxes!

First, let’s get set-up at our computer and prepare to look-up the items on eBay.

researching items to sell on ebay

Visit eBay.com and on the right of the search bar click on ADVANCED. This is the place to start. Pull the first item out of the box and type in a few keywords. Check the box COMPLETED LISTINGS and click SEARCH!

current market value on ebay

Here are direct links already created for you to completed listings for these items with the sort bar adjusted to “Highest Price First”

The highest priced Starbucks mug sold on eBay during this search was from Mexico and sold at auction on Jan. 28, 2017 for $2,900.00 with an opening bid of $49.00. eBay item # 332099185328:

starbucks mug sold on ebay

Select an Item to Sell on eBay

Your first eBay item should be:
– Something you already own
– Of moderate value
– An unwanted gift (re-gift!)
– Easy to pack and ship
– Brand name a plus

I feel a book is the easiest item to list on eBay. You can research it using completed listings. If you have a smart phone you can scan the bar code. Just open the eBay app and visit the SEARCH bar. The scanner is located to the right of the search bar.

I use the scanner to scan dresses I find on clearance at Ross.

Scan the item and then adjust the FILTER to Sold/Completed listings.

You cal also adjust the SORT to Highest price first.

Use the chart below to view some “Comparison Points”

ebay research

eBay Fees

There are four basic fees on eBay.

1. Insertion Fees: To list an item
2. Listing Upgrade Fees: To promote your listing
3. Final Value Fees: Commission based on final price
4. PayPal Fees: For collecting payment through PayPal

Auction-style listings
No insertion fee for the first 50 per month*.
Use with Buy It Now for free.
Fixed Price listings

Have a single insertion fee no matter the price or quantity.
Significant discount when you have an eBay Stores subscription.

*Free insertion fees for Auction-style listings; Up to 50 listings every calendar month.

ebay fees

To find a full scheduling of all basic selling fees, click : pages.ebay.com/help/sell/fees.html

Listing Upgrade Fees

– Gallery Plus
– Listing Designer
– Subtitle
– Bold
– Scheduled listings
– List in 2 categories

NOTE: This does not apply to eBay Motors.

Final Value Fees

Final Value Fees are a percentage based on the item’s selling price (including shipping and other charges).
No Final Value Fee is charged if:
– The reserve is not met.
– The item receives no bids or does not sell.

Visit the EBAY FEE CALCULATOR and view an estimate of your current fees.

PayPal Fees

ebay paypal fees

Describe Your Item

Take advantage of the 80 characters available.
Include searchable keywords.
For example:
An effective title:
Canon PowerShot S110 Digital ELPH 2.1 MP Camera extra battery and carrying case

An ineffective title:
L@@K best camera on eBay…Wow!

Remember “Bait on the Hook!”

Every word in your title will increase the odds for people to find your item.

Complete item details

– Dimensions
– Color
– Materials
– Age/Condition

– Professional
– Simple, uncluttered layout
– Positive, friendly tone
– Mobile friendly

Taking Photos

Use your smartphone, tablet or digital camera to take photos of items selling on eBay.

Top Tips for Great Photos

– Use a plain uncluttered backdrop to draw attention to your item.
– Turn off the flash and use diffused lighting to prevent shadows and reflections.
– Use a tripod to prevent softness and blur.
– Capture high-resolution photos.
– Fill the frame with the item.
– Capture all angles, details, and blemishes.
– Show the scale.
– Keep the photos from tinting.
– Capture detailed close-up shots.
– Avoid using props.
– Optimize the quality of cell phone camera shots.
– Create a file naming system that makes sense.
– Check your results before your wrap up.

taking good photos for ebay
horrible ebay pictures

Take The Perfect eBay Photo

– Items well-lit with natural light
– Camera focused
– Camera stabilized with tripod
– Items isolated with white paper
– Items arranged to best aspect ratio
Editing the photo
– Cropped tight to items
– Resized to 1000 pixels on the longest side
– Results are professional photos for no money!

eBay Listings

starting an ebay bid
ebay reserve auctions
ebay auction with buy it now options

NOTE: you can start auctions as low as a PENNY.

selling fixed priced items on ebay
ebay multiple variations
ebay pricing

eBay Shipping

Shipping Tips:
– Use a properly sized box.
– Fill packing material all around.
– Item should NOT touch box sides.
– Wrap single items in bubble wrap.
– Double-box delicate or fragile items (small box “floats in larger box).
– Weigh packed box and make note of the weight; Also note the dimensions of oversized boxes.


Phone number to order shipping supplies direct from the USPS is: 1-800-610-8734

Learn more about shipping at: https://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/shipping/shipping-basics.html


ebay listing tool
sell one like this on ebay
ebay selling
adding photos to ebay

Learn more about adding photos at: https://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/pictures.html

As mentioned during one of my workshops, you can skip this area if you are doing your listing on a laptop or desktop.  When you save your listing for later, it will be saved as a draft. Once you have it saved you can open your smart phone and add photos from there.

ebay pricing
pricing items for ebay

More info about picking a format – auction vs. fixed price : https://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/fixed-price.html

ebay shipping choices

NOTE: For heavy items, use eBay’s Calculated shipping. Learn more at:  https://pages.ebay.com/help/pay/calculated-shipping.html

shipping options
ebay listing review
ebay review and listing

Listing on eBay with a mobile device

The eBay apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phone, and BlackBerry let you create a listing with a simple form.
You can also:
– Research sales trends to set competitive prices for your items.
– Take pictures with your camera-equipped device to add to your listing.
– Accept PayPal as a payment method.
– Relist items

Note: The fees for selling on eBay are the same when using eBay mobile apps, and the same rules and policies apply.

your item sold

How do ebay buyers pay

Safe Payment Options
– Direct credit or debit card payment via a merchant credit card account
– Payment on pick-up

– Integrated into eBay listings
– Receive payment electronically
Funded from one of three sources:
– PayPal balance
– Bank account balance
– Credit or debit card

available funds from ebay
getting paid on ebay

eBay Payments Top Tips

Follow these tips to get paid faster:

– Achieve eBay Top-Rated Seller, Above Standard, or Standard status.
– Offer an Expedited shipping option (package delivered in 1-3 business days).
– Specify 1-day handling time and always ship within 1 business day of receiving the order.
– Pay postage and print shipping labels on eBay.
– Ship with a carrier that offers package tracking and always upload the tracking information to eBay.
– If no tracking, make sure to mark the item as shipped in My eBay.
– Respond quickly to resolve any buyer issues.
– Follow all recommended best practices for providing great service and preventing Buyer Protection claims.

eBay Feedback

– Sellers can leave feedback when payment is received (only positive allowed).
– Buyers can leave feedback upon receipt of the item (enclose a note in your shipment!).

In addition to feedback ratings for sellers of Positive, Neutral, or Negative, buyers may also leave Detailed Seller Ratings (anonymous) in four areas:
– Item as described
– Communication
– Shipping time
– Shipping and handling charges

See pages.ebay.com/help/feedback/detailed-seller-ratings.html to learn more.

Note: 5 star feedback can be automatic in some areas.
Dispute? Contact the buyer, go to the eBay Resolution Center, or use Feedback revision request.
Visit the Seller Protection Center to learn more: www.ebay.com/sellerprotection.

eBay Selling Account Limits

limits to sell on ebay

eBay Shipping

– Ship immediately upon notification of payment.
– Never ship an item until you have received payment.
– Delivery to the buyer is your responsibility; you should buy insurance for high value items (you may include the price in your shipping costs).
– Obtain tracking numbers and delivery confirmation for ALL items.
– Use signature confirmation for expensive items.
– Print shipping labels on eBay.

yes to ebay global shipping

When you OPT-in to the GSP your listings will have the ability to be seen to up to seventy million new buyers! That’s huge right? Read more and watch the video I made

Select eBay Shipping Options

– Click Compare shipping rates to see costs based on shipping services.
– Enter, or change, the package dimensions or package weight.
– Click Save. Then, follow the steps to print the shipping label.

how to print an ebay shipping label

When you use eBay to print your shipping labels, the tracking information is automatically uploaded to your buyer’s “My eBay Dashboard.”
– When using other postage options*, you can upload the tracking information manually in My eBay.

*Available for FedEx, UPS and USPS shipments.

Monitor your eBay listings

– Items for sale and items sold.
– Messages from potential buyers.
– Favorite searches, categories, and sellers.
– Feedback (received and obligations).
– Personal information and preferences

danna crawford ebay

Feel free to visit my eBay store at: AskDanna.com

danna active listings on ebay
danna ebay orders

Check eBay Listings

– Check your listing regularly.
– Search for it (think like a buyer).
– Browse for it in its category.
– Revise your listing.
– Make corrections before first bid.
– Limited changes are possible after first bid.
– Add to the item description, if necessary.
– Cancel a listing.
Cancel for major mistakes or if an item no longer available.

easy to cancel an ebay listing

eBay Messages

Be sure to:
– Check your messages often.
– Note buyer questions and add information to future listings.
– Maintain a polite and professional demeanor

What if your eBay item Doesn’t Sell?

– First, determine why:
– Wrong time of year?
– Opening bid or reserve price set too high?
– Item placed in wrong category?
– Or, is there no obvious reason?

– Take steps to increase your chances for a sale!
– Make changes to your item description and/or photos.
– Change or add photos. Remember, up to 12 are FREE!
– Adjust the starting bid or reserve amount.
– Consider another selling format.
– Use Second Chance Offer (for unmet reserves).
– Go to My eBay > Listings > Unsold > Relist to relist your item.

What happens to unpaid items

What are Unpaid Items (UPIs)?
– UPIs are sold items for which payment is not received.
What should you do with a UPI?
– Go to Customer Support > Resolution Center and report it.
– Offer the item to the next highest bidder through Second Chance Offer (available for Auction-style listings only).

eBay Funds in PayPal

how to get money out of paypal

Specify Withdrawal

Options to withdraw from your PayPal account:

– Transfer to a bank account (3-4 business days through EFT).
– Request a check (1-2 weeks).
– Shop with a PayPal debit card.
– Get cash from an ATM.
– Shop online with PayPal account funds.

NOTE: The default bank account will be the one you entered when you created your PayPal account. You can have more than one bank account linked to your PayPal account.
– Savings
– Checking
– Husband don’t know about account ((smiles))

paypal fees

Visit HELP on eBay and click through each link to end up on this page:

call ebay

Or try this direct number



You are now ready to source, list, manage, and sell more merchandise

Goal: Reach eBay Top-rated seller status!
Now a part of 90 million active members worldwide

ebay consultant