eBay Listing Workshop – Follow-up

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ebay selling workshop

Thank you for attending!
I sure enjoy helping people learn about using eBay in a “cozy” setting like this. Everyone was able to list a few items and I know from the email’s I received that the help was greatly appreciated!
First, I must say “Welcome to eBay” you are now a part of:

  • A global online marketplace with over 50,000 categories of merchandise
  • A revolutionary way to buy and sell
  • Where trust, honesty, and efficiency are rewarded
  • Where over 1.3 million sellers worldwide use eBay as a primary or secondary source of income.

Why we use PayPal?

  • Fast
  • –Receive and send money quickly.
  • Easy
  • –Accept payments from credit cards.
  • –Increase volume of sales.
  • –Satisfy the Safe Payment requirement.
  • Secure
  • –Keeps financial information secure.
  • –Uses strongest encryption commercially available.
  • –Helps protect from fraudulent transactions.

ebay listing policies
not allowed on ebay

Stay informed! Before you list an item, click Customer Support and search for Rules and Policies.
Need to call eBay? Here is the phone # 1 (866) 540-3229
Prepare to sell on eBay:

  • Select an item to sell
  • Something you already own
  • Easy to ship
  • Permitted on eBay
  • Search for matching Completed listings
  • Adopt sellers’ best listing practices
  • Determine item’s current market value (CMV) on eBay
  • Check eBay Selling Fees

What to sell on eBay?

  • Books
  • Clothes
  • Collectibles
  • Sporting Goods

sorting ebay items
Research Items on eBay

  1. Click Advanced.
  2. Enter keywords.
  3. Check Completed listings box.
  4. Click Search

ebay sell one like this

Four Basic eBay Fees

  1. Insertion Fees: To list an item
  2. Listing Upgrade Fees: To promote your listing
  3. Final Value Fees: Commission based on final price
  4. PayPal Fees: For collecting payment through PayPal

Learn more about fees on eBay at: EBAY SELLING FEES
ebay fees
Listing upgrade fees include:

  • Value Pack
  • Gallery Plus
  • Listing Designer
  • Subtitle
  • Bold
  • Scheduled listings
  • List in 2 categories

Final Value Fees:

  • Final Value Fees are a percentage based on the item’s selling price (including shipping and other charges)
  • No Final Value Fee is charged if:
  • –The reserve is not met.
  • The item receives no bids or does not sell.

total ebay fees example
Listing Preparations:

  • Create an effective title including searchable keywords
  • Prepare a good description
  • Take good photographs
  • Set competitive pricing
  • Based on your research
  • Pack and ship preparation
  • To determine shipping charges

Create a Compelling Description:
Complete item details

  • Dimensions
  • Color
  • Materials
  • Age/Condition


  • Simple, uncluttered layout
  • Positive, friendly tone
  • Mobile friendly


  1. Use a plain uncluttered backdrop to draw attention to your item.
  2. Turn off the flash and use diffused lighting to prevent shadows and reflections.
  3. Use a tripod to prevent softness and blur.
  4. Capture high-resolution photos.
  5. Fill the frame with the item.
  6. Capture all angles, details, and blemishes.
  7. Show the scale.
  8. Keep the photos from tinting.
  9. Capture detailed close-up shots.
  10. Avoid using props.
  11. Optimize the quality of cell phone camera shots.
  12. Create a file naming system that makes sense.
  13. Check your results before your wrap up.

bad ebay photos
eBay Pricing Formats:

  • 1.Auction-Style
    • a.Starting Bid
    • b.Reserve Price
    • c.Buy It Now (BIN)
  • 2.Fixed Price
  • 3. Multiple Items

auction style bidding ebay
ebay reserve with an auction
buy it now with auction on ebay
fixed price ebay listings
selling quantity items on ebay
Listing Options. Which is best?
In short, there is no “right” or “wrong” option for listing an item on eBay.
ebay listing types
ebay starting prices
Packaging Your Items

  • Use a properly sized box.
  • Fill packing material all around.
  • Item should NOT touch box sides.
  • Wrap single items in bubble wrap.
  • Double-box delicate or fragile items (small box “floats in larger box).
  • Weigh packed box and make note of the weight; Also note the dimensions of over-sized boxes.

Packing Supply Check-List

  • Postal scale (analog or digital)
  • Boxes
  • Packing peanuts
  • Bubble wrap (big and little bubbles)
  • Clear packing tape
  • Labels

Order FREE USPS Priority Shipping boxes:  1-800-610-8734
Learn more about shipping by visiting the EBAY SHIPPING CENTER directly on eBay. And also visit the EBAY SHIPPING OPTION page for even more detailed learning!
listing tools for ebay
listing items quicker on ebay
sell an item on ebay
describing ebay items
inserting photos on ebay
ebay price setting
pricing options on ebay
selecting ebay shipping
ebay shipping options to pick from
ebay review
review and list on ebay
selling with ebay mobile
sold on ebay
sold and paid paypal email
funds available on ebay
ebay payments

  • In addition to feedback ratings for sellers of Positive, Neutral, or Negative, buyers may also leave Detailed Seller Ratings (anonymous) in four areas:
  • Buyers can leave feedback upon receipt of the item (enclose a note in your shipment!).
  • Sellers can leave feedback when payment is received (only positive allowed).
  • –Item as described
  • –Communication
  • –Shipping time
  • –Shipping and handling charges

–See pages.ebay.com/help/feedback/detailed-seller-ratings.html to learn more.

  • Dispute? Contact the buyer, go to the eBay Resolution Center, or use Feedback revision request.

–Visit the Seller Protection Center to learn more: www.ebay.com/sellerprotection.
ebay selling limits
Shipping The Item Top List:

  • Ship immediately upon notification of payment. Never ship an item until you have received payment.
  • Delivery to the buyer is your responsibility; you should buy insurance for high value items (you may include the price in your shipping costs).
  • Obtain tracking numbers and delivery confirmation for ALL items.
  • Use signature confirmation for expensive items.
  • Print shipping labels on eBay.

ebay shipping labels
compare ebay shipping rates
print ebay shipping labels
Shipment Tracking in “My eBay”

  • When you use eBay to print your shipping labels, the tracking information is automatically uploaded to your buyer’s My eBay.
  • When using other postage options*, you can upload the tracking information manually in My eBay.

Monitor Your Listings from “My eBay

  • Items for sale and items sold.
  • Messages from potential buyers.
  • Favorite searches, categories, and sellers.
  • Accounts.
  • Feedback (received and obligations).
  • Personal information and preferences.

Check Your listing[s]

  • Check your listing regularly.
  • –Search for it (think like a buyer).
  • –Browse for it in its category.
  • Revise your listing.
  • –Make corrections before first bid.
  • –Limited changes are possible after first bid.
  • –Add to the item description, if necessary.
  • Cancel a listing.
  • –Cancel for major mistakes or if an item no longer available.
  • –Go to My eBay > Sell > Active.

My eBay – Messages

  • Go to My eBay > Messages to respond to bidder’s questions.
  • Be sure to:
  • –Check your messages often.
  • –Note buyer questions and add information to future listings.
  • Maintain a polite and professional demeanor

What if your item doesn’t sell?

  • –Or, is there no obvious reason?
  • –Item placed in wrong category?
  • –Opening bid or reserve price set too high?
  • –Wrong time of year?
  • First, determine why:
  • Take steps to increase your chances for a sale!
  • –Make changes to your item description and/or photos.
  • –Change or add photos. Remember, up to 12 are FREE!
  • –Adjust the starting bid or reserve amount.
  • –Consider another selling format.

–Use Second Chance Offer (for unmet reserves).
–Go to My eBay > Selling and click the Relist button to relist your item.
What happens to unpaid items?

  • What are Unpaid Items (UPIs)?
  • –UPIs are sold items for which payment is not received.
  • What should you do with a UPI?
  • –Go to Customer Support > Resolution Center and report it.
  • –Offer the item to the next highest bidder through Second Chance Offer
    (available for Auction-style listings only).

getting money out of paypal
withdrawal ebay money from paypal
ebay fund transfer from paypal
CONTACT EBAYCustomer Support 
ebay mobile managment

  • Register with eBay and PayPal
  • Research the marketplace
  • Create a compelling title and description
  • Take photos that look professional
  • Pack & weigh your items and determine shipping options and cost; always include in your listing
  • Monitor your listing using My eBay or the mobile app
  • Pay for postage and print labels on eBay
  • Ship item promptly and in secure packaging
  • Provide great customer service
  • Leave feedback for your buyer

ebay selling online
I look forward to hearing about your first few sales! Feel free to email me and let me know how it’s going.
All the best to your selling success,