Email Marketing and Social Media: What Happens when You Fuse them Together?

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eMail Marketing – Social Media

Would it be safe to say that email marketing is on the verge of death after the social media and SEO get through? Well, some people may believe this, but in reality, it is not the truth. Wondering why? Because it is unquestionably one of the most advantageous means of marketing that still works.

Whether it is for professional or personal emails, starting an email dialogue is an confidential experience. Email marketing is not like those social media platforms that have nothing to do with the confidentiality, be it B2C or B2B communique.

Comparatively, email marketing offers more opportunities for the business while driving in a better ROI. It even allows you to create a deeper relationship with a wide range of spectators, which is what we need for a better business today. And, how can we forget the abridged costs in this traditional form of marketing?

But, we can’t say that social media is not an effectual tool for marketing. In fact, both of these mediums of reaching the audience are superb. So, how do we use these mediums to get the best results for our business?
Well, we have to find a midway to use both of these because leaving out either of them would be harmful for the business.

What if both of these ways are fused together?.

Will it create something unique for us that can also be ultra-profitable for our business?

Why not? When both email and social media are efficient marketing tools, why can’t we use both of them together to reach the top of the marketing ladder? In fact, this fusion will end up in a powerful tool that no one can beat. Many marketing professionals are already using this mix, which has made them the king of the market today.
So, how do you actually do it?

Worry not! We have an answer to all your questions that are right now popping up in your mind.

Without much ado, let’s take a look at these answers here!

Make Your Subscribers Feel Special

happy email marketing

When you use the mix of both these marketing strategies together, you simply get a boosted business. How? Well, when you have numerous subscribers in an email, simply make a special social media group for them. Being a part of a special group will surely make them feel great about being a part of your organization. By doing this, you are simply building a strong relationship with your subscribers. Plus, you can interact with your existing and prospective subscribers too.

But, hey, don’t think that just making this group will help you. Active participation and different ways to involve your subscribers is what will make your bond stronger with them. You can even plan free giveaways, quizzes, and frequent activities to ensure that all the members stay engaged in all the activities, no matter how busy they are. So, this is how you build a strong customer relationship when you are using both these marketing strategies to market yourself.

Drive Better Social Shares with Email

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Do you want all those influential people and blogs to share your valuable content as many times as possible? If you are nodding your head, getting your email content social proof is what you need to do. So, before you are actually sharing any request with any influencer, be sure that you have already shared it many times, and even gained a few likes on it. When you have at least a few likes on the content, your credibility level goes up. So, don’t share such content that has no likes or shares on it yet as it will simply plummet the credibility of your content.

If you are looking forward to your content getting social proof, you can simply include a CTA in the mail, appealing for recipients to make the content viral, as much as they can.

Get into Using Your Social Media Platforms

practice using social sites

You can simply use your social media to make boost the number of your subscribers. Simply use Facebook and Twitter ads for driving visitors to emails via sign-ups. And, what all do you have to do in order to do that? Create an ad with enticing content, images, and calls to action, before launching it on these platforms for your fans and followers. You may want to consider hiring a writer who can create something creative to attract the readers. The content must be compelling enough to drive in the viewers.

Another way to rivet the visitors is through offering them an e-book. And, don’t forget to use high-quality images to attract a large number of people.

Re-Target All Your Subscribers on Social Media

targeted emails

Re-targeting ads works like magic! You can simply run a re-targeted ad on your social media including your Twitter, Facebook, or any other platform you are actively using. Running ads that are targeted is a sure shot way to hit a large number of audiences.
Start by creating a target email campaign, and allow then re-target the ones who click that ad. You will receive a huge number of subscribers when you follow this trick. Low cost and more brand visibility, what else do you want?

List up All the Subscribers on Social Media

social face sharing

Putting up a face to your email subscribers is perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself. That is how you bring them closer to your subscribers. This is the best thing of having a social media presence; it simply puts a face to the subscribers. And, when they are always seeing your posts that involves them would simply make them happy.
So, one thing you can do to keep them loyal is upload a subscriber list to these platforms and engage them in different contests and quizzes. That’s all!

Hence, we can conclude that the marketing becomes better when you fuse both, social media and email marketing in your strategy. Simply connect the email subscribers to those of social media and vice versa.
Wait no more; blend both these things together, and see some amazing results waiting to boost your business now.


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