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Those who know me know I’m a “jump right in there” kinda gal.
So, I’m going to get right to the point.
Email marketing is one of the cornerstones of any business’ success.
From day one, even if you only have a few clients or prospects on your list, you must have an active email campaign running in your business.
Yes. I know.
Every day there’s another marketing gadget, gizmo, or social media platform, etc. that promises to be the next big thing.
But there’s one marketing resource and one marketing resource alone that has stood the test of time – email marketing.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge advocate of well-managed social media campaigns. And by well-managed I mean easy-to-manage and affordable.
I’ve worked hard to get over 37K followers on Twitter, 6,800 Likes on Facebook, and almost 4K subscribers to my YouTube channel.
And I’m grateful for every bit of business I get from social media.
But nothing compares to the business I get from my email marketing campaigns.
To date I have over 5k subscribers on my email list. These loyal readers keep me busy, busy, busy with eBay and online marketing training, coaching, and social media management.

Email Marketing & Constant Contact

Before I get into some of the top reasons you must invest in email marketing (and how to do email marketing the smart and economical way), I want to let you know about the email marketing service provider that I’ve been using since 2006 Constant Contact.
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Constant Contact is instrumental in helping me grow my business – Power Selling Mom. In fact, I believe in Constant Contact so much that I offer a FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION with anyone who signs up for CONSTANT CONTACT’S FREE TRIAL.
I’m very honored to be Constant Contact’s “Authorized Local Expert” for Central Florida.
Read how I achieved this honor and more about Constant Contact here…

The Top 7 Reasons You Must Become or Hire An Email Marketer

1. There are 3x more email accounts than there are Facebook & Twitter accounts combined.
2. At the end of 2014, 73% of marketers stated that email marketing is one of their top business strategies.
3. Emails are 45 times more likely to be seen than than anything you post on Facebook. This is because (unless you pay for advertising) approximately 2% of your Facebook followers actually see your posts. Yes. 2%.
4. Small investments can yield big returns. Email marketing costs pennies (sometimes totally free) to get started.
5. Targeted audience: The current and potential customers you send emails to have signed up to receive them! So, they’ve already shown interest in your products and services.
6. Email drives conversions. The average click-through rate of a Tweet is around 0.5%. The average click-through rate of an email campaign is 3%. Power Selling Mom’s click-through rate averages 8%.
7. Email has an average ROI (return on investment) of 3,800%. Yeah. I almost fell over when I read that for the first time, too. Nonetheless, it’s true.
As you can see, you can’t afford not to have an email marketing strategy and active campaign.

Email Marketing Resources For You

Email Marketing Training & Consulting

Feeling a little overwhelmed?
If you need help getting started with your email marketing campaign, I’m your girl! I’ll teach you how to set up an email campaign that’s perfect for your business model. And, I’ll share with you my best email marketing tips and tricks to get you up and running in no time!

Email Marketing Tools & Services

The #1 tool all email marketers must have is Constant Contact.
Visit my Email Marketing Tools & Services page for more ways you can easily leverage the power of email!

Email Marketing Tips & Tutorials

From “What makes a great email subject line” to “Why your closing signature is so important”, visit my Email Marketing Tips & Tutorials to find tons of useful and relevant “how to” articles.
And they’re all FREE!
Ready to get started? Have questions? Contact me now!


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