Good Morning America National News Contacted Me

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The first email came in with the subject line “GOOD MORNING AMERICA – NATIONAL NEWS REACHING OUT.” As you can imagine, my first reaction was that it was FAKE NEWS. (hehe) I thought, what? GMA contacting little old me? Using the contact page of my website? Could this be true?

I wrote back with a simple, “Sure, I’m interested, tell me more.” Next my email address was passed along to a few different folks before reaching an ABC producer. I was over the moon with excitement!

Finally, we jumped on a phone call. I had a lovely conversation with an ABC representative. Next they scheduled a SKYPE type of call with me to be recorded. Although, we didn’t use Skype, it was very comparable. It was an official ABC internet program that resembled Skype.

The producer was very friendly. You could tell she was working from home because I could see a couch and curtains over a big picture window in the background. She asked a series of questions about selling toys on eBay.

Selling Toys on eBay

The main topic of interest was toys! Which I found amazing because I started my eBay career by selling toys. My first eBay name was “Toys4Les.” Yes, “Les” had only one “s” because Toys4Less was taken.

My eBay journey started in 1997 selling Beanie Babies.

I was actually a collector of Beanie Babies. I enjoyed seeking them out to help complete one collection for each of my three children. Personally I collected “Star Wars” toys and Longaberger baskets at the time.

What I enjoyed most about being a collector was making a profit while I was completing a collection. Example: Purchase four beanie babies. Sell one of them high enough on eBay which would pay for all four!

Good Morning America Interview

During our call we had a few technical problems and had to shut down and continue on a few times. It was no problem because we would pick right back up where we left off.

While I was going through my list of toys to sell on eBay, I gave a mention of Disney and her eyes lit up. I had forgotten that Disney owns ABC and I just happen to give it a shout out. I think I made her day with that mention.

I could’ve talked all day. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge about selling on eBay. I did go into more details about researching than what they had used but I understand, airtime is limited. It was a true honor to be featured on national TV!

Happy Birthday To Me!

The morning of May 13th, my birthday was the day it went live. I didn’t know ahead of time which day it would air. The interview had taken place about 2 weeks prior.

It turned out to be a wonderful birthday as you can imagine!

Enjoy The Replay

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