How Can You Write an Essay Fast in 5 Simple Steps

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Essay writing is a skill that will take you a long way in life. Some students feel like they will never learn how to write good pieces; however, that is not the case. We are here with five steps that can make you a writing champion in a few steps.

Plan Your Time

You can’t just dive into an assignment without planning. You need to approach an assignment with a clear mind and organize everything you want to do. Remember that there are other subjects and assignments to cater to as well.

It isn’t a wise decision to waste your time going back and forth on the same paper repeatedly to make edits. The best way to start is to limit a task and further divide the task into parts that you want to complete in the given time frame.

If you want to write an essay today, you should plan a schedule a day or two before. There might be a million unique ideas flowing in your mind; however, you need to take time management into account. Work on an idea that consumes less time rather than taking ten working days.

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You must give more time to essential parts of your paper rather than rushing through them, so planning and managing your time becomes critical. If you want to approach an essay fast, you must stop rushing through it and give it time. Otherwise, you will neglect the critical aspects of the paper and lose out on marks.

Read Your Essay Question Carefully

Reading questions is very important if you want to follow instructions. We all know how to follow vital instructions to meet the writing requirements. If you want to learn how to write an essay fast, then reading is critical. It helps you understand the topic and come up with the right approach to begin writing.

You can save a lot of time by understanding the question before you begin. Don’t divide the question and then read it. Give five to ten minutes to reading the question alone. It can do wonders for the paper you’re about to work on because you would know how to wholly approach the writing rather than constantly missing out on bits and pieces of the necessary information.

You can reflect on the challenge that is about to come in the form of a written piece, and you can quickly jot down some points that will help you. Don’t think you can save time by skipping essential steps like reading the question. It’s a huge mistake and can cost you your brainpower and energy. You can organize the paper according to the question to follow the proper format and make sure relevant details are there.

Research Now, Write Later

Research can bring credibility to your work. To write a quick essay, you should focus on conducting your research before you engage in writing. You should gather all the information by conducting proper research. It can include quantitative and qualitative data. You can use research to compare data from different periods and then incorporate the results in your paper to make it credible and help readers analyze and understand the information correctly.

It will expand your knowledge on the topic, and you can write some bits and pieces of interpretation by yourself in the paper. You understand issues better, and the topic becomes far more interesting for you and the reader. Without investing time in research, you won’t be in a position to make your piece authentic and credible for the reader. If they don’t get information from your work, you will not get your desired grade.

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If you conduct research now, then that means you’re getting over an essential part of your essay. If the research is complete, you should know that writing will be a piece of cake for you. Half of your work will be done.

Spend 20% of Your Time on Outlining

Most students feel like an outline isn’t an essential aspect of the task. They neglect it and save no time on their work; instead, they waste a lot of time trying to develop different parts of the writing and make it exciting and meet the total word count. Write your essay now by preparing an outline before you start writing.

An outline is a guideline to help you approach your task in a better way. Your writing process becomes far smoother than you would expect otherwise. No need to sit with a headache running through your head over an assignment.

You would have a clear guideline in hand, and you can understand which points to hit while you continue with the task. You will know precisely where your important notes should go rather than ramming words and phrases everywhere in writing to meet the word limit. Your outline should have the following components that you can break down into parts later.

  • Introduction
  • Thesis statement
  • Body paragraphs
  • Conclusion

You will know precisely where you need to add quotations and necessary tables and statistics in your piece of work. You can introduce a new idea in every paragraph and write a spot-on conclusion. Make sure you approach the thesis and introduction at the end so that your thesis effectively summarizes the main point of your written piece. It will help you write essays fast.

Own Your Essay

When you write something, you must own it. Make sure you write in a believable tone that convinces the reader that you believe in the topic yourself. You have to appear to be supportive of the point you’re trying to make. Be clear and persuasive when you write your opinion. Don’t seem forceful but make sure you’re confident with everything you write. Don’t go around writing conflicting details in your paper. It will take away from your writing a great deal.

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If you do that, your teacher will remember your essay for an extended period and give you marks generously. Most students write in a monotonous way and a dull tone, which merely bores the reader. You should appear to be excited about what you write and appear to have immense knowledge on the topic. Make sure you evaluate every bit of data you present and convey the information so that it supports the point you make.


If you stick to these five steps, you will become a pro at writing essays in a short period. You won’t ever resent writing any essay. No anxiety or stress will ever come your way now. An easy way to master an essay in no time.

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