How to cash in on the ugly Christmas sweater craze

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Trying to figure out what to sell on eBay this holiday season? Start looking for “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” to sell in your eBay store!
Ugly Christmas sweaters? Why would I want to sell ugly sweaters – especially at Christmas?!
Because it’s become a multi-gazillion dollar industry and it’s growing more profitable every year!

Personally, I love buying, and selling ugly Christmas sweaters SO much that I wrote a Christmas carol about this sales phenomenon.
I’ve entitled it, “Ka-jingle all the way to the bank!”

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Story

Back in 2004, some college buddies from Indiana State noticed an increase in “ugly Christmas sweater parties”.
Yes. There really is such a thing.
They bought the domain name and whammo! It was one of the first online businesses to start cashing in on the craze.
Fast forward to December 2013. On an episode of Shark Tank, the company Tipsy Elves landed a huge deal and are now a multi million dollar company.
But, what’s most interesting about their deal is, the Tipsy Elves owners shocked The Sharks with how high their sales were before they ever stepped foot into “the tank”.
This is further proof of the great opportunity to make money on eBay by selling an ugly Christmas sweater or two. And, by the way, ugly Christmas sweaters can go viral and bring in as much as $1,000.000 or higher!
But wait, there’s more! 😉

Ugly Christmas sweaters are SO popular, there is now an official “National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day”. Oh, yes. 12/18/2015. Don’t miss it!
OK, enough history. Let’s move on to the moola!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Sales Ideas

OK, troops. You know what to do once you find the sweaters, right? If not, click here to learn more about how to sell on eBay.
Now, let’s look at some great ways to find ugly Christmas sweaters to cash in on during the gift giving season.
1. Yard & Garage Sales, Flea Markets, & Thrift Stores: The yard & garage sale. This might seems obvious but I assure you it’s not.
Because most folks who hold a yard or garage sale are not eBay sellers. They will have no idea how valuable their ugly sweaters possibly are!
At yard & garage sales where I’ve treasure hunted, people put what they think are the most valuable items right out in front and they kind of hide items they don’t really think will sell.
But, summer yard sales usually have piles of HOT sweaters sitting back somewhere and, normally, nobody is buying them because it’s sweltering outside. This is YOUR big opportunity and it’s a great time to find the perfect ugly sweaters for winter and Christmas selling!

Plus, during summer, you’ll likely be able to buy sweaters for next to nothing!
The “hot” season for selling ugly Christmas sweaters begins in October and runs through to the first week of December. And even after that there will be the inevitable last minute ugly sweater shoppers looking for the perfect crazy office party gift.
It’s never too early to begin searching for your ugly sweater inventory!
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2. Make Your Own: One look at ugly Christmas sweater pictures on Google, Etsy, or Pinterest and you’ll quickly see that you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to turn a profit.
If you’re not the glitter, tinsel, and jingle bell sewing type, find a crafty friend and do some business together.

Remember, the ugly Christmas sweaters you create will be one-of-a-kind-designs and people pay handsomely to be the only one who has “that” sweater!
***Bonus Tip***: I have it on good authority that celebrities and other big money buyers spend pretty pennies for JUST the right ugly Christmas sweater so grab some sequins and get to work!
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3. Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties: Are you ready for this suggestion? It’s completely unorthodox but clever even if I do say so myself. 😉
Start now and tell everyone you know that you buy used Christmas sweaters – regular and ugly!
Among those friends, family, and acquaintances are bound to be folks who are going to holiday parties! And, I’ll bet a cup of eggnog that some of those gatherings will be ugly Christmas sweater parties!
Or, that the subject of ugly Christmas sweaters will come up around the punch bowl!
Also, if you live in a city or town that has a university or college, contact the sorority and fraternity houses and tell them you buy used ugly Christmas sweaters.
Bottom line?
Whenever people come together to celebrate the holidays there’s bound to be a bunch of ugly sweaters. At least some of those party goers will be thrilled to offload their sweater ASAP – especially for a few bucks!
Want to know more about the ugly Christmas sweater “industry”? View the video below!
Ready to get started on your own ugly sweater empire but need help getting it off the ground? Contact me!

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    I’ve created my very own Ugly Christmas Sweater, which Won 4 contest, and 2 Awards for Best Ugly Christmas Sweater in Michigan. Now I want to sell this very designer creation to a Major Corporation(s). How do I do that without any money at all?

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