How to Differentiate Yourself From eBay Competition When You Sell The Same Products

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The best thing about eBay is that it allows virtually everyone to become an entrepreneur. It’s easy to use and convenient to shop at, and nobody has to pay overhead costs or staff wages to run their own store.

The only problem with eBay is that the market has a tendency to be saturated. A lot of people will find themselves selling the same products, and when that happens, sellers need to start getting a little more creative

Be More Specific In Your Listings

There are many tools on eBay to help you specifically sort and categorize an item. Yes, it is a dress. But what size is it? What color is it? What about the neckline, or the length, or the sleeves? Do you have it in multiple sizes, or just one? Make sure you’re as specific as possible in your listing. If someone knows they need a size 10 green dress that’s knee length and short sleeved with a round neckline, they’re going to sort for one. If you have it, they’ll find you first

Take Better Product Photos

ebay photos

If your competitors are selling what is literally the exact same product, they might be using a stock image to list that product. If you’re using that same stock image, it won’t be immediately clear why people should click on your item instead of your competitor’s item. Because, if it’s the exact same thing, people will either pick the least expensive one or the one that’s going to ship the fastest. Taking unique photos of your product, particularly if they’re more visually appealing than the stock photo, will make people more inclined to look at your offerings.

Offer a Better Shipping Option

ebay shipping options

Shipping technically counts towards the total price of the item. People don’t like paying money for shipping, because it’s a service they never really get to see. They take for granted the fact that they order something and it shows up on their doorstep a few days later. Since eBay shows the shipping costs in its search results and the “Free Shipping” option is the most eye catching, people might scroll right past something that doesn’t offer shipping.

Some people who sell valuables don’t want to offer free shipping because it’s safer for them to offer alternative shipping methods or shipping insurance. You can give your customers the option to upgrade to that shipping, or find a way to incorporate it into the price of the item

Beat Prices by a Penny

competitive pricing on ebay

Thrifty shoppers search for what they want on eBay and promptly order the search results to prioritize “Price + Shipping lowest first”. Since eBay makes it so easy to get a great deal, people won’t even think twice about taking advantage of that feature. If your competitor is the smallest bit less expensive than you are, they’ll show up first. If you want to be highly competitive, beat their prices by a single penny. You won’t be losing much, but you’ll be showing up ahead of them

Create a Stellar Product Page

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People want to feel as though they can trust a seller, especially since they’ll never have an opportunity to meet this person face-to-face or see the goods before shipment. A lot of import/export product pages on eBay feature broken English, simple tables, and metric measurements that people don’t understand. If your product page is clearer, more professional, and more helpful than your competitor’s page, people are going to trust you more. They’ll have a clearer idea of what they’re getting, so they don’t feel like they’re taking a risk with their money. Always be available to answer questions for people who want further clarification to make that trust a little bit stronger

Make the Presentation Great

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How your item is received by a customer is something that happens after the purchase has already been made, but it’s something that can keep customers coming back. Make sure the items they receive are safely, neatly, and attractively packed. Some eBay sellers will use brightly colored packaging material or include free samples to make delivery day a little more memorable. Even if your competitor is a little bit less expensive, people will come to you for the care and service you provide when packing and shipping their order.

In short, putting a little extra care into every part of the process will make you a better seller than your competitors, even when you’re selling the same exact thing. Do your best and let your positive feedback speak for itself.

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