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My darling husband gave me the biggest surprise ever with tickets to a special screening of the movie “The Forger” starring John Travolta!
Those that know me know how I’ve dreamed of meeting John Travolta so that I could speak with him about eBay Giving Works but I’ve never had the opportunity.
I was so excited when Jimmy (my husband) presented me with a special “date night” to finally meet Mr. John Travolta!
However, the night was not about business so it was not appropriate for me to bring up why I had been wanting to speak with him all these years. I kept quiet while he reached his hand out to shake my hand saying “Hello” and stupid me forgot to even tell him my name!  I just replied with “Hello, it’s so nice to meet you” while we prepared to get into position for a photo.  
The bad news was, I didn’t get a “private” photo nor did I even get a selfie because the photographer “Tammy” made us leave our cell phones on a table near by and we were rushed into place in a group of 8 people with John in the middle for our photo shoot.
After the picture was taken I was able to shake his hand once again but still unable to go into a conversation. I did hold his hand and thanked him for taking the time and did say it was such a pleasure to meet him. My mind had so much to say but yet I felt it was inappropriate to let it all out.
You can see how we were not even centered and when I posted it on facebook for the first time, I had friends think he was a cardboard cut-out!
After the photos we did enjoy a lovely spread of food provided by the Braised Onion of Ocala and I must say it was fantastic. First time I ever tried Shrimp with Grits and OMG I cannot wait to return to the restaurant and have it again. It was simply amazing! The event also had music along with free wine and beer.  All of this took place at the Appleton Museum in Ocala Florida.
Next we loaded into our Durango and headed downtown to the Marion Movie Theater.  
They had a red carpet lined out on the sidewalk which created a grand entrance waiting for John and the 300 ticket holders ready to view the movie “The Forger!”  People were lined up along the carpet hoping to catch a glimpse of John. It was fun to walk the carpet with my husband and now kick myself we never received a photo of that special moment. There we were, just your average “folks”  in this lovely historical theater with our popcorn and wine glass in hand ready for the arrival of John and to be a part of the first showing of his movie. The excitement of anticipation was in the air!
John Travolta Danna Crawford Forger Movie Premier Ocala Florida 376x557
Before the movie started, Guy from the Braised Onion and Lisa from the Appleton Museum were proud to introduce John and I did record it all from the front of the stage.
You can watch the video below but meanwhile I wanted to share how awesome it was that they raised so much money for the love of charity as you will see near the end of the video.  John did walk the stage with a toast of his glass to all and OMG I was so happy to be among those that he “clinked” glasses with!
He is seriously sweeter in person that I had ever imagined and I do hope and pray I can meet my goal to speak with him about eBay Giving Works in the near future.  MEANWHILE the movie started to roll and although my mind was going in a million directions I can say I enjoyed the movie very much. I was sad that it came to an end.
Enjoy the event from my view :

AND, here is the movie trailer to give you a better idea about the movie:

Travolta plays Ray, an art thief just out of prison who has learned the trade from his father (Christopher Plummer). The two men, together with Ray’s son (Tye Sheridan, Mud, The Tree of Life), team up for one final heist. The big plan: to convincingly forge a Monet and steal the original.
I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did and JT if you are reading this, please call me to schedule a meeting because I have something to discuss!

2 thoughts on “John Travolta The Forger #ocala

  1. Danna Crawford January 31, 2018 at 11:07 pm

    Thanks Anita! It was an amazing experience for sure! As you know I’ve been wanting to meet him forever. I do hope I get another chance but I am now complete. LOL

  2. Anita Nelson January 29, 2018 at 8:35 am

    OMG, Danna~!!! This is so WONDERFUL~!!! How FANTASTIC~!!! You got to meet him~!!! What old money does is bring it up anyway~! Lean in while shaking his hand and say, “I really admire your charity work and was wondering if you knew about eBay Giving Works?” – Of course, I wouldn’t be able to remember my name, either~! haha
    What a FAB day! Jimmy really is the greatest~!!

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