Making money with the WorthPoint reseller affiliate program

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A guide to WorthPoint’s reseller program.

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Worthpoint launched an awesome affiliate aka reseller program that pays 10% every month for the life of a paid subscription.

A big “buzzword” among successful vintage collectible, eBay sellers worldwide is “WorthPoint.”

The successful seller is already familiar with what WorthPoint is and how it works. The minute the seller subscribes, they find WorthPoint a valuable money-making resource. WorthPoint provides such a valuable research tool, vintage sellers are lost without it.

Participation as a subscriber leads to higher profits. Now, with the affiliate marketing service, sellers can get commissions through successful referrals. The program gives the participant tools for referring people to subscribe to Worthpoint. It’s a simple, straightforward system that continues to pay-out month after month!
New sellers may wonder what WorthPoint is or how it can benefit their eBay sales efforts. They might also wonder about the benefits of the new WorthPoint Reseller Program. Is it a worthwhile endeavor?

A Brief Introduction – What is WorthPoint?

Before examining the WorthPoint Reseller Program, let’s first examine what is WorthPoint. It’s important to touch base with the basic service so new sellers can understand its value and resellers can explain how it works.

eBay sellers selling vintage collectibles use and need WorthPoint.

It’s true that many eBay sellers are already making use of WorthPoint as a selling resource. Thus, this brief introduction is for the new seller learning of Worthpoint for the first time.
Let’s address the “What is WorthPoint” question in the simplest of terms. Then you’ll
understand the money-making power behind the affiliate marketing program.

  • WorthPoint is a valuation tool. It allows subscribing members to:
  • Determine the value of an item they want to sell.
  • Research product and brand history going back as far as 15 years.
  • Examine product markings and logos for product authentication.
  • Read digital books on the history and value of specific products.
  • Use photographs for visual comparisons and authentication.
  • Explore the successful eBay sales for similar items.
  • It allows for fair and accurate pricing in a competitive market.

Is WorthPoint Worth It?

Let’s address the question or WorthPoint’s worth. We’ll start by considering what an eBay seller needs to do to generate a single successful sale. As an eBay seller who sells used items, it’s important you know everything about the items. This is where research comes into play. If you’ve ever been to one of my eBay workshops, you would hear me speak about the importance of researching before you list.

Listing items on eBay.

Below is a brief list of what you need to know about the items you list on eBay.

  • How popular is the item on eBay?
  • Current, completed and sold listings.
  • What has the item been selling for over the last few years, months and days?

The basic information about your item is critical so it must be accurate. Why? Because you have to be competitive with all eBay sellers offering identical items. eBay competition is stiff. To stand out from other sellers online, you must establish a trustworthy reputation.

How can an eBay seller gain a good reputation?

You must offer exceptional customer service, while demonstrating knowledge of the product. The seller has to offer fair and competitive pricing. By selling authentic items. The consumer expects a genuine article, as described in your listing.
What’s clear is that consumer trust is a big part of the formula leading to a successful sale. But, what exactly is WorthPoint’s role in the same “successful sale” equation Moreover, is WorthPoint a trustworthy resource for eBay sellers? For me not only is the answer YES and YES again, WorthPoint has become my #1 resource tool for being the successful eBay seller that I am!

The eBay seller can establish a trust relationship with the customer.

WorthPoint makes it easier to establish trust between buyer and eBay seller.


  • Sellers can research the value of any item already sold on eBay.
  • It allows for keeping pricing competitive.
  • Photographs of the items a seller researches are available for visual comparison.
  • Sellers can research the markings on an item for the purposes of authentication.
  • It becomes possible to research item history through a rich digital library.
  • Historical information on WorthPoint makes it easy to identify difficult to identify items.
  • You can discover the history of items while going as far as 10 years back.
  • It makes it easier to price eBay items, estate sales, and pricing for yard sales.
  • WorthPoint allows sellers to research successful eBay sales and auction houses for similar items.
  • MENTION WORTHPOINT! Example, in a recent eBay listings of a George Washington signature, I made mention of an authorized service recommended by WorthPoint. It was a service that I used AND received a discount because of being a WorthPoint subscriber.

Sellers view images for visual comparisons of items one wants to sell.

The information I just shared is the perfect type of information for resellers to share. Brainstorm from my words and create your own blog posts or social media presentations using your own partner link after you join the WorthPoint reseller program.

The WorthPoint Reseller’s Program and Money-making Opportunities

WorthPoint is now offering people a new money-making opportunity online. The WorthPoint Reseller Program is an affiliate marketing opportunity. The program is for anyone who meets the simple requirements Worthpoint sets forth. For qualifying participants, it’s a simple means of earning cash through near-passive means!
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Money-making with the WorthPoint Reseller’s Program

After signing up for the affiliate reseller program, you enter the WorthPoint community. The group consists of professional marketers and other leaders in the sales industry.

The program gives you instant access to all the tools you will need for success.

What tools do you get as a WorthPoint Reseller member?

As a participant, you gain access to the following resources:

  •  Banners and materials for affiliate marketing. Including EASY copy/paste access with added ease to quickly share across social media.
  • Full online support when you need it.
  • An invite to a “secrete” reseller group on Facebook.
  • Sharing webinar platform so you can co-host any online events.
  • Added exposure from the WorthPoint team by sharing your reseller posts via the WorthPoint social media platforms with over 50 thousand subscribers. Which is growing daily!

BANNER EXAMPLE with my reseller link:

How the WorthPoint Reseller Program Works

Once you sign up as a participant in the affiliate reseller program, you become a member of the WorthPoint community. The group consists of professional marketers and other leaders in the sales industry. The program gives you instant access to all the tools you will need for affiliate marketing success.
Access includes:

  • Banners and materials for affiliate marketing.
  • Full online support when you need it.
  • A webinar platform so you can co-host any online events.
  • Advanced notice of marketing campaigns and codes for sharing specials.

affiliate program

The WorthPoint Reseller Program – How It Works

For each sale you make through the reseller affiliate marketing program, you’ll receive 10% of each sale made through your link. The percentage you earn remains in effect for the lifetime of the member’s account. If the member cancels their subscription, it concludes commission earnings. You can email WorthPoint with questions about the program at:

About Worth Point Reseller Program Payouts

WorthPoint reviews reseller accounts on the first of every month. Any payouts you qualify for you receive during the first week of the month. You also get the option to choose a payout time more convenient for you.
Your payment level must reach at least $25.00 before WorthPoint makes a payout. Any commissions you earn under $25.00 rolls over into the next month. After reaching $25.00, you get all funds in the account.
You must have a PayPal account to receive commissions. Your earnings go into your account following digital transfer. Every time you get someone to sign up for a WorthPoint
subscription, you receive a 10% commission.

Monthly Subscriptions Commissions

You gain 10% every month for as long as the member continues to pay the subscription for site use. Remember you get 10% every month when the person signs up for a month-to- month subscription. Or you may receive 10% of a yearly paid, annual subscription as well.

Commission for Annual Subscriptions

If the member signs up for an annual subscription, you get a one-time payment. The percentage remains the same of course, so you get 10% for the year-long subscription. At the time of renewal, you get another 10% commission from the subscription renewal

WorthPoint Reseller Program Participation Requirements

There are standards candidates must meet before becoming a WorthPoint’s program member. The rules and regulations of the program are quite simple. Please consider the following standards below before signing for the WorthPoint Reseller Program.
WorthPoint reserves the right to examine any website and its content. This standard is in place to ensure site content aligns with the image of the company. The company retains the right to refuse anyone membership. Acceptance and refusals remain the sole discretion of WorthPoint.
Website promotion alternatives are available. Instead of using a website for marketing effort, there are acceptable alternatives. An affiliate can use any of the following resources for program participation:

  • Using major search engines for promoting WorthPoint subscription-based
    product research solutions.
  • Posting about WorthPoint in active forums.
  • Tweeting about the exciting features available through WorthPoint.
  • Facebook and other acceptable social media marketing opportunities. Just post
    about the subscription service and share the affiliate link.
  • LinkedIn is another option for marketing about WorthPoint.
  • If you are in to creating review videos, you can review WorthPoint features. Provide your affiliate link in the video itself as well as the description.
  • Sharing the affiliate link while making WorthPoint referrals in live chat sessions.

Selling on eBay or not, WorthPoint offers a good money-making opportunity. The program takes moments to sign up and all you need to do is fill in the electronic submission form. After WorthPoint accepts your participation, you’ll be on your way to a profitable year. Even better, you’ll make money with a near passive income! Learn more about the program at:

For me, the  WorthPoint reseller program is a great way to add a bit of income to that “multiple stream” of online selling. Join the team and become a partner of WorthPoint!
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FINAL TIP – Become a subscriber yourself and learn the ins-and-outs of WorthPoint. Get familiar with how it works. Share your knowledge with your own network and “EARN while your readers LEARN!
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