No Horoscopes or Astrologers Needed: On eBay, the Feedback Stars Are Telling All!

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feedback on ebay
eBay is an exceptional platform for selling goods. With the platform, you can discover seller information when you want to know if a seller is reputable. The same system allows you to view information about the buyer. This system of rating buyers and sellers is open to registered members of the eBay site only. And can only be preformed once a buying transaction has begun.

The simplest of tools that eBay gives to both sellers and buyers is the Feedback option. The use of Feedback takes the guesswork out of whether a person is trustworthy or not. It is a means of seeing how the buyer or seller behaves during a transaction.

The eBay feedback is through a simple star rating system.

Each time you sell an item, you have a chance to rate the buyer. The same goes for buyers who can rate sellers every time you sell an item. These ratings are for public view. Thus, from your first sale, you are already building a reputation as an eBay seller.

Why eBay Feedback is Necessary

When you leave feedback for a buyer on eBay, you are rating the quality of their services. As a seller rating a buyer, you are rating the interaction with the customer and speed of payment.
Feedback is a means for expressing appreciation. It makes for great marketing since it lets buyers share their experiences too. As a buyer with good ratings, sellers will begin to trust you based on the feedback sellers provide. Buyers looking to work with new sellers have greater confidence doing so. when reading about the experience of others. The same goes for sellers looking to sell to brand new members on eBay.

How the eBay Feedback System Works

When you leave feedback for a buyer you have two choices. The buyer has 60 days from the date of the auction’s conclusion to leave feedback for a seller.
If it is a Buy it Now option, the buyer still has 60 days from the date of sale to add a buyer satisfaction response. You can leave positive feedback for the buyer. This happens if they give you a hassle-free transaction experience. Or, you can choose to not give any feedback at all.

It’s a bit different for buyers when it comes to offering feedback. There are three kinds of feedback a buyer can leave about an eBay seller:
1. Positive: A buyer leaves positive feedback when they are happy with the transaction. This includes satisfaction with product handling, shipment, and the condition of the product. This feedback rating is for the transactions that have no problems arising whatsoever. As a seller, you rate a buyer on the speed in which they process payment. You also rate how the buyer interacts with you during the sale. As a buyer, the person rates the buying experience. The buyer also rates the product description, packaging, and customer treatment.
2. Neutral: A buyer can leave negative feedback if dissatisfied with the transaction. When a buyer leaves a negative feedback, the buying process was problematic. The buyer should try to communicate with the seller and vice versa. Communication attempts should happen before leaving a neutral or negative rating.
3. Negative: A buyer can leave negative feedback if dissatisfied with the transaction. The negative rating is the worst of the batch and no one wants to have one. It is to suggest the seller is not a reputable seller or the buyer is one who does not make payment. This type of feedback can occur if an item never arrives, or the product has defects.
Buyers can also comment on the transactions to add more intensity to the feedback they leave. What buyers must say about sellers is an important matter in the eBay community. It is what will help you develop trust with new and existing customers. The more positive feedbacks you collect as an eBay seller, the better. With this simple rating system, you get to increase the confidence of your buyers. Their confidence translates into more sales which is music to our ears!

The eBay Feedback Star

For each feedback you receive, you have a chance to earn points. Positive feedback, you earn a point. For a negative feedback, you lose one point. A neutral feedback, you do not earn or lose any points. As you earn points, the points decide the color of the feedback star you receive.
Each star’s color gives the buyer an idea of how many positive feedbacks a seller receives. The color star appears next to the sellers name and feedback score. See the chart below to learn more about each star in the eBay feedback system is worth:
ebays feedback stars, ebay feedback chart

Feedback Profile Development

The successful sales you have generate positive feedback from customers. Over time these positive reviews create a stellar seller profile. A number appears near your eBay seller identification. This number is the number of sales you’ve had with positive feedback. You also leave feedback for each of your buyers.

eBay Feedback Points Calculation

Buyers can leave several feedbacks when they buy several items from the same seller. eBay will decide point scores based on whether the sales occur during the same week or not.
The week time-frame is on Pacific Time, (PST) Monday through Sunday. If each sale happens in a different week, a positive rating is worth one point. The negative rating is worth negative one point.
If the sales occur during the same week, the way eBay calculates points differs. The seller’s points will increase by a single point for on the total of positive feedbacks. The score lowers by a total of one point for the total number of negative feedbacks. More negatives or positives per week from the same buyer, raise or decrease one point. But, if the number of negative and positive feedbacks are equal, eBay takes no action.

About eBay Detail Seller Ratings (DSRs)

The Detailed Seller Rating allows eBay buyers to rate the buyer with greater detail. The things a buyer can comment on include the following factors:
Description accuracy: The buyer needs to consider how the seller describes the item. The condition, and product description should also fall into consideration. The title of the product is also important. NOTE: The condition box will protect you. Add any flaws or special issues into the condition box. I also suggest to copy what you wrote and then paste it into the description box as well. How you describe the item will be one of the most important factors of eBay selling success. To gain 5 stars in this area, it’s very simple: DESCRIBE THE ITEM PROPERLY.
Communication satisfaction: It is the seller’s responsibility to respond to buyers’ questions. When rating a seller’s response timeliness, only business days should count. In some instances, buyers will not be able to rate the seller on communication. eBay decides the eligibility for the buyer. NOTE: There is no need to contact the buyer after you ship. eBay sends out the notifications for you. With that said, eBay actually becomes your “personal assistant!”  If you do not contact the buyer eBay will automatically give you 5 stars under communication.
The speed of shipment: The speed in which the seller ships the items is all that needs consideration. This is different from the amount of time it takes the buyer to receive the product. For buyers who pick up items in the local area, the shipping rating is not available. NOTE: This is why it’s important to live up to the handling time you’ve chosen. If you ship on time as your listing states, you will automatically receive a 5 star rating.
Reasonable Price for Shipping & Handling: The seller can charge for handling and shipment. With free shipping, a buyer does not get a chance to rate shipping. Motor vehicle transactions do not include a shipping rating. You also do not get buyers to rate in-store pick up items for shipping. NOTE: Offering free shipping is a win-win!

It is important that buyers are honest and fair when filling out a detailed seller rating.

Why? Because it has an impact on seller’s ability to sell. It also influences the fees the seller handles when selling on eBay. If there are a significant amount of bad ratings, it might hinder the seller’s ability to do business. It can also result in the seller’s removal from the eBay platform. Keep this in mind as a buyer. The rating you give a seller can effect their livelihood in life.  I suggest if you have a problem or concern, contact them.  In all of my packages I include my business card with my phone number. I encourage customers to call me if needed. Communication is the key to keeping a good record.

Can eBay feedback be revised?

Yes it can!
But you only get one shot to turn a negative into a positive. How? The first step is to contact the buyer. Send them a message through the eBay system. Be as professional as possible. Something like “Forgive me but I see you just left me a negative feedback. I’m feeling terrible that you’re upset. And I would like to correct this situation and make things right with you. I treasure you as a customer and I would like your repeat business. Ask questions like:

  • How can I fix this?
  • What do you feel would be fair?

It’s very important to contact the buyer before submitting a feedback revision request. Because, you can only send one request. The eBay system will not allow more than one to be sent. With that being said, it’s best to contact the buyer first so they will expect the revision request. This will also allow you time to make things right and turn a bad experience into a positive situation.
After communicating with the buyer, visit the “Feedback Forum“. On the right had side of the page, mid section you will see a tab called: FEEDBACK TOOLS.  About 5th one down on the list is: FEEDBACK REVISION. From that page, click on those words. If there are any items in your account that will allow a revision, they will show up. If you do not have the ability to revise an item, the system will let you know.  Learn more about this topic at: Revising a Seller’s Feedback.
NOTE: A buyer may decide to decline revising the feedback they left.  Although it may be upsetting to you, they do have that right to stand by their decision. If this happens please know, the feedback will only be on display for 1 year. After a years time, the negative and neutral feed-backs will be removed. Or as I like to say will “fall off.”
ebay declined feedback revision, revising ebay feedback, changing ebay feedback
Understanding how the feedback system works will help you remain on track to be the best eBay seller you can be! No one wants to receive bad feedback. Including myself. I work hard as an eBay seller and take great pride in my business. Providing accurate titles, descriptions and photos are key. Shipping on time and shipping items in secure package are just as important.
A buyer must be a registered member of eBay if they are going to leave feedback for a buyer. There’s a seven-day period for a buyer leaving negative feedback for a PowerSeller. The Power Seller must be a registered seller for at least 12 months.
The eBay feedback system is simple to use. It lets buyers and sellers know who to count on and who doesn’t make the grade. It’s imperative that eBay members use the feedback system while staying as fair. And please, always try to work out issues before leaving neutral or negative feedback for a buyer or seller. Further reading can be found directly on eBay at: ALL ABOUT FEEDBACK.

Want to dig deeper into your feedback? I’m here to help. Feel free to contact me or book a free 15 min. “Ebay Help Desk Call
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