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eBay Shipping Workshop!

Few Facts about the USPS

  • The Postal Service delivers to nearly 155 million addresses in every state, city and town in the country.
  • 154.2 billion— number of pieces processed and delivered.
  • Most Common Street Names — the five most common street names in the country are Main, 2nd, Maple, Oak and Park.

Shipping Supply Check-List

Dollar Store – Walmart – Publix

Order Free Boxes

1-800-610-8734 or Online at: USPS.com
Be Prepared – My Suggested List:

  • Case of Padded Flat Rate Envelopes
  • 50 Flat Rate Envelopes
  • 50 Legal Flat Rate Envelopes
  • 25 Tyvek Envelopes
  • 30 7 x 7 x 6 Boxes
  • 20 Regional A Shirt Box
  • 20 Regional A Box
  • 10 Regional B Shirt Box
  • 10 Regional B Box
  • 25 Large Mailing Box 12 x 12 x 8
  • 25 Large Shirt Box 12.5×3.125×15.25
  • 25 Shoe Box
  • 10 Flat Rate Large (Square and/or Game)
  • 10 Flat Rate Medium
  • 10 Flat Rate Small
  • 5 Tubes in each size (if desired)
  • 1 Roll Priority mail stickers
  • 1 Roll Express Mail Stickers
  • 10 Express Flat Rate Envelopes
  • 10 Express Flat Rate Legal Envelopes
  • 30 Envelopes with window (to hold International labels if offering shipping outside the GSP)

How to find your coupon The easiest way to find your coupon is on the Subscriber Discounts page. Click “See details” under the eBay Shipping Supplies discount.

eBay Branded Shipping Supplies 700x197

NOTE: Anyone can order the eBay shipping items at anytime. Store subscribers do receive a discount based on their store subscription level.
ebay shipping fedex or ups

Shipping Options:

FedEx options will be shown in the eBay shipping dashboard and UPS can be added to your option list or done from PayPal.

FedEx eBay shipping discount

You can save up to 37% when you print FedEx shipping labels on eBay. You don’t need to have a FedEx account to receive the discount.
To make sure that you get this discount, eBay pays FedEx directly, and then add your FedEx shipping label costs to your monthly eBay invoice. The estimated discount is shown when you submit your package information.
ebay sellers sign up ups
Click to enter your eBay ID and register or log into UPS
Read more info about UPS eBay Shipping.

If you do want to check prices ahead of time here are the links:

I also like to use Stamps.com for several reasons.

  • Free for eBay Sellers
  • Shipping outside the GSP
  • Family / Friends Shipping

Freight Shipping

eBay Setting:
Freight large items over 150 lbs > OTHER Freight Service.
shipping furniture on ebay
eBay Description box suggestions: 
Shipping Worldwide – Buyer makes arrangements for shipping. Local pick-up is okay. Feel free to send your own shipper or contact me for shipping suggestions.
If you need me to make shipping arrangements, please allow time for price quotes. I will invoice you once a shipper has been located.
Freight Shipping Suggestions

Local Pack and Shipping Services

  • Goin’ Postal
    2659 NE 35th St,
    Ocala, FL 34479
    (352) 351-2201

eBay’s Global Shipping Program – GSP
yes to ebay global shipping

SAY YESClick to opt-in and learn more.
Further reading on my website along with video tutorial. Click
Shipping outside the GSP is optional. Yes or No to International shipping not included in the GSP.

  • If No  – item will not be available to those countries.
  • If Yes – item will receive more exposure.

Shipping Suggestions outside the GSP:

  • Calculated Shipping
  • Flat Rate – Express or Priority

Dashboard to the Seller’s Hub
New eBay Seller Hub Dashboard Danna Crawford 700x500
Easy to customize and change the order to view. Top right corner, click “Customize” and pick which types of topics you want to view and drag-drop the position of the blocks.

How to Print Shipping Labels :


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