Terms of Service

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My terms of service are pretty simple. 

  1. You pick a time slot for a phone call
  2. You wait for me to accept the time. If you do not hear from me and the time expired it simply means I was in a meeting or out of the office and I didn’t get the message. With that said, I suggest giving me some advance notice. Or you can take the chance and book a sooner time.
  3. If the time you want is not available it simply means I am not available so you will have to pick a new time.
  4. Once you receive an email that YES the time slot has been accepted by me then on the time you picked, you will call me.
  5. CALL ME at the phone number provided to you and PLEASE BE ON TIME!

MESSAGES – If you only sent me a message and did not book a time. No worries, I will get back to you ASAP!

THANK YOU! I look forward to assisting you the best that I can. And  if I cannot help you I will try to point you in the direction for the answers you need.
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