11 Golden Rules that help create content for social media marketing

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Social media marketing can help skyrocket your business to the top. However, it’s pertinent that your content be stunning. You can’t share just anything and expect to get great results

Most social media platforms allow for immediate insight into how consumers are reacting to your content. This can help your brand know if the content is flying or falling.

But, how do you develop great content consumers will fall in love with at first sight? Below you’ll find eleven musts for creating brilliant content for your social media marketing

Structure your posts

Skipping and scrolling past content that doesn’t interest you is easier than ever. Blocky posts with walls of text are uninviting to readers. If it looks like something out of a research paper, people are likely to pass it over altogether.

Format your content by using bullet points or numbered lists. Headers are also an excellent way to help highlight important content in your post. Plenty of brands are even using emojis in their longer posts to give structure and add color. Be careful not to go too crazy with the emojis, though

Pay attention to your visuals

Curating your feed is the easiest way to keep prospects interested. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or whatever you decide to use, your page has to look great. Sticking to certain colors and fonts is an easy way to maintain a cohesive aesthetic.

Look no further than your logo or mission statement for inspiration.

Always try to pick photos that are clear and well-composed. Your brand will benefit from putting out well-polished content. There are plenty of apps that you can use to generate eye-catching content both quickly and effectively.

Use videos

Videos are hypnotizing, and it’s a stone-cold fact. Statistics show that 82% of Twitter users watch videos while using the application. Most social media users watch at least an hour of video every week.

Consider making short videos that help get your brand’s message across. These videos can be text or image based. Sharing videos that are already made can work well, too.  However, please remember to give credit where credit is due.

Keep up with the trends

Regularly doing research to see what is trending will help you create more current content. Search hashtags or review trends on Twitter to see what people are talking about. Including hot topics in your content will ensure that it gets seen.

Of course, there should be some logic behind it. Nonsensically sharing content about trendy topics can do more harm than good. Touch on issues that are related to your product, goals or story.

Promote conversation

One great thing about social media is how easy it is to have a conversation. When consumers feel like they can reach out to your brand, it will benefit. This direct line of communication will allow consumers to feel connected and will help your brand understand their needs better.

For example, asking followers to “comment below” their favorite product can give you plenty of information. Not only will you find out what customers like, but you’ll also find out what they aren’t so big on. This information can help you redirect your strategy.

Incorporate storytelling

Meaningful marketing is all about storytelling. That’s because storytelling is the perfect way to get buyers to relate to your brand. Brands like Nike, Dove, and Lululemon are some examples of social media storytelling done right.

Storytelling can help you talk about causes your audience cares about, address pain points and show your product in action. Being creative with storytelling will be appreciated, so don’t feel restricted to these areas. Evaluate some ways in which you can include storytelling in your content

Appeal to the emotions

Do you remember those home video TV shows? Videos that make people laugh go viral. When you can get an emotional reaction from people, they will remember your content.

Happiness, joy, laughter and even sadness all work well. Creating content that tugs on people’s heartstrings will get more of a response than content that doesn’t. Regardless, do your best to avoid insincerity as it can blow up in your face.

Get nostalgic

Even the least sentimental person likes to look back on the good old days. People love to pine for yesteryear. Think about how successful Internet Explorer’s “Child of the 90s” advertisement was.

Properly analyzing your audience will help you determine what they might be nostalgic for. Choose something that will be comforting rather than isolating. Even something as simple as a #FlashBackFriday can do the trick.

Be human

Customers want to relate to the brands that they choose to support. Appearing more human to your brand will make you more attractive to your followers. Sharing more of your process can help consumers feel closer to your brand, as well.

Something as simple as sharing a team photo or a funny anecdote is enough to help your followers connect to you. When customers can put a face to a name, they will feel more at ease. Sprinkle in that personal touch.

Make it sharable

When people love something they see online, they will want to share it. Don’t make them struggle with long URLs! Incorporate share buttons as often as you can.

Also, including these buttons will allow users to see how many times the content has already been shared. The more shares you have, the more you are likely to get. Update your sharing options as soon as possible!

Creating shareable content, however, isn’t really a straightforward task. It takes experience in the field to create viral articles that will perform well on social media. Writing services like WOWGrade.net have their own tested “recipes” for content that gathers momentum on social media.

So it’s always a good idea to either invest time and A/B test all the variables that will work for you or delegate such tasks to professionals.

Share content from your audience

Nothing speaks as highly about a product’s power as someone who is actually using it. Today’s testimonials are those ubiquitous selfies. Plenty of brands today are sharing selfies from ordinary people to show just how well their product works.

Although, you don’t have to only share selfies. You can also share drawings, videos or whatever else happy customers make. The idea is to allow consumers to see what your product is truly capable of.


Great social media marketing doesn’t happen overnight. You need to work to find the right formula for your brand. Figure out which of these tips works best for you and make them staples in your content creation strategy

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