2017 eBay Spring Fees Increase

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eBay Spring Seller Release

spring seller release
This year, eBay’s promise is to drive more traffic to our listings and make eBay the place the world shops first. The spring update brings some changes to eBay discounts and fees—and introduces new ways to boost visibility for our inventory and make our listings more competitive.

Attention all my eBay store owner friends. eBay is increasing the fees starting this May 2017. The store subscription fees will remain the same (whew) but the store owners “Final Value Fee’s” will be adjusted.
ebay store fees

Why is eBay making these changes for eBay Stores subscribers?

Ebay periodically evaluates fees, credits, and benefits. They are increasing their investment in the platform, marketing efforts, and tools to enhance both the seller and buyer experience.

eBay Performance Standards 2017

ebay fee increase
We will not be getting the “Top-Rated” discount that we’ve grown to love. (I know I have as a top-rated seller) But, alas the new structure will be changed from 20% down to 10%. (yes, it was nice while it lasted but I can appreciate NO MORE COMPETITIVE ADS placed on my listings!

Have you noticed all the new eBay TV ads? EBay is also using social media to bring in new buyers!
Banner ads competing for buyer attention on your listings for items outside of eBay are going to be GONE. WOO HOO!
Those banner ads brought eBay huge revenues in ad dollars.

eBay Listing Increased Visibility

Ebay listened to their sellers and will no longer have those attention grabbing banner ads. I know several sellers that were upset with this and now they will be happy with this announcement.
ebay removing banner ads
– Removal of prominent third party ads
– Removing third-party product listing ads across the eBay platform May 1st
– More placements for Promoted Listings
– More Promoted Listings placements available to eBay Stores subscribers and Top Rated Sellers May 1st.
– New $30 promoted listing credit – Top Rated Sellers receive $30 credit each quarter starting April 1st
For top rated Anchor store sellers, that’s in addition to the $25 you already get with your Anchor subscription
– Promotions Manager on mobile – They will be displaying the best Promotions Manager offers in mobile starting this month.
– eBay Advertising: Radio and billboard ads starting in this month with more TV ads to follow.

eBay Seller Benefits

– Stronger marketing levers for eBay sellers means increased visibility and sales
– Removal of third party ads will keep buyers on eBay
– Reduced competition from external ad sources

eBay Shipping Tools

Shipping Rate Tables – coming Summer of 2017
We will be able to provide more accurate shipping charges to our buyers by region
Which will allow us to make our listings more competitive by showing lower shipping charges
AND best part, it will protect us from undercharging for shipping! WIN-WIN!
shipping handling time
This will give us more control over our handling time which will make our eBay listings more competitive!
Plus it will give us more accuracy/opportunity to leverage same-day handling count down clock buyers will be able to see on our listings.

ebay is the place to be

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