Selling Guy Buffet Online

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selling guy buffet

Guy Buffet items have price values all over the board.

Many selling low while others show high value according to Terapeak. However, as of today the sell through rate is only about 12%.
guy buffet on ebay
This means,

Guy Buffet items are “slow selling” in today’s online marketplace.

In other words, there is not a “high demand” on this brand at the moment.

Market values are always changing online with items like this.  My suggestion is to list Guy Buffet items a bit higher than the going rate and include the  “Make-an-offer” option. Then, as I like to say “Roll the Dice” and wait.
The waiting game can last weeks, months or even years! Yikes, years?  Many people that know me or attend any of my events know how I feel about inventory. I hate inventory. So, with that in mind, years is not an option in my business.

My strategy for items like this is to drop the price every month until I am over it. Once I reach the point of wanting the item out of my home office I will shoot it out to auction. When I do this, I start the bid as low as possible and increase the shipping.
Win some and lose some using this method. Sometimes the bidding will go up and other times the bidding will be a flop. No worries in my book because my mission is accomplished. The item is out of my home-office and I can move on to bigger and better things to make more money on.
On Terapeak I did research back to 90 days but on Worthpoint I was able to research much deeper going back years. This method makes it interesting to see the value a few  years ago on Guy Buffet items.
For example, on Feb. 23rd 2013 a Guy Buffet original painting celebrating the life of Julia Child’s sold at auction for $10,000.00
Worthpoint listing guy buffet painting
As a consignment seller I would prefer to only accept the “High end” paintings vs the dishes. I will however make a few exceptions. Feel free to contact me if you have Guy Buffet items you would like to consign. I would consider to purchase these items outright vs. consignment.  Either way I’m always open.  Not located near me? No worries, I use the dependable service called “Roadie” to haul all consignment merchandise with door-to-door service. And this service includes a reasonable price. Learn more about Roadie on one of my posts: Road Trip Shipping.
shipping ebay items using roadie
I also found many books on the subject of Guy Buffet on Amazon. There are also some awesome prints available.

Guy Buffet on Amazon
Amazon does not show any plates or dinnerware that I could find at this time.  eBay however has many more options:
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The Guy Buffet paintings seem to bring the best prices.  This wonderful artist can be found online. According to his website, Guy was born in Paris France in 1943. One interesting fact I learned about Mr. Buffet is his love for his dog “Dixie” which is featured in much of his work.  Learn more about this artist direct from his website at: