Selling Fountain Pens on eBay

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fountain pen consignment
I’ve met a few eBay sellers over the  years that specialize in fountain pens. There are several niche sellers on eBay dedicated to the world of fountain pens. We can learn a lot from these sellers. I will share the top five I found on eBay.

Fountain Pen Sellers on eBay

1) Finepensandlighters
2) Pen-Kingdom-2016
3) Airline-International
4) Wbang8806
5) Extraordinaryfinds

Seller #3 has a current listing featuring a Jade fountain pen. The asking price is: $325,000.00! eBay item #231582855827. Titled:
Loiminchay Nine Dragons Solid Jade Limited Edition Fountain Pen.
selling fountain pens
The most common fountain pens in my findings as a “Treasure Hunt Seller” are:

  • Parker
  • Schaeffer
  • Cross

Fountain Pen Nib

fountain pen nib

What the heck is a nib?
I wondered about that term the first time I heard it. According to the google dictionary the word “nib” actually has a couple meanings:
noun: nib; plural noun: nibs
the pointed end part of a pen, which distributes the ink on the writing surface.
a pointed or projecting part of an object.
shelled and crushed coffee or cocoa beans.
small pieces of caramel, licorice, or other sweets.
In our situation we are referring to the pointed end part of our fountain pens!
Nibs actually come in different styles and sizes according to “The Writing Desk“:
– EF (extra-fine). A nib that will give a line width of around 0.4mm
– F (fine). A nib that will give a line width of around 0.6mm
– M (medium). A nib that will give a line width of around 0.8mm
– B (broad or bold). A nib that will give a line width of around 1.0mm
– A (“Anfänger” = beginner)
(source – The Writing Desk – )
If we can properly identify the nib in our eBay listings, it will help with the sale of the pen. With that said, it’s quality time researching, well spent.
According to Terapeak, the current sell through rate on “Fountain Pens” is 46%.
The highest priced Fountain pen that I could find, sold for over a million dollars! Thanks to Worthpoint I was able to take a look at this historical data:
fountain pens sold on ebay
I also found a Montblonc pen sold on eBay, July 2016 for $78,888.00:
ebay montblanc

Pen Size Does Matter

The length and thickness of a fountain pen does make a difference to the buyer. It can also make the difference between a sale and a flop. Learn more about the measurements from this pen expert David Nishimura. he has created a wonderful resource chart: Mr. Nishimura also has a fantastic periodical section on his site:

Color is important too

Fountain pen colors can be more desirable than others. For the collector a simply color can be the key to completing a collection. Not only are color shades desirable but the design can be sought after as well. Such as:
– Marble
– Swirls
– Lines
– Ribbed
– Geometric
– Checks

Listing Fountain Pens on eBay

The fountain pen market on eBay is all over the board just like most industries. It’s very important to research before listing. This will help you with making the decision of an “Auction or Fixed Price” listing. Nothing is set in stone. There is no one size fits all. The facts are within the research. The facts are learning about the “Current Market Value” on eBay.

Researching Fountain Pens on eBay

To determine the current market value; The fastest is to simply do a sold eBay search. I have created the links for you. Each link will include the highest price items that sold on eBay using the keywords: Fountain Pen. You can do your own search by including the name of your pen and including fountain pen into the search.
[button color=”juicy_pink” size=”normal” type=”3d” target=”_blank” link=”″]  View Current SOLD Fountain Pens on eBay[/button]
We can also learn from the “completed” listings on eBay. Take a look at the “un-sold” fountain pens vs the “sold fountain” pens.
[button color=”juicy_pink” size=”normal” type=”3d” target=”_blank” link=”″]  View Current COMPLETED Fountain Pens on eBay[/button]
This will help us learn from those that were not successful. We want to follow success and learn from failed listings. Can you come up with solutions to what they did wrong?
For those of you wanting to take pen collecting to a new level. Check out the Pen Collectors of America: This site contains a HUGE database of every type of pen. Including the history of each.

Fountain Pens on Consignment

If you have no interest to sell these items yourself, I can sell them for you on eBay. A good part of my eBay business is consignment selling. Just package them up in a “flat rate” priority mail envelope and send them my way. I do highly recommend adding insurance and signature delivery. Read more about my consignment terms and download the contract. Print out the Contract, fill it out and include it in the package. I’ll do my best to sell your fountain pens at the highest dollar amount that I can. After all, it’s in my best interest! The higher the sale, the better the profit for us both!
fountain pens on consignment
Learn more at: eBay Consignment by Danna Crawford.
Check my eBay store for Current Fountain Pens listed. NOTE: Don’t see any pens in my store? This only means I don’t have any listed right now. My inventory changes monthly. Add me as a favorite seller on eBay and check back often at: (direct link to my eBay store)