8 Easy Ways to Improve Your Marketing Resume

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Selling products and ideas one thing but marketing yourself to recruiters as the perfect candidate is another. To achieve the latter, you’ll need to have a resume that stands out from the rest. This piece of document pitches your credibility to the recruiting team in your stead, highlighting reasons why you deserve an interview slot.

If you are looking to put your best foot forward as a marketer, here are eight easy ways to improve your marketing resume.

A Template that Demands Attention

Your templates need to be striking enough to capture a recruiter’s attention. Having gone through dozens of applicants it’s only natural that they begin to perceive every CV as the same. So it’s up to you to deliver something different and exciting.

Here are some tips for designing a striking template.


Playing things safe would be going with a black and white color combination, but you’re a marketer and should reflect it. You can touch things up a little bit but not too flamboyantly.

Font style

You can set a different font style for your headings and text. Such formatting helps improve your write-up readability. But be careful not to go over the top here, try to keep things classy instead.

The Famous Two-Column Design

Consider going with a two-column design to avoid having your resume look cluttered. It also makes your information easier to read, which is why magazines use this layout style.

If you are applying for a marketing position in a design firm, don’t be shy to go all out with template.

Quantify Your Success

Show off your success using stats and figures as recruiting teams are looking to grow performance. Numbers stand out on documents and give out the impression that you are result-driven. So, consider quantifying your achievements where possible. Find a way to put your success in affiliate marketing, social media marketing, e.t.c. into figures and stats that show growth.

Tailor Your Skills to Match the Job Description

There’s no single resume that serves all jobs. You’ll need to tailor your skill section to match your prospective marketing position. Try not to include any basic or irrelevant skillset. Such information would give the impression that you are just throwing your applications at every recruitment opportunity you can find.

For example, your perfection of Ms. Word 2007, however how excited you are about it, shouldn’t find its way into your document. Two things are wrong with this picture. The first being that the software is outdated and recruiters assume that you are proficient with writing applications.

Many firms employ an Applicant tracking system during their recruiting phase, so it’s critical your resume has certain keywords to rank high on the software. These words need to appear creatively in your document without affecting your readability. Resume writing services can help you with identifying these keywords specific to your job, helping you rank high on the software.

Hire Professional Help

The easiest way to improve on anything is often getting assistance from experts and professionals. For many job hunters, this means having some of the best rated resume writing sites work on your document. You wouldn’t have to worry about ATS keywords, layout, grammar, language, tailoring your skillset, and more. Top resume writing sites provide you with a document that caters to such problems.

Show off Your Portfolio

Consider adding links that lead to your portfolio in your resume. But don’t override every sentence with one, always remember to keep things simple. Your links could lead to your LinkedIn profile, professional social media accounts, or a relevant blog you run.

Touch on your Educational Background

Try not to go all out discussing your educational background in your resume. It’s best to go with straightforwardness here, so list the following.

  • Degrees
  • Learning Institutions

And not these

  • Your GPA
  • Club or Societies
  • Minor Academic Awards

Keep Things Simple and Concise

If you aren’t aiming for the very highest of VP positions, it’s best you avoid letting your resume look like a dissertation paper. It’s best to keep your information within one page, using tricky formatting styles to achieve a concise and simple layout. Remember to only include relevant job experiences not the entity of your work history.

Have a Cover Letter

It’s helpful to include a cover letter to go with your resume. This document helps supplement the information on the latter. But remember to tailor your write-up to reflect the job description.

Final Thoughts

Marketing sections such as social media marketing, are some of the best freelancing jobs in the online world. And a high-quality resume can help you land a gig in the industry. But the problem is recruiters only spend a few seconds scanning through resumes. You’ll have to convince them within this short time frame that you’re worth the read.

Many job seekers skip the pressure of writing a CV and get professional assistance with writing them. Having some of the best-rated resume writing sites prepare one improves your chances of landing that interview.