Expanding Your eBay Selling Brand with List Perfectly

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As anyone who knows me is well aware, I’ve had all my eggs in eBay’s baskets for the past 24 years. Then last August, pandemic fever struck, and I wanted to try something new. So I went out of my comfort zone and decided to try selling on Etsy. Little did I know at the time how much that decision was going to literally pay off!

What? Etsy?

Because I really didn’t know how to list on Etsy. And I also didn’t want to have to redo all my eBay listings from scratch. So I turned to Google…and discovered List Perfectly.

Created by two woman entrepreneurs

Who sell online themselves, it’s designed to help sellers work smarter, not harder, by crossposting listings on multiple marketplaces. It actually cuts listing time by an average of 80%, and there are no limits on the number of listings you can crosspost.

At first, I planned to just add Etsy as a second selling channel in addition to my eBay store. But when I saw all the other marketplace sites that List Perfectly had to offer, I signed up for everything except Shopify and Instagram:

  • Depop
  • Etsy
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Grailed
  • Kidizen
  • Mercari
  • Poshmark
  • Tradesy

Because that’s how I roll: I jump right in, then figure it out later.

And List Perfectly turned out to be so easy; I was able to figure it out right away! It didn’t even take a lot of reading, which is good because I’m more of a visual learner. What’s so great about List Perfectly is that it’s basically just click here, click there, and you’re in.

List Perfectly’s software downloads via Google Chrome (or Microsoft Edge) as an extension that puts a List Perfectly button on every listing. Then I just go to my Active Listings page in eBay’s Seller Hub, click on a listing, click on the List Perfectly icon, choose which sites I want to crosspost on, and click to crosspost that listing. All of my inventory is saved as a catalog.

The process is painless, and it’s been really fun as well as profitable to see my listings on other sites. It’s also given me the opportunity to expand my brand because now I’m extending it to all these other sites. It’s like having one master store on eBay, plus franchises on the other sites — and I own all the franchises!

Socialize on Facebook

I dropped Facebook Marketplace pretty much right away because I don’t like local pickup — I actually prefer to ship — and because I’d rather go to Facebook to be social, not to sell. But selling via all these other new sites has been very interesting.

For one thing, I was shocked to find out that not everybody loves eBay! There are dedicated Etsy buyers who refuse to shop on eBay, and vice-versa. That’s kind of a shame because really, we’re all part of the eCommerce community. But not surprisingly, each marketplace is a little bit different in how they position themselves.

Here’s how I see them:

  • eBay is the world’s online marketplace for all sorts of items, connecting buyers and sellers worldwide
  • Depop is for fashion and apparel, especially trendy fashion
  • Etsy is the place to sell vintage and handmade goods
  • Grailed is for men’s apparel
  • Kidizen is for children’s stuff
  • Mercari is for all kinds of preowned clothing and household items
  • Poshmark is for new and preowned apparel and home furnishings
  • Tradesy is for upscale and designer apparel, with strict rules about pricing

I list my items on other sites at a higher price than I do on eBay, for several reasons. For starters, at first, I wasn’t sure how I was going to monitor all those different sites. Plus I wanted to make more money. But above all, I want to drive traffic to my eBay store. List Perfectly makes it super easy for me to have a presence on all these sites.

I had a problem with my first sale on Poshmark: I had already sold the item on eBay, but forgot to manually end the listing elsewhere. Oops! So I had to cancel that transaction. You have to tell List Perfectly to remove a sold item’s listing from other sites — it’s not automatic — but once you do, List Perfectly delists that item everywhere.

ListPerfectly Plans

There are 3 levels of List Perfectly plans. Originally I was subscribed to the $29/month Simple Plan, which doesn’t include Shopify or Instagram. The $49/month Business plan includes bulk crossposting, different titles for different platforms, automatic image resizing, and analytics, I soon upgraded to the $69/month Pro Plan includes draft listing capabilities as well.

List Perfectly has a terrific YouTube channel with a ton of how-to videos, and they also have a very informative podcast every week with Liz O’Kane and Doug Smith. There’s no free trial, but List Perfectly offers a 3 Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee: Try it for up to 3 days and 20 crossposts, and if you decide it’s not working for you, just contact them for a full refund.


Most of my sales still come from eBay, but thanks to List Perfectly, I’ve been able to easily expand my brand — and increase my income!

Announcement – List Perfectly became a WorthPoint Affinity Partner

What does that mean? It basically means they received an official “Stamp of Approval” by WorthPoint. They were introduced to the WorthPoint community as a trusted site.

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