The Beginner’s Guide to Writing an Essay

essay writing
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Essays are commonplace in higher levels of educational institutions. People write them to share their thoughts, experiences, and ideas on various topics. It also contributes a significant percentage of your final scores, so pupils always aim to get excellent grades on them. But few people know how to come up with a quality piece. This article can help you out, as it provides you with a beginner’s guide on how to write one.

Prepare Yourself

Many people make the error of jumping right into writing their paper, resulting in a write-up far below standards.

A high-quality essay starts with ample preparation, and here’s how.

Understand the Topic

Having a genuine interest in your topic is crucial to writing an essay. Such enthusiasm will reflect in your write-ups, and you wouldn’t have any reserve to conduct extensive research for information. If your tutor provides you with one, there are multiple tips you can emulate t6 improve your interest in it.

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Conduct Your Research

Research extensively on your topic, drafting out potential arguments and counter-arguments. Later on, you’ll need to pick your most vital points from your draft. A pro tip to remember during your research work is to note down all your sources. These details are critical to preparing a proper citation and reference page.

Prepare a Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement houses the main argument for your essay. It tells readers about your stance on the subject of your topic.

Try to keep it short and straightforward, often within one or two sentences.

Craft an Outline

Outlines help guide you through the writing process. It’s a make-shift structure of your essay highlighting your body and arguments.

Writing Your Paper

Now that your title and research are out of the way, you can put pen to paper writing your essay.

Start with a Captivating Introduction

Your introduction needs to capture the reader’s interest and provide information on what your essay is about in this section. It’s similar to a product description, as you give a brief rundown of your topic.

Many writers go for strong statements that hook the reader’s curiosity, leading them to attempt to find out more. For information on your topic, you can provide short background knowledge, an overview, and explain complex terms without giving too much information away.

Write the Body

The body is the central part of an essay, often consisting of 80% of your write-up. Here, you’ll need to structure your text into paragraphs, with each discussing one primary argument or idea. Consider starting with a topic sentence and using transition words to connect your write-up.

You can include relevant data, evidence, quotes, and more while discussing how such information attests to your overall argument. Keep things simple and avoid using intricate text.

Wrapping Things Up

The conclusion is where you wrap up your essay. It should feature the following.

  • Connect your main arguments
  • Indicate why you stand on the topic matters
  • Connect with Your Thesis Statement

You should end your conclusion strongly, ending with a final statement that leaves an impression on readers.


Review your write-up for mistakes, misspellings, grammar errors, and more. Check your readability, correcting sentences that don’t read well. For people on a tight deadline or learning English as a second language, ask the question, “Can I hire a writer to proofread and type for me?”. The answer is yes; you can have someone work on your paper using a writing service online.

Final Thoughts

Essay writing doesn’t have to be challenging; understanding the basics can have you piecing together a quality write-up in no time.

You’ll need to research your topic, prepare a catchy title and introduction, outline your arguments, then proceed to discuss them in the body section. You can always hire professional assistance if you run into any problems.