Which online essay writing service is reliable?

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When it comes to choosing an online essay writing service, as a student, you should know that not all service providers are equal. They’re probably different in terms of pricing, writers’ expertise, and customer services. So, you should be careful when deciding which essay writing service to choose. 

Keep reading this guide to find out what sets reputable services apart from fraudulent ones: 


We all know that a student’s life is hard, and you always have to find ways to spend less money. However, it’s probably not a good idea to outsource your work to cheap companies. Writing essays takes a lot of time and effort, so honest services are not going to work at low prices. Therefore, if you choose such websites, you risk receiving plagiarized or low-quality writing. 

However, it doesn’t mean you should pay a lot for your assignments either. Many affordable services offer fair prices and reasonable service quality. Take your time to compare prices and ask your friends if they know any pro essay writing service. 


Delivering original work is crucial for all your areas of study. Cheap services don’t guarantee original essays, and the copied text might be detected by the plagiarism software. All writing services should provide a free similarity report along with their work. Check the guarantees on their sites to make sure that the works are indeed devoid of plagiarism. Cheap service providers are likely to write an essay and send it to many clients, or copy passages of text from elsewhere.  

Writing style

As a student, you have different assignments that should be written in different styles. Also, you might want to write a proposal for your future job application. A professional essay writing service should be able to meet your needs and match the required style. If you have been studying for the GED test, here are some tips and samples on My GRE Exam Preparation that can help you structure your essays correctly and score well, read the entire post here.

Expertise and Professionality 

An essay help service should work with professional writers only. A professional writer is someone who can deliver well-written texts in a specialized area of expertise. Note that not all writers who can create high-quality essays can also write an academic essay on your subject.

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Direct Communication With the Writer

If you’re asking the cheap essay writing service to work on an important project, make sure you can communicate with your assigned writer. It would be perfect if the writing service allowed direct contact via chat, phone call, or email with the specialist in charge of your work. This way, you can discuss the style, title, outline, formatting, and any other challenging issues with the writer.  

24/7 customer service

It’s crucial to have access to customer service at any time of the day. Round-the-clock customer support available at a cheap essay service allows you to know the progress of your project and talk to a support agent in case any problems arise. 

Revisions and Proofreading 

You’re paying for the work, so the company is responsible for matching your needs. Check their revisions policy before ordering an essay. They should fix minor issues for free, but major ones usually require extra payment. The best services are the ones that make major changes in a short period at a reasonable cost.  

Besides, it would be nice if they had a separate proofreading team, because professional writers might have some typos or structural inconsistencies either. 

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Positive reviews

Positive reviews are probably a sign that you’ll receive a high-quality service. So check the reviews in the company’s websites and contact their old clients if necessary to ask about their experiences. If you face negative comments, look at the feedback. A reliable company never ignores unsatisfied clients and their complaints. 

Nevertheless, don’t just rely on the reviews on the company’s website. They might not publish negative feedback or create fake positive comments to trick you. So, find a couple of reputable review websites and follow the reviews there. For instance, Yelp.com and Bbb.org are some of the most decent platforms.  

On-time delivery

Deadlines are critical for academic work because you’re expected to deliver your assignment on time. The essay writing company and its writers should be responsible for the deadlines and finish the job in the agreed time. 

Money-back guarantee 

Most dependable services offer a money-back guarantee, which means they promise to refund all or some of your money if the writing is under the standard quality. So, double-check the provider’s terms and policies to make sure they have a money-back guarantee.  


Whichever service you use, you’re probably concerned about your informational security. Every essay writing service must keep your data, both personal and financial, safe. They should never ask for unnecessary details.    

Bottom Line 

As a student, you should be diligent while choosing the right service. You should check their customer service terms, guarantees, and payback policies before asking them to write anything for you. A reputable essay service often offers on-time delivery, free revisions, and proofreading. It would also be a plus if they allowed contacting the writer directly. 

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