Best Gifts on a Budget for Your Girlfriend

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It is extremely difficult to make an inexpensive but good gift for a girlfriend because everything that concerns women isn’t cheap. That is why we’ve made a list of inexpensive but pleasant gifts for women that won’t go hard on your wallet.

These gifts will be a great sign of attention, and they will work regardless of an occasion, whether it’s a holiday, birthday, etc.

  • Candles. Every woman of any age will find use to such a gift.
  • Body scrub. The love of cosmetics is limitless! Another jar of body scrub in a bathroom will not be superfluous.
  • Elegant diary. Such a gift can be made for a birthday if it happens to be in autumn. On New Year’s Day, this is a rather risky gift because many people buy their diaries in advance. The same goes for design: it should be thematic and appropriate.
  • Coconut oil for hair and body. This is one of the best inexpensive cosmetic gifts. Coconut oil is suitable as a gift for every woman, regardless of age and skin type. There are women who, fundamentally or because of their financial condition, do not use inexpensive cosmetics. Coconut oil is an exception; it is enjoyed by all women.
  • Original passport cover. A passport is the main document of a citizen of any state; therefore, it is often necessary to carry it with you at all times, and therefore, it has to somehow keep clean in a woman’s purse. And no one wants to have a wrinkled or slightly greasy passport, especially a woman! Therefore, a passport cover is an inexpensive original gift. In addition, it is almost impossible to go wrong with such a gift. Even if a woman already has a beautiful passport cover, she can always use another one and switch between them.
  • Handmade mug. This is a beautiful, inexpensive gift for Christmas. You can learn how to make a handmade mug here.
  • Flower pots. If your girlfriend loves indoor plants, you can gift her a flower pot. Many flowers grow and require transplantation; some of them grow big and require bigger pots. In general, your inexpensive gift will not be collecting dust on a shelf; it will be put to use.
  • A teapot is not presented every year, but it is necessary to change them from time to time. A beautiful teapot is always useful. This is a very cute and inexpensive gift!
  • Photo frame. Interestingly enough, everyone has such a gift… But, did you get a lot of photo frames for the holidays?! Everyone just says that they would buy a photo frame, but for some reason they never do. A beautiful photo frame will be inexpensive, but every woman will be glad to receive such a gift. If you are familiar with a woman, you can choose a photo frame to match the color of the interior of her apartment or house.
  • French press. No matter what a woman prefers to drink, you can brew both tea and coffee in a French press. A woman would buy herself a French press only when her old one breaks apart. There is a frequently recurring issue with French presses: either the glass moves away from the plastic, or the grating inside doesn’t fit into the glass over time.

Therefore, a French press is a necessity; it is a pleasant and inexpensive gift for a woman.

  • Tea set. This is an interesting, inexpensive gift for Christmas or a birthday. A set, for example, of 4 types of tea costs as much as a set of 10 types. Just in the second case, there is less of each tea. But the latter option looks more interesting and unique.
  • Hand cream. Look at your hand cream. How much does it cost?! Most of us have inexpensive hand creams that cost around 5-10 bucks. There is a very wide range of hand creams out there for all sorts of skins and preferences. A convenient dispenser will be a nice touch as it is extremely useful in the kitchen, and it looks good around the sink. I washed the dishes and immediately applied cream to my hands! This is a valuable but inexpensive gift for a woman.

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  • Convenient cosmetic bag. Have you noticed that most cosmetic bags are either small or very large? Women like to put skin and hair care products in cosmetic bags on a trip, and some even pack cosmetics at home. A medium-sized cosmetic bag for several bottles or a set of different-sized cosmetic bags will be a great inexpensive gift for a girl or woman.
  • Scarf. A woman’s scarf should fit her clothes, her purse, mood, season, and so on. So, there should be a lot of scarves! Here, you can only get lost in one case: by purchasing a scarf of the color or texture that your girlfriend doesn’t like, then you are in trouble.