Tips on Learning English as a Second Foreign Language

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As we know, learning languages is an effective way towards personal growth and self-development. There are various benefits of learning a first foreign language, such as memory improvements, critical thinking changes, and many more. Learning a second foreign language is a common thing for bilingual families.

The people who live in countries of several national languages know two or more languages as well. English as a second language for learning can be challenging both for adults and kids. That is why we made a list of top tips for studying English. The tips can help you or your friend study English as a second foreign language effectively.

Tip 1: Look for the Similarities

Speaking one language is not enough to catch quickly the structure, grammar, and rules of another language. The more foreign languages you study, the faster you get it. There are language groups that influence the language structure as well. For example, in Europe only there are two language groups – Romance and Germanic languages. Romance languages originate from Latin and are mostly spoken in Western Europe.

Germanic languages group is divided into smaller groups, where English takes place in West Germanic group.

It means that each group has its roots, structure, rules, and some kind of common grammar. Knowing a language from the Germanic group makes it easy to learn another Germanic language. The rules and grammar of the languages have a lot in common. Look for these similarities, and it will ease the process.

Tip 2: Get a Tutor

A tutor is a person who can help you overcome the worst difficulties of learning English as a second foreign language. English tutors start the studying with the basics: grammar, tenses, and some vocabularly. There are some core benefits of tutoring that we can not omit:

  • Customized learning experience. The tutor makes the unique program for you, so the process is fun and simple;
  • The attention that is all yours. Tutors understand the style that you like in learning and give you a maximum of energy and attention;
  • Teachers boost your self-esteem and confidence. No matter if you do well or your pace is too slow, the teacher is a person who will always support you;
  • Teacher improves your communication skills. It is crucial to communicate when learning any language. Support and help from your English teacher can help you boost your spoken language skills

The main goal of your English tutor will be to guide you on the way to perfection. The teacher chooses the pace, program, and skills that you need to study for successfully getting a level.

Tip 3: Engage More

Studying English as a second foreign language is also a way to have fun. You can not gain any knowledge without the joy of getting a result and without the pain of learning tenses, grammar, and vocabularly. Fortunately, there are ways to make the process fun. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Watch Movies in English

There are many efficient streaming services for language learning. Ororo is one of the best services to learn English and Spanish because there are seven languages to pick the subtitles and five languages of series.

The subscription is quite cheap (the US $10), so almost everyone can afford that.

Listen to the Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to improve your listening and communicative skills. Try Duolingo podcasts. There you will find the discussion of topics such as politics, social issues, language studies, and many more. Listen o the podcasts with your mates to discuss the issues and learn at the same time!

Read Books

Books improve your thinking and developing language skills. Pick adapted literature first to understand the basics. You can choose English magazines and newspapers to read some short news and get used to the language without an adaptation. Try some creative reading, novels, or poems: it can help to broaden your imagination.


Learning English as a second foreign language is a way to broaden your image of another culture, habits, and history. It is also a process of self-development and self-understanding. The most remarkable thing about learning languages is making your mind sharp, thinking clear and logical.

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