Best Items to sell on eBay During the Corona Virus Outbreak

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best items to sell on ebay covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has not only harmed human health but also caused disruptions in the global economy. While it is a worldwide pandemic, countries like China, Italy, United States, Spain, Iran, and Germany are particularly affected. There is no vaccine for the virus as yet, and due to its highly contagious nature, lock-down is the only solution.

Some countries are in complete lock-down, while others are enforcing partial lock-down to safeguard their population. In government-mandated lock-downs, only essential businesses (groceries, pharmacies, and vegetable shops, etc.) are allowed to remain open while other businesses are shut down.

Most people are trying to be as cautious as possible; they are trying to avoid going out altogether. These people are smart enough to choose online shopping to have essentials delivered to their doorstep. Therefore, it is no surprise that the demand for hygiene, health, and protective wear has increased on all major online sites, including eBay. 

The e-commerce giant eBay has taken a couple of steps to help its sellers in this situation. We all know that the demand for luxury goods is almost zero, as markets continue to face economic uncertainty. In addition, many manufacturing goods are stuck in the pipeline because of transport restrictions, delays by the supplier, stock-outs and many other reasons. 

On the flip side, people are buying essential goods in advance so that they can have basic necessities during the quarantine. So while on the one hand demand for one product category is down, it is increasing for another category. Smart sellers will recognize this trend and start selling items of essential and everyday use to generate revenues during this tough economic situation. 

This article will recommend a list of items that you can sell on eBay during the Coronavirus outbreak

Medical Gloves

Gloves are in high demand because they decrease the chance of catching the virus. Following the recommendation of health officials, many people are wearing gloves as they go outside to buy groceries or medicine. 

Homeowners are not the only market segment using these gloves; businesses are using gloves as well. For instance, cleaning services like Carpet Cleaning Bromley need medical gloves for their cleaning staff. Similarly, grocery store workers, office employees, hospital workers, and paramedics need gloves to minimize the risk of infection. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that the sales of medical gloves have seen a sharp increase since February, and the demand is expected to grow as the pandemic continues. Sellers can make a handsome profit if they medical gloves on eBay.

Essential Oils

The sale of essential oils has also skyrocketed as they help ease breathing. People with asthmatic problems like wheezing, congestion, and chest infections have been using essential oils to ease their breathing for a long time.

Given the respiratory nature of the virus, other people have also started purchasing critical oils like lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, and cinnamon, among others. Since this virus affects your lungs and makes it difficult for you to breathe, some people believe that essential oils might help them.

Drinking Water

Drinking water brings another great opportunity to sellers. Water is a necessity that no one can live without; in times of economic unrest such as these, people tend to stock on packaged water.

There are noted increases in the sale of packaged water with each passing day; sellers can make good money by selling mineral water on eBay.


The demand for soaps is higher than ever; medical experts have urged people to wash their hands frequently with soap to minimize the risk of infection. Therefore, people are buying soap in bulk. In some markets, soap is in shortage because people have purchased more soap then they need in and tempt to avoid shortage (ironic, right?). 

Sellers can sell soap on eBay to help people and make a good profit simultaneously. 

Full Face Shields

People have just realized that they can use full-faced shields to protect themselves from coronavirus. The sales got an unexpected hike in the last few days, and they are expected to grow in the coming days.

Survival Foods

Since the virus is spreading at a fast rate, this is the time of emergency and survival food is the first thing that comes to mind in times of urgency. It is evident from the increasing demand for survival food on eBay.

The hype of buying the essential food items started in the mid of March, and it is still increasing. eBay has shown sales earnings above $100,000 in just three days. 

These sales will likely continue to grow in the coming days. Some sellers are also selling survival food kits. Since the daily wage workers of many countries are unable to buy food for themselves due to lock-down, people are distributing these survival food kits to help them. 

Vacuum Seal Bags

Vacuum seal bag is mainly used to store and preserve food for a long time. Since people are buying more survival food these days, they are also demanding more vacuum seal bags so that they can store the food for long.

The success rate of these bags is 93%, and the bags have earnings of more than $68,000. People are using these bags to preserve frozen food, vegetables, fruits, and semi-cooked items. 


eBay is showing a 63% increase in toothpaste sales since February. Since it is a product that is used daily, people are buying in bulk so that they can store it before they go in quarantine.

Another reason for bulk buying is that pricing can go higher at any time because there is no guarantee of supply due to uncertain conditions worldwide. 

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Quick note from Danna – Special thanks to Arslan for putting together a great post. I also wanted to be clear that some items are actually banned from selling on eBay during this time. Like:

  • Health care masks including N95/N100 and surgical masks
  • Hand Sanitizer/Gel
  • Disinfecting Wipes

Learn more directly on eBay. I’ve also added a video from eBay staff shown below.