eBay Sellers Get Branded Using Sticker Mule

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Brand Advertising for eBay Sellers

We all know how brands can influence shopping decisions. Almost everyone has a favorite brand they wear, drive, eat or fly with.

Branded Custom Packaging

“Sticker Mule offers more than just different types of stickers. They also provide branded, custom packaging​ which is perfect for eBay sellers. “

Shoppers come to eBay because they trust the brand.

Buyers come to eBay because it’s a brand they trust. Why? Because eBay has strict standards only allowing dependable sellers to use the platform. They count on buyers to report bad sellers.

Bad sellers are removed from the marketplace. For more info visit eBay’s Rules and Regulations page. With that said, I wanted to share with you a company that I’ve been using to help promote my “Power Selling Mom” brand called “Sticker Mule” 

The Sticker Mule Brand

Their logo includes the side view of a mule in front of the two tone words. I like they way they use all lower case and are able to blend the words together into one.

Meet Herman!

They use a friendly face of the mule to represent their brand named “Herman.” Every time an order is placed with Sticker Mule, they include two stickers. Both shown above along with a “Thank You” coaster as shown below.

Sticker Mule Thank You!

Sticker Mule offers more than just different types of stickers. They also provide branded shipping supplies which is perfect for eBay sellers.

Herman offers friendly tips along with offers while browsing the site.

Branded Shipping Supplies

Sticker Mule has two types of poly bags that are logo ready. You can customize according to your own specifications. No worries about errors because they will send you a proof and wait for approval before starting the printing process.

The next batch of bags ordered, I requested to repeat my brand on the bag. See results below.

I also had some bags made for the CEO of WorthPoint since he is an eBay seller. I thought it would be a great opportunity for him to promote his company, WorthPoint.com.

I requested these bags to show the logo, large and down the front as shown below.

Side note: they also have plain poly bags along with plain padded mailers. The graphics are on one side only. This leaves room on the other side to place a shipping sticker. I feel this is a brilliant presentation for the customer receiving an item in the mail.

Sticker Mule Shipping Tape

The only tape they have at this time is the water activated type. It has a gummy substance on the backside. Which activates to stick after it becomes wet. This is a common type of tape used by “big box” companies.

I placed orders for two different styles of branding on my tape. Notice one roll shows the tag line with my brand and the other is a simple style “PowerSellingMom.com.” Both style include my logo.

Do you have a dot com to match your brand?

It is helpful to market a brand with a dot com. Especially eBay sellers with eBay accounts or eBay stores. Setting up a dot com to match your brand is quite simple. I suggest starting with GoDaddy. Visit the site and do a quick search for your brand name.

Find the perfect .COM starting at just $4.99*! Shop Now!

Once you have a brand name ready you can “mask it” or “point” your name directly to an eBay store front, eBay listings or an eBay ID page. If you need assistance, GoDaddy has awesome customer service. A quick phone call,, they will walk you though it or set it up for you.

Great example

My son and his wife launched an eBay store a few years ago and they created a brand by combining both of their names into one: Tim and Bianca with the initial from their last name = TimBiaH.com which points to their eBay store.

The logo was born and I ordered stickers for them from Sticker Mule in celebration of their new eBay business.

Sticker Mule Treat

As a special treat I also included some “Mule Sauce” with the order sent to my son because I know how he loves “Hot Sauce.” I thought this was a fun addition to their special “Sticker gift” in celebration of the new logo and eBay business!

Sticker Mule Sales

Yes, they have great sales and special offers! Once you subscribe you will receive offers via email. This is a great time to pick something up for a friend or family member.

Example: Sticker Mule ran a sale on packaging tape. I ordered a roll for my son and his wife as a special surprise delivered right to their door.

Sticker Mule Labels

They have a large variety of label styles as shown below including the classic die cut. You can order a roll or a sheet.

I ordered a roll with my brand including the tag line and logo.

Pins/ Badges

Every eBay conference generally includes a “pin-swap”. Sticker Mule has a couple different sized pins. I bought a bag with my brand “PowerSellingMom” to bring to the next event.

The square badges are the perfect size to add a brand to what you’re wearing!


Preparing to speak with a client and you forgot a shirt or hat with the company logo? No worries, just add a badge and now branded!

More Than Just Stickers

My Favorite Sticker

My favorite Sticker Mule product can be seen on the back of my KIA SOUL!

Sticker Mule makes it fun to brand yourself!

Go ahead, be bold and get creative!

Everyone that knows me, knows I only promote companies I believe in. Sticker Mule is “Power Selling Mom Approved!”


When you visit Sticker Mule by clicking any of the “hot links – Sticker Mule” they will give us BOTH $10.00 credit! #WinWin Have fun and feel free to stop back by and share with me what did you buy at Sticker Mule!