Selling and Shipping Coins on eBay

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ANACS, America’s Oldest Grading Service™ has been around since 1972. It was actually created by the American Numismatic Association (ANA) They have best practices for shipping coins.

John Hall from ANACS did a special video presentation for WorthPoint, Inc.

For those not familiar with WorthPoint, it’s the largest resource site on the internet. Storing data from past sales in the categories of: Art, Vintage Collectibles and Antiques.

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Including Coins!

Enjoy the video and reading the transcripts below. Take it away John!

One of the first things that customers want to know when they’re getting ready to send their first submission to us is what is the best way to ship coins to us is.

Safest way to ship coins

There’s always a lot of questions that we get about this. I want to show you real quickly the safest and easiest way to send coins to us to make sure they get to us in the proper shape.

The first thing that you need to know is that the best thing to put coins in is mylar flips. These are 2.5×2.5 flips. They’re PVC free, and they’re really going to be safe for your coins. They’re going to make sure they get there without any additional damage.

coin shipping

It’s very easy to use mylar flips.

Of course, you want to take your coins by the edges, and you simply slide them into one of the pockets. The nice thing about these flips is they have two sides, and it leaves the other side, so that you can put in the information about your coin, which we’ve marked on the card.

Then you just want to make sure shut these with the openings inside, and the coin is going to be safe in there. It’s not going to get out. It’s not going to move around.

Go ahead and do this with all of these. While I’m doing this, I do want to let you know that it’s a bad idea to try to get two coins into one of these flips. These flips are designed so that they each hold one coin. It’s going to give them sufficient protection on either side.

Now that I have all of my coins in these flips, the temptation that you’re going to have the first time you send coins is to tape these up or staple them together. You’re going to feel like your coins are safer that way.

The reason that you don’t want to do that is when these coins get to wherever they’re going somebody is going to have to get these back out.

If there’s tape or staples in these, it’s really going to expose your coins to more potential harm. You just want to make sure that when the person gets these they can simply open them up and have access to your coins

Really, all you need to ensure that that is the case is a simple rubber band. You take a rubber band, you take the flips that you’ve already done, and if you just wrap a rubber band around it like so, these things aren’t going anywhere. These are ready to ship.

Coin shipping style

The next important thing is what kind of containers you should ship coins in. This is a pretty small submission, so we have a lot of options. The one thing, regardless of your submission size, that we tell people is to always ship in two layers. In this case, I have two very simple things that I can get from the Post Office. This is a bubble mailer, and this is a simple box.

All I’m going to do in this case is I’m going to use the mailer for my insider layer. I’m going to put the coins in like so. I’m going to roll that up. With all of these steps, you just want to make sure that stuff can’t move around.

If stuff can’t move around, your coins are going to be safe. Then I’m just going to take the box. I’m going to put them in there, and I’m going to seal the box. Don’t forget your submission form.

Don’t allow the coin to move around

One thing that you can always do is put in some additional material, if there’s extra room in a box like that. In this case, I have bubble wrap. I just go ahead and fill that extra space in with that. Close the box up like so. Now I have a secure box.

If I take this and shake it, there’s no way that the contents in there can move around. Now, if you have a lot more coins, you might want to do a smaller box inside of a larger box and just make sure that it won’t move around.

Basically, if this is all one piece, your coins are going to be absolutely safe. It’s going to be easier for the person on the other end to get to them to do what they need to do with them, and you’re going to be all set.

ANACS can grade coins if desired

The final thing you need to do is if you have one of our mailing labels, if you’re sending these to ANACS, you would just go ahead and affix that. At this point, and this is the really first time in the process that you should use tape, you just want to make sure you tape all the seams of this packaging shut. Now it’s ready to go in the mail.

I hope this is helpful to you. Thank you.

Coin shipping for eBay sellers!

The system Mr Hall shared in the video is the same technique eBay sellers can use after a sale on eBay. It’s better to ship coins using this style vs just tossing them in an envelope.

  • Slide the coin in a mylor envelope that is doubled.
  • Insert cardboard in one side of the envelope.
  • Wrap a rubber-band around it.
  • Slip it into a padded envelope.
  • Put the padded envelope in a small box.
  • Add more padding to protect it from sliding around as needed.
  • Seal the box with tape.
  • Print and add the shipping label.

Buy coin shipping supplies on ebay!

Mylar envelopes

Small padded envelopes

Small shipping boxes

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