The top 20 eBay sellers to learn from on Instagram

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Many eBay sellers are using Instagram as a way to market their eBay business and to share their selling tips. This is a great opportunity for you to do the same.

Getting started is easy! Just visit online and create an account. Since it’s owned by Facebook, you can easily set it up and log-in using your Facebook account. Although it is not required. Either way, it’s easy-peasy to get started and create an account.

If you created an account from a laptop or desktop computer, the next step is to download the instagram app on your smart phone. This is where all the “marketing magic” takes place.

Already have an account?

Follow and Learn from these sellers!

Just click on each Instagram name after each # and you can view their accounts live online.

#1 casachic_store

This lovely gal has been selling on eBay since 2000. I had the opportunity to meet her and her husband at eBay Open, 2018. She shares fantastic eBay selling tips on a regular basis and has recently launched some learning tools for all types of sellers.

#2 mexican_picker

Julio Rodriguez is a full time dad, eBay seller and he plays in a mariachi band! He posts great eBay photos and keeps the pace with his great humor! You will have fun while you learn from him. I love his photo style.

#3 katyzilverberg & lvpinkpanther

Two for One! These gals are my favorite Las Vegas Couple! They love life and especially love helping eBay sellers! They also have a fun and helpful youtube channel and facebook group.

#4 shaunsavvy

Shaun Chojnacki is a fierce eBay seller! His sales blow my mind! This guy is a for-sure-to-follow Instagram user. And he has nice “sexy” photos too!

#5 amazingtastestore

Cyndi loves sharing her eBay knowledge. Her and her husband do regular video segments showing screenshots directly from her eBay account. I had the honor to meet them both when I was a guest speaker at a Chicago meetup before managing a Treasure Hunt for WorthPoint.

#6 bossladyresale

With over 31,000 followers, Rebecca Black is a true inspiration! She sells on eBay and Poshmark while living with a chronicle illness. #LoveHer


Yvon sells on eBay and Poshmark. She has a fun and informative youtube channel too. I met her at eBay Open in 2018. She is a super nice gal everyone can learn from.

#8 ebayprincess

This eBay princess has over 21 thousand followers! She shares awesome content. Follow the princess and learn how she makes a 7 figure income selling online!

#9 rockstarflipper

Casey Parish sells on eBay and Amazon. Located in Tampa FL he has fun showing off his great finds and wisdom. He has a huge following on youtube and does shows on a regular basis.

#10 raikenprofit

Steve Raiken is an adorable guy that loves sharing his wisdom and success. I’ve followed him since he started and have enjoyed watching him grow his business by leaps and bounds. Plus he is one heck of a nice dude! He has the largest youtube following I’ve ever seen!

#11 sellingmama

Jessica has been selling on eBay since 2002! I love her style of sharing screenshots from her eBay app. She enjoys sharing her packaging, storing and shipping styles too! She is a must follow!

#12 liberatedmommy

Alexia is a “Mom Boss” selling on eBay! I had the pleasure to spend some time with her while “Treasure Hunting” in Nashville TN with WorthPoint. She was just launching a blog and thinking to leave a very high paying job to do eBay! So proud of her! She is a fun loving MUST FOLLOW kind of gal that loves to share her journey!

#13 robyn.yednock.haas

Robyn Yednock-Haas is an awesome eBay seller! Her sweet smile will warm your heart when you follow her. She loves unicorns, tikki stuff and everything silly and fun! She is a gal that loves life and loves to help others too!

#14 dropshiptyler

I met Tyler at the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas recently. Tyler is a go-getter that has built a 7 figure business in the drop-shipping industry. He also has a youtube channel and is off to a great start on Instagram. He enjoys sharing tips and tricks of the drop-shipping trade! #NiceGuy #LoveHisDog

#15 rjs_ebayseller

Richard Smith is an eBay UK Seller – Although I’ve never met Richard in person, I love his enthusiasm on Instagram. He has big plans as an entrepreneur and is already killing it on eBay! Watching his progress will keep all eBay sellers inspired!

#16 16reselling

This sweet 16 year old is setting goals to earn at least $200.00 a day selling on eBay! Her family must be so proud of her! I know I am and you will be too. She is a MUST FOLLOW. Everyone will pick-up a few tricks of the trade from this motivated young lady!

#17 thrift_invader

Who is this person behind the alien mask? No clue, but I love the fact they are sharing their eBay selling journey with us. I love their style and the “mystery” vibe of this thrifter! #FollowTheAlien

#18 hipflippinmamma

Kelly Lee Haggard is one “Hip Flippin MaMa” and I love her style! She is getting started on youtube and has already started to build a great Instagram presence. She is fun to follow and sure to provide insider tips about eBay selling. #HipFlippinMaMaROCKS

#19 sweetsellsny

I found this sweet ebay seller on Instagram with a goal to pay off debt by selling on eBay. Next I visited her eBay store and YES she had a Disney hat I was actually wanting. BOOM I bought her hat! This is a great example of following, networking and learning from others online. And yes, even shopping! I look forward to watching her complete her goal! #eBayDebtReduction

Last but not least – Little old Me 🙂

I enjoy posting my eBay items and photos from”Treasure Hunting” journey’s with WorthPoint. I also enjoying engaging and supporting other sellers and sharing moments from my personal life! #FollowMe I like to “Mix it up” on Instagram!

Bonus Follow #21 WorthPoint

The WorthPoint Instagram is still new on the site. I’m part of the team that manages it. I would appreciate your support and give them a follow while we build the account! #WhatsItWorth #WPTHunt

Get Social on Instagram

Of course there is more to social media marketing as an eBay seller than just “sharing your wares.” It’s all about being social. This is why they call it “Social Media Marketing!” You must engage and create a bit of “buzz”, which simply means, start a conversation around a photo.

Ebay sellers like myself love to learn from others. We can all learn together by using this social media power-tool as a community on Instagram.

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