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I sold it on eBay for a nice profit – The Shipping Show

Hi, everybody, Danna Crawford here, aka Welcome to The Shipping Show. Today, I’m getting ready to ship about 16 items I had sold over the weekend. It was Easter weekend, so happy belated Easter, if you celebrate it, or April Fools! Hope everybody had fun. I know I did, but I worked all weekend.

My goal was to list as much as possible, because I had a lot of action figures. If you follow me on Instagram, just look for my name, Danna Crawford, all one word on Instagram, and you can see some of the sales that I made. I did post them on Instagram.
Meanwhile, let me show you. Okay, so how my shipping shows work, first I show you the item, how much it sold for, and where it’s going, and then how I ship it and how much it costs. Let’s get started.
sold imhof clock on ebay
This is the first item I’m going to ship today. This is an Imhof clock, and it’s very old. I don’t know if it’s brass or bronze, but it had a unique face. You can see the sundial. It’s hard to date it. It could be the ‘50’s. I put it up there. I did find a few on WorthPoint, but they had a different face. They were very comparable.
The value on it could have been anywhere from $100 to $30,000, so I wasn’t sure. Because of the face, I couldn’t find one exactly like it. So, I listed on eBay as an auction, and I started it at $99, because I knew the collectors would show up.
I wish it was the $30,000 clock, but it wasn’t. It sold for $185. It’s going to Hong Kong through the Global Shipping Program. Thanks to the Global Shipping Program, that’s what helps my auctions go for more money, because people from out of the country like to bid.
Let’s package it up. This is going to have to be double bubbled, double boxed.
As you can see, I have secured this in bubble wrap with my favorite eBay tape. Now I’m going to double box it. I paid $10.33. I double boxed it. I used my own box, and then I put Priority Mail stickers on it.
I always like to mark glass, fragile, and I know for a fact that the Post Office respects our packages, and I know that it helps. It’s going to Kentucky. That’s the Global Shipping Program, and then from there it’s going to Hong Kong.

Let’s see what’s next.

Next, I have this bottle of perfume. Those that know me know how I hate inventory, so I like to liquidate things that have been around too long, and this was one of those items. I sold a bunch of perfumes, and this was one that was left. I put it up on auction for $0.99, and someone won it for $0.99. Lucky them!
Let’s see where it’s going. Shipping was $4.10 First Class. It’s going to Lakewood, Washington. I used one of my eBay bags, and I always put the sticker on this side, so that they can see that they can rip it off right there. Then they can reuse the bag.

I have an ornament now. I’ll just show you. Next, I sold this Christmas ornament, so let’s go see how much it sold for. This is Witchblade, and, again, this was a liquidation item, but it did sell for $5.00, and they paid for shipping. Shipping was $2.92, and it’s going to Elma, New York.
sold hot tub button on ebay
This is a hot tub air button. I guess, people use these for garbage disposals as well. I sell these quite often, and I have a lot of them. If you’re in the market for a hot air button, hot tub air button, they’re $19.99, and they’re in my eBay store. Shipping was $2.66, and it’s going to Connors, Georgia.
sold music box on ebay
Next, I have this lovely old music box. I put this on auction at $74.99, and it only had one bid. The value on these is all over the place. According to WorthPoint, some have sold for as much as $200, but it depends what’s on them, and it also depends what song they play. This one plays, I don’t know. I think it’s kind of sad. I don’t know. Name that tune. It’s very cool. You could use it as a pocket watch and/or people would wear them as a pendant, and it is stamped.
Let’s see where it’s going. Shipping was $6.35. I put it in a box, and then I was able to put the box in the Flat Rate envelope for $6.35, because it included insurance. You can’t be Priority Mail when you need insurance. It’s going to City Industry, California. Happy to have a new home.
sold dita mann on ebay
I sold these men’s glasses. These were on auction, and they started at $49.99. They sold for $191. They are really cool. They’re called Dita Mann. They come in this lovely case. They’re awesome. Let’s see where they’re going. This is going to the Bronx in New York. It’s an apartment. I put it in a sturdy box, and I insured it. They actually paid $7.00 shipping, and with insurance it cost me $10.30 for shipping.
Jimmy, do you have any shipping?
Jimmy: No, I do not. I wasn’t as lucky as you. Never as lucky as her. She’s lucky. She’s got some good stuff though.
order USPS boxres
Okay. I put this in a sturdy box. This is the 6x7x7. You can order these from the website. They’re awesome boxes. I use these to ship coffee mugs too. I do not like the envelope method. I know too many people that have not had good luck with those. I like these.
Next, this one I just wanted to get rid of. I did $0.99. This is a Porsche diecast. I did an auction, starting bid $0.99, free shipping. It sold for $6.50, so not too bad. Free shipping. Let’s see how cheap we can ship this. I put it in a bag, and then I wrapped the big bubble wrap around it. I buy my bubbles from, and they have the best price and the best bubble wrap on the planet.

Now, I will put it in a shipping bag. It’s going to Clayton, North Carolina, and shipping was $4.10. Not a big profit margin here, but that’s okay. Somebody’s happy with it. It’s going to a good home. It’s better than in my garage.

Next, some tie racks. Here, we have two tie racks. I honestly did not think these would sell for very much. Together, they sold for $26 plus shipping. I’m thankful that they sold at all. I honestly didn’t expect much for them. Let’s see who gets to own these lovely tie racks. Shipping was $8.22, and it’s going to Yorktown, Virginia.

I used one of these tube mailers. Fit in there very nicely. I like using these. These are great. You pay by weight on these. You can order these for free from the USPS website. They actually come in two different sizes, so I thought I’d show them to you. This is a large one. It’s reversible. If wanted to ship Express Priority, you have that said, or regular Priority on this side. Then they come in two sizes. I used the smaller one. You can order these for free, with free shipping, and then when you fold them up, they turn into a triangle size, which I use these a lot for posters and things like that, or anything long like this situation.
What’s next? I’m saving the best for last, so wait till I tell you about this guy. Is he crazy looking? You have to wait. Stay tuned.
sold on ebay cole haan belt
Next, I have a lovely Cole Haan belt. I had this on auction. Started at $0.99, and it sold for $11.50. I will roll it up. Usually when I sell belts this is how I ship them. I roll them up like this. Then I put it in a bag, put tape around it, so that I can mail it First Class. Just like that.
I just put it in a baggy like this, and then I’ve got my WorthPoint information, and then I’ve got my business card. Shipping was $2.79, and it’s going to Flushing, New York. Don’t you love these bags? You can get these on eBay. You can buy them.

Here we have a JCrew blazer, and it’s linen. This had been in my store for a while. It’s a size 2. I shot it out to auction. It started at $0.99, and it closed at $12.50. Let’s see where it’s going. Shipping was $6.35. I put this in a Flat Rate envelope. It’s going to Baltimore, Maryland. It’s ready to go.
Next, we have this Kenneth Cole darling swimming suit. I have a lot of swimming suits in my eBay store, so go take a look. I have about 100 swimming suits in my eBay store. This one is a Kenneth Cole. It was asking price, retail, at $107. I accepted an offer of $40, and it’s so cute. Look how sexy that is. It’s got a nice back, and I love the color. Look great with my hair, if I was that tiny. That would be good. $40.

Go to my eBay store. Make an offer on a swimming suit.

Let’s see where this one is going.
combine shipping
Okay, I had someone contact me and ask me to combine shipping if he would buy these two items. He made an offer of $350 for Batman, and then $350 for Superman. I gave him a deal at $700 for both. They are sealed in these boxes. I can’t take them out, but I can show you the listing.
Meanwhile, this is the Superman box, and they’re both pretty big. I know they’re ship to Florida, and that was another reason why I accepted an offer of $700 for both. Shipping was $24.52, and that was for insurance up to $700. I was able to get them both into one box, and also I was able to combine the shipping, because he did check out separately with the two items and paid for them separately.
I had to go into bulk edit and then combine orders. That worked out great. I was able to insure it for the $700.
speakers sold on ebay
Next, I have a set of two of these Sony speakers, and they were laying around the garage. I wanted to get rid of them. I put them up as an auction for $0.99, and they sold for $20.50, and there’s two of them. They’re kind of heavy. The guy wrote me a note and said, please pack well and do not let them touch each other to bang together. I’m going to package them up, and he also paid for shipping.

The speakers are going to have to go Fed Ex, because on the Postal Service it was $45, and on Fed Ex it was $22. I’ve got them pretty securely packed in here, but the pain is I’ve got to go drop them off now at Fed Ex. I hate doing that, but I’ll go get ice cream.
I forgot to mention, the speakers are going to Tucson, Arizona. That’s that.
shipped to the netherlands
Next, I have this beautiful clock. I had this on eBay. Asking price was $750. An offer came in for $650. I had a lot more lowball offers that I declined. Finally, somebody offered $650. I was selling this on consignment, and the owner wanted to sell it for no less than $500, so we sold it for $650. I’m pretty happy about it.
It’s going to the Netherlands. As you can imagine, we’re going to use a lot of bubble wrap and double box. I paid $36.67 to ship this to the Global Shipping Center, and then they will ship it on to the Netherlands. I could have saved money and shipped it on Fed Ex, but, personally, I don’t trust Fed Ex with glass, breakable items. I feel safer with the Postal Service. I think I have two more.
sold agnew nixon signed on ebay
Next, I sold this for $300, and I probably would have got more if it had two certificates of authenticity. It only had the one for Agnew. This is Agnew and Nixon. They’re two signed letters. If you follow my auctions, you might have seen I just had one from Humphrey Bogart. I sold for, I think, it was $300. I don’t know. I sold this for $300. Let’s see where it’s going.

It’s going to Illinois. Shipping was $37.81. That’s insured for $300. Priority Mail. I made my own box. I do this with items like this. I use the Regional C. I don’t know if you remember those. I don’t know if you can get them anymore. I fold them up, and they make great boxes. Of course, this is double boxed. It is about 10 pounds. It’s safe and secure. I’ve been shipping like this for years. Knock on wood, never had a breakage. Barrington, Illinois. My daughters used to play soccer there many moons ago.
Final, Darth Vader. Okay. Can you see the resemblance?

This is what Darth Vader looks like under the mask. This is called the unmasked Darth Vader. He’s so cool. Anyhow, I put him up on auction for $9.99. He sold for $282. Awesome. The fun thing was I couldn’t find one like him that was unmarked. He is unmarked. There are other ones out there, but they have a different marking on them, and this one did not. It was luck of the draw. I put him on and rolled the dice.
sold darth vader on ebay
Here we are. The man behind the Darth Vader mask. Let’s see where he’s going. With insurance, it was $14.53. It is going to Madison, Wisconsin, his new home. I miss him already.
That is it for me. That was a lot. Unless somebody paid for something and I haven’t seen it yet. I’m also waiting for an offer on Thor, my Thor figurine. That’s it.
Just to let you know, everything that I list on eBay I don’t list without researching completed listings on eBay first, and then going to WorthPoint and looking at the history of the items going back 15 years. That’s the beauty of WorthPoint.
I accepted a little position with WorthPoint last September. It’s been a great honor for me to be on the WorthPoint team, because I was already a huge fan. Now, I get to do these treasure hunts with them. We do treasure hunts once a month. I’m going to add links to everything below that I’ve mentioned in this presentation.

Jimmy just had one item sold, so I’m going to go get him, so he can share what he sold, his big item. Here’s Jimmy with his item.
Jimmy: Hello, everyone. Remember me? I sold one item. It’s the Wii. It’s sealed, and I sold it for $32.99. Lucky me, huh? I’m going to ship it, but at least I sold something.
Let’s see where it’s going. Where’s it going?
Jimmy: It’s going to Wake Forest, North Carolina, and it costs $2.66 to ship. So, that’s me finished with all my shipping. This is it.
Jimmy: Lucky Danna here. Remember, as before, nothing has changed. If I don’t see you through the week, I will definitely see you through the window. Have a great life.
We’ll put that out for the mail carrier. Now we’re going to put everything out on the bench. Everything is ready for the Post Office to pick up. Ready to roll. There’s all our boxes, and now the cats came come in the house. The shipping tape sound is over now.
Thank you so much. Thank you for watching. I’ll do my best to try to put more shipping shows out. Look at the links below and come join us on Facebook and join in on the conversation on Instagram and all those fun places. Until next time, bye. I’m Danna Crawford. Have a great eBay selling day.


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