eBay 2018 Fall Seller Update – What you need to know.

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ebay fall seller updates 2018

eBay 2018 Fall Seller Update – What you need to know

Changes can be scary, but eBay’s 2018 Fall Seller Update is mostly good news. All me to review the changes for you.
ebay marketplace update

eBay’s Marketplace Updates

The 1st Fall seller update: eBay now lets you share your phone number through My Messages. Opt in via “Manage Communications with Buyers” in your account settings.

Need more info on HOW to add a phone #? Enjoy my short video showing how:

Read about upcoming changes to payments directly on the site about “Fall seller updates” via:  ebay.com/payments, where you can take a survey and ask to be added to the beta. If you opt in, you can’t use PayPal or the Global Shipping Program (GSP), nor can you opt out.
If you haven’t already updated HTTP content in your listings to HTTPS, do so now, because according to the Fall seller update,  as of September 15, you’ll no longer be able to submit or relist listings with HTTP.
Fall seller update also revealed that there are fee increases for sellers of Books, DVDs, & Movies; reserve and subtitle fees also went up.
ebay category changes

eBay’s Inventory Optimization

Reflecting eBay’s switch to a product-based shopping experience, this Fall Seller Update includes categories that as of September 15 mandate listing using the eBay catalog. More categories will be added from mid-October through February 2019. Sellers can now submit information and new products to the catalog.

There are updates to Condition terminology in Electronics, Home & Garden; Health & Beauty; Musical Instruments; and Business & Industrial.
ebay service metrics

eBay’s Service Metrics & Shipping

Seller Hub now includes a Service Metrics tab under Performance. This dashboard tracks your rates of Item Not As Described (SNAD) returns and Item Not Received (INR) cases compared to other sellers with a similar selling profile.
These metrics measure customer service, which is crucial not just in your business but also on the eBay platform. More than 30% of those who have a bad buying experience leave eBay and never come back.
If you have a Very High SNAD rate, eBay will charge you an additional 4% final value fee per item sold. If you have a Very High INR rate, eBay may extend the estimated delivery time in your listings; this will impact your search ranking. So watch your Service Metrics closely, and report any errors right away!
Last but not least: Updates to eBay Labels will roll out in September. Stay tuned!

Read the entire Fall Seller Update at ebay.com/SellerUpdate.
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